As soon as I walked in the door last night, I got hit with, “Who would you vote for out of Sandra, Russell or Parvati?”….After I got the explanation on what exactly I was voting for(Criteria set by the cool people @, which is simply, “Which one of those three, deserves the million?”

I’ll tell you, for such a “simple” question, I really struggled with this! I mean, I was even telling myself out loud, “DUDE! You’re not buying a condo!”…lol…Ashley kinda helped(which she always does) by clarifying, it wasn’t who I disliked the least, or who I could tolerate the most, cuz to be honest, that’s where my mind was headed…I’m not a big fan of ANY them! With that being said, it was a vote for a the million!

After going back and forth in my mind..putting all the rumors and gossip aside, I came back to the original question that most jurors should at least consider! Which is, “Who played the best game?”

For me, no matter how pissed I was at someone, I would always come back to that..Who played the best??

I got my issues with this season but for the most part I enjoyed it, I’ll be on the look for the next season ASAP(Hopefully CBS hooks it up and we’ll have even cooler material next season!!) but this season? I think the hidden immunity idols got way overdone! I hope ChiBrad is right, in that maybe they went a little crazy with the idols cuz it’s an all star season…good point, and I hope so!

Here’s what I came up with…

RUSSELL – The Villain everyone either LOVES and/or loves to HATE ! It’s kinda crazy with the Russell hysteria…and make no mistake about it, no player in recent seasons have made the impact Russell has! He’s easily the most talked about, whether you love him OR hate him! No matter which side of the coin you’re on, Russell is the name spoken most! Everyone wants to know, “What did Russell do? What did Russell say? What was his reaction to this or that? What’s he going to do next?” type stuff! I think he very well COULD be the best ever, but I can’t stand hearing HIM tell me that! BUT, like Ashley reminded me..this isn’t a popular person vote!

Even though is style is almost masterful to watch at times, Russell does have his flaws! He seems to intimidate, but only with a person or two..I don’t think he’s nearly as effective with a group around..he needs that “one on one” thing to thrive, to get his game really in gear! I don’t think anyone’s figured this out and that’s their bad, not his! It did seem like some stuff DID get past Russell, where as his previous season, he seemed to pretty much be in control of almost everything! Besides the Rupert rock trick(which in the end, didn’t really matter) there were a couple other times when it seemed Russell wasn’t in control, or wasn’t in the loop, and he seemed to lose a half step from his last go at Survivor! BUT, in the grand scheme of things, it didn’t really matter…For the most part, Russell played his ass off! Good or bad, best ever or can’t EVER say Russell isn’t a bigtime gamer!

PARVATI – This was easily the hardest one to think about, because I just can’t stand her! To me she just comes off like she thinks she’s “The Sh*t”!! and she just soooo rubs me the wrong way! She’s the girl that has a weird name and then bitches you out for not saying it right! I root against her almost every week! LOL…Again, not a popular vote! As with Russell, Parvati is a gamer! Does she have her pedal to the metal all the time? No…are her wheels constantly spinning on what’s going on in the game? Probably not…does she play when it counts? Oh hell yeah! Last night was the perfect example! When Russell tried to silence her from talking to Danielle last week, she wasn’t having any of it! IMO, she got a little respect from me JUST for doing and saying that to him! I was like, FINALLY! Someone stands up to Russell!

No, I didn’t forget had Russell not given her the hidden immunity idol, she would have been gone earlier..BUT, that’s not her bad! If anything she deserves some kind of credit for doing whatever she did to make Russell wanna give it to her! I’m remember thinking, “Russell? Give his idol away to save ANYONE? Wow..he must REALLY like her!” Aligned with her or not, that was still a crazy move for Russell! He risked his whole Survivor legacy on that one! Just think if he would have been voted out that night? He’d go from being viewed as the possible best, to a bonehead in one move!!

Russell ALSO gave her another idol when she already had one,that he didn’t know about BTW! There’s something about that girl! Parvati is a huge threat! She WON the game before! Yet somehow she doesn’t seem to be on people’s radar as much as she should be! THAT’S her strength and it’s a completely different way of playing…I kinda see right through her, but most don’t! Somehow they STILL don’t look at her as “THE one to beat!” Even though she doesn’t always play balls out, she plays her cards just right…she always seems to have the numbers..she always seem to be at least partially in control…

I don’t think she’s all out PLAYED Russell, but in a way she has! Nothing like blindsiding him out of the game or anything like that, but I don’t think she WANTED to blindside him! I think she could pull it off IF she wanted to! Smart girl…charmer, player to the bitter end…Survivor’s right up her alley, without even trying!

SANDRA – You know it’s a damn shame I dislike Sandra so much, because I dislike the other two sooooo much, I would have LOVED to get behind Sandra! Rooted her on to the very end! But every time I think I can root for her, or every time I think she’s thinking like a gamer, coming up with a good plan or whatever, she opens that big mouth of hers! Then I can’t STAND her worse than Russell or Parvati! She just seems like such a raging Bia!!!! Imagine the rattling that goes around in the head of her significant other, listening to her all day? And if she doesn’t have one, I can see why! She’s the typical, hand in your face, head nodding side to side…talking about, “Tss..yeah whatever girlfriend!” know, the old, “I AM all that AND a bag of chips!” taken straight out of Ricki Lake episode or something..Can’t STAND her! She just looks like she’s got a rotten egg under her nose all the time! That frown, the bitchy’s like take it down like 4 notches Sandra geez! Lighten the F up!!

BUT again, not a popular vote! I’ll say this about Sandra…if she even did HALF of the things she talked about? She’d easily have my vote! She always seems to come up with ideas in the game..sometimes good ones! Just to always cave, give in to her tribe and be the ultimate “Floater” of the season! Granted every time she started to try and get rid of Russell, they’d go back and tell Russell…which wouldn’t fly with him, and she’s like forced to back peddle…that’s where I would have like to see her try something else! Come up with another plan that could actually work, rather than running back with her tails between her legs..

So after ALL that…my vote is??


I think it’s been a pretty even race between her and Russell…he just fell for the charm of a woman, AND the better player this season…she seems to have all the tools necessary to win the game! Also, and this is key, I think she has a variety of “Game”…I think we’ve all seen Russell and his bag of tricks! Maybe one day, he’ll prove me wrong, but I just think if he comes back in the future, it’ll be more of the same from him…Parvati could play it a bunch of ways…

This season, I think it was Russell walking 2 steps behind her, rather than vice versa!

Parv SHOULD be the 2-time Survivor Champ!! IMO of course…and hey, thanks for making me think Ashley, people @! You guys rock me!

P.S. Happy now Katelynn? LOL

Killer K