It looks like the final four teams on The Amazing Race 2015 could be revealed tonight, as Phil Keoghan and the gang head to Amsterdam on The Amazing Race Season 26 tonight! This could get exciting and I am sure the teams are feeling the pressure, but they’ll get some time to relax tonight while cruising down the river in hot tubs! Watch it with us tonight during our The Amazing Race 2015 Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race Season 26, it was two hours of action. The teams were in Namibia and it definitely was a hot one. We saw Aly & Steve have some trouble in the first hour and they ended up being the last team to check-in with Phil Keoghan, however it was a non-elimination leg of the race and the teams moved on to the second hour. This one featured the Double U-Turn and Laura & Tyler used it on Aly & Steve, so there was no coming back for them this time. They were the last team to check-in with Phil and were eliminated, which sucks!

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Here we go…we see Matt talk with Jelani & Jenny and he said the U-Turn was only game play and Jenny takes it better than I thought.

The teams head to Amsterdam now and everyone is on the same flight! The teams get to the clue and it is a Road Block, as they will get dressed up in costume and then have to find the matching wooden shoe among hundreds of shows. Tyler, Jenny, Matt, Rochelle and Blair will do it. Tyler tries one and fails. Jenny actually gets it right on the first try, so they get the clue and will now ride bikes to the next clue.

Matt tries and fails. Tyler gets it right on the second try. Matt fails again. Blair studies the shoe again and notices the lines, so he goes back and finds the right one and they head out. Matt tries again and fails. Rochelle keeps calm and keeps searching and she finds the right one and they move on. Matt fails again!

The teams have to ride the ferry across the ferry and then continue on bike, so that delays them a little bit. However, Matt is still struggling to find the matching shoe. Jelani & Jenny and Laura & Tyler take different routes and it looks like Laura & Tyler took the right one, as they get to the clue first and it is a Detour: Soak, where they ride a powered hot tub down the river and gather clues along the way, or Shuffle, where they play shuffle board and must score 51 points.

Hayley cannot get more annoying, as she wants Blair to keep close to her and not be ahead of her, but then he slows down and she said they have to speed up and Mike & Rochelle are right behind them. Can I slap her????

It took him 43 attempts, but he finally saw the lines and Matt gets the right shoe and they can move on. Tyler & Laura are riding down the river and these clues are hard! Of course, Blair & Hayley get lost and she blames him.

Mike & Rochelle are shuffling and it looks like fun! Rochelle scores 34 and Mike gets 3, so they continue on. Tyler & Laura figure out the clues correctly and now they head to the ice skating rink for the Pit Stop on The Amazing Race 2015. Mike & Rochelle are now get 50 points, but they have to get it all on one attempt.

Jelani & Jenny can’t figure out the first sign, so they decide to go through it again. As annoying as Hayley has been, she figured out the clues on the river and they head to the Pit Stop! Third time is the charm, but Mike & Rochelle get 51 points and move on to the Pit Stop!

It is down to Matt & Ashley doing the shuffle and Matt killed it with 42 points and now Ashley is going for the other 9 points. Jelani & Jenny attempt the clues and are wrong and they gotta try again! This is intense. Jelani & Jenny ask people for help and they get it, so they head to the Pit Stop. Mike & Rochelle are lost getting to the Pit Stop. Ashley misses the points, so they have to do it again! They get it right the next time, but it is too late.

PIT STOP – Laura & Tyler kicked butt on this one and they are Team #1 and win a trip to South Korea! Team #2 is Hayley & Blair. Team #3 is Jelani & Jenny. Team #4 is Mike & Rochelle. Team #5 is Matt & Ashley are the final team to check-in with Phil, but it is a non-elimination leg and they are not going home!!! They’ll face a Speed Bump next time, but I grew to like them tonight. Despite all their problems, they were encouraging to each other and that was nice to see!

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