The theme this week on Survivor Philippines 2012 seems to be that Abi is annoying and she must go home, but you know these castaways always seem to get crazy when it comes to the Tribal Council. With only eight castaways left, things will get interesting tonight on Survivor Season 25. We saw Mike Skupin switch alliances and join Penner, Denise, Malcolm and Carter in voting off Artis. What will Lisa Whelchel do tonight on Survivor 2012 Philippines? Find out in my Survivor 25 recap and find out who was eliminated on Survivor Philippines 2012.

The castaways come back from Tribal Council and Abi and Peter are not happy that Artis went home, but Mike is happy that he made a bold move and now he must make another one in order to survive in this game.

Now Lisa and Abi share a conversation. Abi is questioning her alliance with them and Lisa tells her she has been honest with her and Abi is so stupid. She tells Lisa if she goes with the other alliance then she will be at the bottom, but Lisa is already at the bottom with her current alliance! Abi tells Lisa she is already aligned with the other alliance and good luck.

It is time for the Reward Challenge on Survivor 25. The castaways will break into two teams. There are three circles with two drums in them. The object of the challenge is to get all three of your drums facing up at the same time. One member of each team will go at a time and race to flip their drum over face-up and flip the other team’s drum face-down. All three drums face-up at one time earns a point and the first team to three wins the reward, which is a spa day. They will get a bath, massage, pedicures and manicures and a ton of food/cocktails.

The Red Team is Carter, Abi, Malcolm and Pete against the Yellow Team of Mike, Penner, Denise and Lisa. Carter takes down Penner for a 1-0 lead for the Red Team. Malcolm versus Mike and Malcolm doesn’t flip the Yellow back over, so Mike wins and tied 1-1. Abi takes on Lisa and Abi flips over one for the Yellow Team and Lisa wins for a 2-1 lead for Yellow Team. Pete and Denise now and Pete outhustles Denise for a 2-2 tie. It is a rematch of Mike and Malcolm for the final round. This time Mike flipped over the wrong drum and Malcolm wins it for the Red Team, so Abi gets a spa day for being an idiot!

The Red Team arrives at the private island and they are all excited for their spa day on Survivor 2012 Philippines. They have all decided that they are not talking strategy and just enjoying the day with all the young people. Malcolm decided this because the people he wants to align with all were on the other team, so he nixes the idea of talking alliances.

They get back to camp and Abi starts bragging about how great the spa day was and everyone is annoyed with her. She tells them about how great the food was and she has a big belly from all the food and it was breathtaking. Malcolm said she has the social graces of a Mack truck. Then Abi claims she is done with the kitchen because she is leaving soon on Survivor Season 25. She doesn’t want to cook, but she wants to eat. Denise said whiners are wieners are she needs to go home!

Time for some strategizing on Survivor Philippines 2012 and Malcom talks to Mike about getting a Final Four set. He wants it to be him, Mike, Denise and Lisa. Mike talks to Lisa about it and she is shocked. Mike said they need to make a solid pact with either Malcolm and Denise or Penner and Carter. Lisa said she trusts Penner more, but then sits down and talks with Penner and Mike and Penner said he can’t make any decisions yet, so he just got screwed over. Malcolm, Denise, Mike and Lisa head to the woods and shake on their Final Four alliance, but will it stick on Survivor 25?

Immunity Challenge time and the castaways will be maneuvering a buoy through a tangled rope. The first five to complete the first step will move on. They will then race to move their buoy along a balance beam and the first three done will move on. Then it is to the water and navigating their buoy through a series of obstacles. The winner wins immunity. Malcolm, Penner, Denise, Mike and Carter are moving on, so Pete and Abi are screwed!

Next round and Denise looks like a monkey on that balance beam…she is such a beast. Penner is struggling on the balance beam. Mike is first done and then Carter followed by Denise. The final round and it is a close battle to the end, but Carter takes the victory and wins Immunity!

They come back to camp and decide to vote three and three for Pete and Abi. If Abi plays the Idol, which she should, and Pete will go home. If she doesn’t play the Idol, then it is a tie and they re-vote and all vote for Abi. Pete and Abi know they are the hunted ones, so they try to get people to vote for Malcolm and get him out of the game since he is the biggest danger. Abi talks to Lisa and she said she is aligned with the others and then Penner and he tells her she played the game and is not going to win this time! Hurtful, but it is the truth! Pete than talks to Mike and it looks like he may have got some marbles rolling around in his head and possibly taking Malcolm out, but he has the Final Four alliance…will he break it?

Tribal Council time on Survivor Philippines 2012 and the castaways meet with Jeff Probst. It all starts out fine and dandy, but then Jeff asks Abi if it could be a cultural thing and Abi said yes and he attitude is not perceived as gentle, which makes everyone laugh. This gets the ball rolling and Denise tries to talk to her about it, but Abi won’t let her talk and Denise is over it. It is all a bunch of crap and Abi has no clue that people don’t like her. It goes on and on and I am over it!

The votes are tallied and Jeff asks if anyone wants to play a Hidden Immunity Idol and Abi plays her, which means any votes cast for her are thrown out. The votes this week: three for Abi then Pete, Malcolm, Pete, Malcolm and the eleventh person voted out on Survivor Philippines is Pete! Abi is teary-eyed and hopefully she is gone next week!

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