Yes, The Amazing Race 2015 premiere kicked off on Wednesday night, but now we have the Friday night premiere and The Amazing Race Season 26 moves to its regular night and time, so let the Friday night fun begin! We saw the dating couples on The Amazing Race 2015 make their way to Japan during the premiere and it looks like they’ll remain there tonight! Check out a sneak peek below in our The Amazing Race 2015 spoilers!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Night 2 Preview

Was it just me or was anyone else’s head hurting after Wednesday night and the premiere of The Amazing Race Season 26? We also saw the premiere of Survivor 2015, so that meant 18 new castaways on there and 11 new teams on The Amazing Race. That means I had 40 new names to learn and figure out in one night and my brain was over it! In the end, I didn’t have to figure out who Jeff & Lyda were, as they were the first team eliminated this season!

[PHOTOS: Click here to check out the Season 26 teams!]

For tonight, it looks like the teams will be sticking around Japan and one of the challenges is to eat noodles while sitting in front of a fan??? Makes no sense to me, but that is what the sneak peek video below shows! My question: will the old couples redeem themselves tonight or will the blind date couples continue to dominate the competition and win the second leg of the race?

Check out a sneak peek of one of the challenges tonight on The Amazing Race Season 26 here:

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