It seems as Survivor Philippines 2012 continues Lisa Whelchel is becoming a more and more important player in the game. She played a huge part in the crazy Tribal Council last week on Survivor 2012 Philippines when she started running her mouth and airing all the dirty secrets of everyone in the tribe. It was an ugly Tribal Council, but in the Survivor Philippines preview below, you can tell she is playing a big part in tonight’s episode as well, but who was eliminated on Survivor 25?

Last week, Jonathan Penner felt he was on the chopping block after his “alliance” backstabbed him the week before at Tribal Council and he was forced to use his Hidden Immunity Idol. In the Immunity Challenge he was determined to win the Idol and remain in the game for one more week. All that determination paid off, as he won the Immunity Challenge and that ruined the other castaways plans to vote Penner off the island. That had everyone talking and that continued at Tribal Council and everyone brought out their Hidden Immunity Idols and things got real. In a total shocker, Jeff Kent was blindsided and sent home on Survivor 2012 Philippines. 

Tonight, it looks like Lisa is still not sure of what to do and where things stand with her alliance. Abi continues to run her mouth and be a bitch, which is not going to help her if she makes it to the end. Lisa is in an alliance with Abi, Artis, Pete and Mike Skupin. She is feeling bullied by Abi and has now made a friend in Penner and is leaning towards joining their alliance, which consists of Penner, Malcolm, Denise and Carter. This would be a huge change in Survivor Season 25, but will Lisa change sides? I think she could bring Mike along with her and then we could finally get rid of the bitch Abi!

Check out the Survivor Season 25 preview below and then come back tonight for my Survivor Philippines 2012 live recap tonight:

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