The teams on The Amazing Race 2014 have been making their way through different countries and challenges, but the pressure is on tonight, as they all fight for a spot in The Amazing Race Season 25 finale next week. We will have Speed Bumps and choices that created $1 million mistakes??? Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race Season 25, the teams made their way to the Philippines and I was still grieving the loss of The Cyclists! They were tied with Bethany & Adam as my favorite team this season and always so strong, but I had to move on. The teams did everything from building sidecars to digging through fish (which Robbie was very afraid of doing) and pushing the ox through muck to find a clue. It was a very tight race and it was a footrace to the Pit Stop for all four teams. In the end, all four teams were on the mat and Phil Keoghan surprised them all and it was a non-elimination leg of the race and The Wrestlers survived the cut, but would have to take on a Speed Bump tonight!

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Here we go….it looks like Misti hurt her foot during the last leg and has a sensitive bottom of her foot, but they kick things off tonight and are struggling finding where to go for the first clue! They all get on their mini buses and it looks like Jim & Misti and Amy & Maya are on one with a longer route and Adam & Bethany and Brooke & Robbie took a shorter route!

Bethany & Adam get to the clue first (and there will be a Speed Bump for The Wrestlers there). It is a Detour, but it is This or That and they have no clue what is what! Brooke & Robbie get there and for their Speed Bump, they have to help a vendor and take everything off a broken cart and put it on a new cart and secure everything down.

Bethany & Adam get to their challenge and they will be hooping it up and have to score 21 points, so this one might be falling all on Adam, huh? Jim thinks they choose the right bus and they are going to be far ahead. He is so full of himself! Even with one arm, Bethany is a better basketball player than I am! The Wrestlers argue their way through it, but they get their Speed Bump done and move on to the Detour. Now we see The Dentists and Candy Girls determine that they are going the wrong way!!! They get off and go to the other side to get on a bus going the right way.

Bethany & Adam rock it out and they get their 21 points and get their clue, which is to head to Divisoria Market. As they leave, The Wrestlers arrive and start shooting hoops and Brooke said she used to play, so this will be good for her. It took some time, but she got in the rhythm and was killing it! Bethany & Adam have lost their clue, so will that hurt them????

Misti & Jim and Amy & Maya get to their Detour and they are doing That, which is to race around on these bikes and must do four laps in under 17:55 (two from each teammate). Maya and Jim are riding first and Jim is trying to go fast to make up time for Misti’s hurt foot. Soul Surfers get to the Market and know one of the streets they are supposed to go to, but don’t know the other and don’t have the clue. This could hurt them on The Amazing Race 2014!

Yeah, it looks like This would have been easier, as these bikes are impossible to drive and can’t turn and not brake! Well, Amy tried to avoid hitting The Dentists and instead hit a car! It looks like Amy survives and comes back to pass Misti, who is struggling with her foot and having Jim in the buggy!

While Bethany & Adam still search aimlessly, The Wrestlers get to the clue box first and it is a Road Block, which will have them delivering two popular coconut products to three shops. Both teams get the bike done successfully right away and they head out to the market in their separate taxis.

Robbie is starting to deliver, but realizes it is supposed to be posted areas. He has to go back and find out the areas he is supposed to go. Bethany & Adam are lost and re-look in Adam’s bag and find the freakin’ clue! Now Jim & Misti get to the Road Block and Bethany & Adam are right behind them. This is all confusing, as Adam and Amy can’t find where to deliver them. Robbie delivers some to the right place, but it is supposed to be a certain amount for each location and he is wrong, so he has to go back and get more.

Robbie is doing it right and has two deliveries done and finally Jim and Adam figure it out and get their first location done. It is very hot there, so Amy is hobbling around and dying in that heat. Adam and Jim are working together, but then Adam is not going to walk and he is rushing through it all and leaves Jim behind! Robbie gets all three spots delivered and they get their clue, which is to head to Fort San Diego, the Pit Stop for tonight! Amy is struggling with carrying everything, but that is a given since the guys all struggled.

Like Jim, Amy finds a cart and starts using that to push her products through the market. Amy gets her first delivery done and Adam finished his final delivery and they head to the Pit Stop. Jim is done a little later and they head to the Pit Stop and Amy is done with her second delivery. Amy gets it done and all four teams are heading to the Pit Stop and Amy looks like she is going to pass out in the back of that taxi!

They definitely edited it to make it look like this was probably closer than it was, but The Wrestlers get there first and so excited. However, Phil shocks them and said they are Team #1, but the final leg starts right now! He gives them their next clue and a manilla envelope they are to not open until they are instructed to. They are heading to Los Angeles now!

Bethany & Adam are Team #2, Jim & Misti are Team #3 and we see Amy & Maya come in last place. Amy gets a seat and some shade and an umbrella and water. They are the last team, but four teams will be heading into the final leg of the race and no one is eliminated! They are all moving on, but Phil said one of the teams will be eliminated at some point during the next leg!

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