The end has come and The Amazing Race 2014 finale is upon us and time for one of the four teams on The Amazing Race Season 25 remaining to take home the $1 million prize. Our Friday nights together come to an end tonight, but we first have to find out the winners of The Amazing Race 25! Watch it with us during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who won The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race Season 25, the teams knew the finale was the next leg and they all wanted to be part of the final three teams. They stuck around the Philippines and it was another tight race. Amazingly, The Wrestlers (Brooke & Robbie) went from last place to first place on this leg (and had to do a Speed Bump also)! This was an intense battle and it kicked their butts all around, as Amy looked like she was going to pass out in the taxi on the way to the Pit Stop. In the end, it was Amy & Maya as the last team to check-in with Phil Keoghan, but no teams were eliminated and the final leg of the race started then! He gave all the teams a clue and the race continued, but one of them would be eliminated during the next leg.

The fun begins soon, so stay right here for our Live Recap beginning shortly! In the meantime, check out our predictions for who we think wins it all tonight!


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Here we go…we are back to where things ended last week, as the teams will fly to Los Angeles and then get in a Ford vehicle and use their technology to get the next clue. None of the other teams are happy to see Amy & Maya at the airport. All the teams are on the same flight, so let the real race begin!

The teams arrive and will be taking their permit in that manilla envelope to Downtown City Hall and get it stamped for approval. Jim & Misti are the only ones going there way. Bethany & Adam are driving and The Wrestlers are following them. However, the Soul Surfers get off an exit and The Wrestlers miss it and are lost. Jim & Misti went the wrong way, which is why no one was following them!

We see Amy & Maya get to the city hall first and get stamped and Bethany & Adam are right behind them. They will know head to a film warehouse for their next clue. Amy & Maya ask for directions. Jim & Misti take off and Bethany & Adam take off and then stop ate a fire house for directions, who are so nice to them.

Amy & Maya get to the warehouse first and it is a Road Block, which has them learning from some stunt men and they will become a Hollywood action hero! Bethany & Adam are right behind them. Meanwhile, The Wrestlers are stuck on the highway and have yet to even make it to City Hall yet!

Brooke & Robbie continue to fight and she is freaking out and he is being calm, but he has an attitude with her? Can they just be eliminated already??? Now we see Maya and Adam learning their stunt moves as Jim & Misti arrives and he is the stunt person for this one. Maya jumps through the glass first and she is beyond excited, but they get the clue and head out to Terminal Island and pick a boat for their next clue. Adam is next and busts through and they head out. However, Amy & Maya notice they were supposed to take off all their gear before heading out. They have to go back and take off their gear and Bethany & Adam pass them!

Brooke & Robbie finally get to City Hall and get to head to the warehouse. Bethany & Adam get to the next clue and they will be working with the Coast Guard and going out on a search and rescue, so they are excited to be in the ocean tonight on The Amazing Race 2014! We see Amy & Maya get their uniform back and Jim is taking his uniform off too, but he can’t find the clue! This gives Amy & Maya a little bit of a lead on them, as Jim finally finds the clue and the Soul Surfers are out in the water bringing in their victim.

They have Oscar back on board and they are heading back to shore and the other two teams are right behind them.I think that swim is going to hold the others back, so the surfers had an advantage on that one. Jim & Misti and Amy & Maya are out and bringing back Oscar and now heading back to shore also.

Bethany & Adam get to the next clue and they will travel to Conglobal Industries for their next clue! Amy & Maya and Jim & Misti are about ten minutes behind them, but headed there also. Brooke & Robbie are at the warehouse now and getting ready, but out comes Phil Keoghan….uh oh for them! Yup, they missed their call time and Brooke & Robbie are late and have now been eliminated on The Amazing Race Season 25 tonight!

Bethany & Adam get to the next clue and it is a Road Block, which is a big area with tubs. They have to find nine crates that represent the cities they visited and in the right order. Each crate has a number and they have to write the numbers down correctly and in the right order. This is lots of memorization and insane! The person that did not do the other Road Block must do this one, so it is Bethany, Misti and Amy all there and doing it!

So, each container they need to find has a number representing their color, so all the teams have different numbers. They all seem to get all the numbers at the same time and are headed back, but who will get it correct and who will have to go back? Amy is back first and she is correct!!! They get the next clue, which is to head to the Pit Stop!!! Bethany and Misti both get back and both are wrong, but have two numbers off. Bethany tries again and is three off. Misti tries and she is correct, so they get to head out. Bethany is correct the next time and they head out.

It is a race, but probably not truly. Amy & Maya are the first team there and they have won The Amazing Race Season 25. I love Amy’s personality and if it wasn’t Bethany & Adam winning, then I wanted these girls to win!

Jim & Misti come in next, which means Bethany & Adam are in third place.

What do you think of the results on The Amazing Race Season 25 tonight?

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