It looks like we are going to have some drama among the teams on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight, as Rachel & Brendon win their first leg of the race on Amazing Race All Stars 2014 and now are getting a little cocky about it! Dave & Connor have been one of my favorite teams on The Amazing Race since their initial season, but it looks like they might hit some bumpy roads tonight and one of those bumps could be Team Brenchel! Check out a Week 8 preview of The Amazing Race Season 24 below in our The Amazing Race 2014 spoilers!

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The Amazing Race All Stars 2014 Spoilers - Week 7 Preview 4

Last week on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014, the teams took on fighting some gladiators as they traveled to Rome! This was actually pretty funny to see with some of them and I have gained a lot of respect for the Afghanimals (Leo & Jamal) this season. They were a little shady during their initial season, but they are trying to play a fair game this time around and I like that. They helped out both Jessica & John and Flight Time & Big Easy with one of the challenges and then it was a footrace to the finish line! Jessica & John checked in last with Phil Keoghan and were eliminated from the race!

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We have the Double U-Turn tonight on The Amazing Race 2014, so that should bring out some major drama as teams fight to be the winner of The Amazing Race All Stars 2014! Check out some sneak peek photos here:

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Now check out the preview video for tonight and see the team drama stat to unfold:

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