Our Friday nights have been missing something and by something we mean The Amazing Race 2015, as it took the last two weeks off for March Madness, but that madness is not on tonight and time to get back to The Amazing Race Season 26. The teams will be making their way to Germany tonight, so grab your lederhosen and don’t forget your fanny pack! Check out a sneak peek for tonight below in our The Amazing Race 2015 spoilers!

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The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Episode 5 Preview

Last time on The Amazing Race Season 26, the teams made their way to Bangkok and we saw some interesting events happens. Jenny got a little crazy and bossy, which is probably how she always is, but they were leading the pack all the time and nothing to worry about. They slipped to the bottom teams and now she is freaking! They fed some cats and ate some 1000-year-old eggs, which looked like jello shots! In the end, Jonathan & Harley were too far behind and had the Speed Bump to deal with, so they never caught up and were eliminated!

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For tonight, we get to see the teams make their way to Germany and that means lederhosen time! It looks like all of the teams are going to get lost in Germany, but does one of them get so lost that it ruins their chances in the game??? Check out some sneak peek photos here:

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Now check out the preview video for tonight:

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