One of the more fun parts on Survivor Philippines 2012 takes place tonight, as the castaways take part in the Survivor Auction! This is always a time that the players enjoy and it is fun to see them bid against each other on Survivor 25. It is all in good fun and a chance to win some food for their hungry bellies! You can check out a preview of the auction below for Survivor 2012 Philippines. Check back tonight for my Survivor Philippines 2012 recap to find out who was eliminated on Survivor 2012 Philippines!

We are down to the lucky seven on Survivor Season 25 and last week we saw Malcolm, Denise, Lisa Whelchel and Mike Skupin appear to make an alliance together to ensure they are the Final Four on Survivor 25. Will that alliance stay strong through the next few episodes though? Mike already seems iffy and it looked like Pete got things rolling in his mind to maybe vote off Malcolm, but Mike stuck with his alliance and Pete was sent home and Abi had to use her Hidden Immunity Idol!

It looks like all things are lined up tonight to vote off Abi, but the previews have shown her trying to work her magic to rile things up in camp, which we all know she is good at doing. Tonight is also the Survivor Auction! Each player is given $500 to purchase items during the auction and in the preview below, it looks like one castaway goes big on the first item! It should be a great night for Survivor Season 25, so you won’t want to miss it!

Check out my preview here and come back tonight for my Survivor Philippines 2012 recap:

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