Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance season 14, we will watch as more talented dancers compete for a spot on this season of SYTYCD. Find out which of the lucky contestants make it right here with my SYTYCD 2017 recap below! SYTYCD Season 14 Recap: Los Angeles Auditions - Week 2 (VIDEOS)Tonight we are in for a treat as we continue to watch the Los Angeles auditions for this season of SYTYCD. I can’t wait to see what these contestants bring to the table. Are you excited to see tonight’s performances? Keep reading to get all the details of tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance!

We started tonight’s episode of SYTYCD season 14 with a performance from:

Jensen Arnold & Tristen Sosa – Samba

Jensen’s sister was on a previous season of SYTYCD and the judges recognized her from the start. Mary tells them that the connections weren’t always there, but they both were great regardless of that. Vanessa tells Jensen that she was a star. Nigel tells her that it’s girls like her that got him into dancing. They move on!

Sade Austin – Hip Hop

Nigel tells Sade that she was tremendous and was like a ball of energy up there. Mary tells her that her precision was great and she was on fire. They find out that her parents were choreographers and mom is in the crowd. Nigel invites her on stage to dance with her daughter. After they finish a short hip hop routine together, the judges tell Sade she is moving on!

Matthew Deloch – Contemporary

Nigel asked him how many pirouettes he can do at one time, said his record is 17! Mary tells him that he really brought it tonight and his leaps were outstanding. Vanessa and Nigel both told him that they want more emotion from him, but he is moving on to the academy!

Inyoung “Dassy” Lee – Hip Hop

I’m wasn’t 100% sure what type of dance this was at the beginning because is started of kind of jazzy. Mary was completely impressed with the performance. Vanessa tells her that she loves how she was very feminine, but a little masculine and completely amazing. Nigel thinks that she was so creative in what she did tonight, she should go to the academy!

Dustin Payne – Hip Hop

Mary tells him that his transitions were out of this world and she loves the vocabulary of moves he has. Nigel tells him that some of his movements were really impressive to him as well and he believes people will pick up the phone and vote for him. Vanessa tells him that he is really good at what he does. They put him through to the academy!

During the course of the show they put some of the contestants through choreography, one of them was Blessin Giraldo. She came on stage earlier with a step routine and she spent an hour learning a new dance. They tell her that they are going to let her go today, but they want her to come back with her stepping team.

Come back next week to find out what New York City has to offer SYTYCD season 14!

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