Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance 2017, the contestants will be auditioning in New York. Which of the lucky performers will make it through to The Academy on SYTYCD 2017? Find out right here with my So You Think You Can Dance season 14 recap! SYTYCD Season 14 Live Recap: New York Auditions - Week 3 (VIDEOS)Tonight we will watch as the New York auditions on SYTYCD 2017 make some lucky dancers dreams come true. If you missed last week’s auditions in Los Angeles, you can find my So You Think You Can Dance season 14 recap right here to get all the details!

Kaylee “Impavido” Millis – Contemporary

She was remarkable! The judges gave her a standing ovation and Nigel starts off by saying that most female dancer can move like that, but not all of them are individual. Mary said that she loved every second of it and that she oozes with confidence on stage. Vanessa tells her that there is so much precision and grace in her routine. They send her on to the Academy, like there was a question about this decision.

Ana Sanchez – Colombian Salsa

She and her partner are phenomenal together, however she is the only one auditioning. Mary tells her that it takes so much stamina to do a routine like this and then when you add the tricks, she was blown away. Vanessa tells her that she can tell she is having fun when she is performing. Nigel actually compliments the lifts from her partner and then tells her that she is going on to the academy. Her partner tells the judges that he couldn’t go because he was 31, the age cutoff is 30.

Koine Iwasaki – Contemporary

So much emotion in one routine. She also gets a standing ovation from the judges. Nigel tells her that she had power and strength in her performance. Vanessa tells her that she got chills when she went into her final pose. Mary tells her that there was so many different layers to her performance and she loved every one of them. They put her through to the Academy!

Joseph & Huwer – Flexing

The judges are really impressed by the animation of this. Nigel tells Huwer that he was impressed by the way he was able to translate the music into his movements. They have all agreed that Joseph and Huwer should move on to the Academy!

Chaz Wolcott – Tap

I shared this audition video earlier and was blown away again watching it as it aired. The judges give Chaz a standing ovation and Mary does her signature scream. She tells him that she has never had a tap dancer bring a tear to her eye. Vanessa tells him that there was such an airiness to his performance that it looked effortless. Nigel tells him that the choreography matched the music really well, but he wants to see him look up more while he dances. They put him through to the Academy!

Ryan Bailey – Contemporary

This performance was definitely different. Nigel tells him that he liked it because he didn’t really like it. It made him change the way he thought about dance. Mary tells him that it was the most bizarre audition they have seen, but there were some really great moves. Vanessa tells him that he has great technique, but some of the routine was confusing. They put him through to the Academy!

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