Will we see a Final 3 alliance formed tonight on The Amazing Race 2014? It seems like all the teams are against Team Brenchel on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014, so now three teams are in a pact to make it to The Amazing Race Season 24 finale! Will it actually work or will they go after each other when it gets down to it tonight? Find out during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014, the teams were faced with the Double U-Turn. Brendon & Rachel wanted to get to it first and use it on Jet & Cord, who had the Express Pass to use that week. They wanted to guarantee a victory for that leg of the race and that was their plan. However, they got to the U-Turn and knew Connor & Dave were right behind them, so they U-Turned them. This did not sit well with them, as all the teams have been helping each other this season and they expected it here. In the end, it did not matter, as Flight Time & Big Easy started off the leg in last place and never moved up and were eliminated!

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Here we go…things kick off tonight with Brendon & Rachel getting the first clue, which tells them to head to Switzerland by train and take a Ford Focus and wait for William Tell to deliver their next clue! The other teams take off and everyone is heading to the train station. Jet & Cord are lost and can’t find the station, but the other three teams all get there. Team Brenchel is not happy to see them there, but it is all stupid drama. They all take off and we see Leo & Jamal, Dave & Connor and Caroline & Jen make a Final 3 alliance. Jet & Cord are at the train station and waiting for their train and think they could be ahead of everyone.

So, the teams all get to Wilhelm Tell and must wait until sunrise to get the next clue, so now it is all even again! The next morning arrives and they get the clue, which is to drive to Chapel Bridge. Leo & Jamal lead the alliance to the bridge without even looking for directions. Team Brenchel go in a different direction to try and lose the other teams and find a bridge, but the wrong bridge! All the other teams get to the next clue and must head to Schweizerhof Hotel to clean a room that has been trashed by a hard partying rock band! Team Brenchel gets there last and now Rachel is freaking and Brendon too, but karma is a bitch on The Amazing Race 2014?

The teams on The Amazing Race 2014 get to the hotel and have to clean a room to the staff’s approval. They get changed into their uniforms and are hoping to keep ahead of Team Brenchel. The rooms are completely trashed and they all start working and have an example room of what the room needs to look like. Jet is hoping his wife doesn’t see this and gets any ideas! Jet & Cord are up first for a room check, but there are mistakes and have to fix it. Same goes for Leo & Jamal and Caroline & Jen and Dave & Connor.

After a few attempts, Jet & Cord finally get it perfect and get the next clue, which is to head to the Swiss Museum of Transport and answer a question to get the next clue. Leo & Jamal are right and then Dave & Connor are right and then Caroline & Jen are correct, so Team Brenchel still working on their room.

The teams get to the museum and must figure out they are looking for a drill bit and say what it is used for. Jet & Cord get it right away and now go in and find the Ford Mustangs. They must use the numbers on the road signs and on their clue card to figure out the formula to figure out the year of their Ford Mustang.

The Accidental Alliance get there and Dave knows it, so he gives them all the clue and they get to the Mustangs. Team Brenchel gets their room approved and head out. The other teams start figuring out the formula and Jet & Cord get it correct and will now head to Oberrickenbach for the next clue! Dave & Connor get it right and then Leo & Jamal are correct, but Caroline & Jen can’t figure it out as Brendon & Rachel arrive! Leo & Jamal come back to help Caroline & Jen because they want them in the finale over Team Brenchel and now all are headed out and then Brendon & Rachel get their formula correct.

The teams get to the next clue, which is a Road Block, and will use dogs to deliver empty milk cartons and get full ones and deliver them. Connor and Cord get started and then the other three teams arrive. Leo, Brendon and Caroline are working on this Road Block. Connor gets the empty jugs turned in and gets the full ones and tries carrying them both at the same time, which he is struggling with. He does get them down and in the gondola after Brendon gets out, which he wrote “TAR 24 winners Brenchel” in the ice on the windo. What an ass!

Cord has a faster dog and gets the milk there first and gets the next clue, which is to head to the top of Mount Titlis for the Pit Stop. This is going to be a race to the finish! We see Connor finish and then Leo finish and then Brendon finishes, so now it is Caroline & Jen in last place. Meanwhile, Dave & Connor, Jet & Cord and Leo & Jamal are all on the gondola to the top of Mount Titlis and this is going to be whoever is quickest to get to Phil Keoghan!

The three of them are all running all over the place and no clue where Phil is, but Dave & Connor take a different route since they cannot beat them in a footrace! The first team to get to Phil are Dave & Connor and they win a 2015 Ford Mustang! Jet & Cord and Leo & Jamal get their next and are team two and three. Next up are Team Brenchel, who are Team #4 tonight and they tell Phil they are working alone and karma will come back to get them. What karma?

We see Caroline & Jen finish the milk and get to Phil Keoghan and find out they are the last team to arrive, but it is another non-elimination leg of the race and they are safe! How many non-elimination legs do they have this season????

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