We have another night of The Amazing Race 2015 ahead of us, as the new teams on The Amazing Race Season 26 continue their journey through Japan in hopes of finding love and being the winners of Amazing Race 2015! We did see the Season 26 premiere on Wednesday, but Fridays are the home for The Amazing Race 26 and it debuts tonight at it’s normal time with an all new episode! Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2015 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Night 2 Recap

Was it just me or was anyone else’s head hurting after Wednesday night and the premiere of The Amazing Race Season 26? We also saw the premiere of Survivor 2015, so that meant 18 new castaways on there and 11 new teams on The Amazing Race. That means I had 40 new names to learn and figure out in one night and my brain was over it! In the end, I didn’t have to figure out who Jeff & Lyda were, as they were the first team eliminated this season!

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The fun begins soon, so stay right here for our Live Recap beginning shortly!


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Here we go…the teams are excited to get some sleep after a long day, but they sleep in like a computer room! We now take off the next morning and the teams will be heading to Nagano, Japan. Jenny & Jelani are first to start tonight. The teams get on trains and the first train has three of the teams and there are four trains total.

The first train has arrived and they get to the first clue, which is a Road Block and they have to unlock this box a certain way to reveal a clue. One team will win a Date Night for the Pit Stop. We have Jelani, Tyler and Jeff are working on the box. Meanwhile, CJ & Libby are waiting for the train and talking to the camera and taking a selfie and they miss their freaking train!

Tyler is first one done and has to read the paper properly in Japanese! He gets it right and now they head off to the next clue as CJ & Libby finally get on a train. Jelanie gets it done and Jeff is struggling, as Aly joins him.

Tyler & Laura get to the clue and it is a Detour and Jelani & Jenny are right behind them. They have to choose blindly between Share or Chair. Tyler & Laura head to Share and it is feeding each other a bowl of noodles while sitting in front of a fan! How sexy to be sucking noodles down, huh? Hayley is doing the box, so this should be fun to watch!

Tyler & Laura finish the noodles and they have to head to Patio Daimon, which is the Pit Stop for tonight on The Amazing Race Season 26. Their taxi driver left, so they have to find a new one. Jelani & Jenny finish their noodles and head out and take the lead since their driver waited for them!

For Chair, they have to push each other around a skating rink while sitting in a chair and they each have to push and each do a lap and finish both laps under 3:55 total. Steve & Aly do Chair and they are Olympians and nail this and finish within the first attempt.

Harley & Jonathan get the box done and they win the Date Night at the Pit Stop! Ashley finishes the box and they head out and Hayley is struggling! She does make it work and they head out. Everyone seems to be doing a mix between Share and Chair and Libby has arrived at the box! She does get it pretty quick.

Jeff & Jackie try the Chair and do not get it done in time and he wants to switch, but she said keep trying and they can do it. It took three attempts, but they finish with one second to spare. Both the gay couples are doing Share and Harley & Jonathan are doing well, but Kurt is struggling big time and Bergen is losing patience! They do get it together and done and move on.

Mike & Rochelle try again with the Chair and are close, but Mike slips at the end and he flings her into the wall. He has fallen down hard twice, but she falls on her wrist and needs a medic? They are worried about switching, but Matt & Ashley arrive and they know someone is behind them, so they switch to the other Detour. Meanwhile, Matt & Ashley get the Chair done on the second attempt.

Now Mike & Rochelle are doing Share and Mike is choking on the freaking noodles. Um, it looks like he normally doesn’t have a problem eating! He gets it under control and they complete the task. Hayley & Blair are working on Chair and CJ & Libby are working on Share. Hayley is sucking it up with pushing Blair, so they switch with her first and him second. That works, as they get it done in 3:55 exactly!

CJ & Libby are really enjoying the noodles! Um, speed it up and move on! Now it is a battle to the Pit Stop for both teams, but Blair & Hayley get their first!

PIT STOP – Jelani & Jenny are the first team to check-in with Phil and win a FitBit, gym membership and food for a year. Laura & Tyler are Team #2. Aly & Steve are Team #3. Jonathan & Harley are Team #4 and will be enjoying their Date Night tonight! Kurt & Bergen are Team #5. Jeff & Jackie are Team #6. Matt & Ashley are Team #7. Mike & Rochelle are Team #8. Hayley & Blair are Team #9 and CJ & Libby are the last team to check-in with Phil and they have been eliminated tonight!

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