We are down to the Lucky Seven on Survivor Philippines 2012, but of all of the castaways left, I don’t think Abi is feeling that lucky on Survivor Season 25. The castaways all seem to be gunning for her this week to go home, but will they all go by plan? Or maybe she will win immunity and the game plan changes on Survivor 2012 Philippines? Let’s see how things play out on Survivor 25 and who was eliminated on Survivor Philippines 2012!

We start out with Abi talking to Mike, who says that everyone was mean to her at Tribal Council and it was not nice of them. Denise said that unless Abi wins immunity then she is going home, otherwise it is Jonathan Penner going home.

Malcolm and Abi go check the mail and they have a moment because Abi breaks down crying. I am sick of her and her tears. Don’t be a bitch and people wouldn’t be a bitch to you. They get the envelopes and it is money to spend at the Survivor Food Auction! They are all excited about being able to buy some food. Abi is determined to lay back and use her money at the right time.

They head out and meet Jeff Probst for the auction, where they each have $500 to spend. They bid in $20 increments. The first item is pancakes, bacon, butter and orange juice and Denise spends all her money on the first item! The next item is cheese, fruit and wine and Mike bids $500 right away! The next item is donuts and iced coffee and Malcolm wins it for $200. The next item remains covered, so a blind bid. Penner bids $100 and Abi knows she is going home, so she keeps the money. Penner wins fried chicken and fries.

The next item remains covered again and Carter wins it for $200. He wins a fully-loaded baked potato. He can take the potato or trade it in for rice and beans for the tribe, which he takes and just won over some votes there! Another hidden item and Lisa wins it for $320. It is a gigantic sub sandwich, so she is one happy lady. The next item is a scrolled letter, which Jeff says could be a huge advantage and Abi gets it for $500 right away. Next item is hidden and Carter wins for $200 and he wins lamb shanks for the entire tribe (both his items benefited the tribe). They had 60 seconds and no utensils, so they all tear into it.

They come back from the auction and Penner and Abi then talk and Abi feels he should apologize to her for how the Tribal Council went down. Lisa Whelchel said it is hard not to laugh at some of the things Abi says. Penner thinks it is easier for him when Abi acts the way she does on Survivor 25 and then they hug it out.

Abi feels she has an advantage in the game after purchasing the note and heads out to read it. The note says she can move to the final round of the next Immunity Challenge and have a one in three chance of winning immunity. She is now going to use that to her advantage and lie her ass off to mess with their alliances on what that advantage is on Survivor 25.

Abi then talks to Malcolm and tells him she has some tricks up her sleeve and she is not going home next Tribal Council. She tells him she has another Hidden Immunity Idol and she is safe, so they must change their game plan. Will he fall for it?

Time for the Immunity Challenge on Survivor 2012 Philippines. Today they will be attached to a rope attached to a hitching rail. The first five done move to the next round. They then must make their way through bamboo poles and the first two done make it to the final multi-level obstacle course, but there are three set up. Does Abi have to use it or will she save it? The first person wins immunity, but then there is a twist. They will asked a question before each leg and if they get it wrong, they will have 5% of their body weight added on to themselves to carry through that leg.

Jeff then makes Abi read the note, which she lies and says there are two parts to it, but she must share this part. She moves on to the end, but then still acts like she has a Hidden Immunity Idol. The first part starts and Denise and Lisa get the question wrong, so they add on the body weight. They get started and Denise is such a beast and in the lead. Denise gets done first and she moves on. Then it is Carter, Malcolm and Mike moving on. It is down to Lisa and Penner and Penner completes it first, so Lisa is out.

Denise, Mike and Carter missed the question and have the weight added on for the second round. Penner sails through it and wins. Then it is a battle between Denise and Carter and Carter finished it first, so he moves on against Abi and Penner. It is a quick start for Abi and Carter and she is in the lead. They must untie knots as they go through the course. Abi is still in the lead, but Carter is trying to catch her. It doesn’t work, as she gets the last knot and wins immunity! That throws a big ol’ loop in the game…oh shit!

Malcolm said he has to act sad, but he is excited that they can get a real threat out of the game when voting out Penner. Lisa is going back to her ways of not hurting people and she doesn’t want to hurt Penner or Carter and she wants to be a good player. She again says the game is too big for her. Lisa then tells Penner that she can’t lie to him, so they go and take a little walk. She tells him she is in an alliance and his name is who she is told to write down and she doesn’t want to do that, but she won’t tell him who the alliance is.

Lisa is crazy on Survivor Philippines 2012 and she needs to just keep her mouth shut. Penner now wants to know what he is going to do and she told him to go do the magic that he can do. Penner then talks to Carter and Abi and tells them to vote for Denise, which they are both on board. He then talks with Mike and tells him it is up to Mike and he is the swing vote. Lisa will vote for Penner, even though she hates it.

They head to Tribal Council on Survivor 25 and Penner starts preaching for his case and how they should align with him and not Denise and Malcolm because he has been honest and they have a better chance winning with him then Denise and Malcolm. Lisa said that whatever she does she hurts someone she cares for. Lisa said it is part of her situation in that she can’t win against Malcolm and Denise. Mike said he wants to play to win and there is some validity to what Penner said, but it only matters what they write on that paper.

The votes are cast and Jeff Probst goes to tally them. The votes are: Denise, Denise, Penner, Penner, Denise and Penner, so of course a tie. The last vote goes to Penner and he is eliminated from Survivor Philippines 2012! Mike and Lisa stuck with their alliance!

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