It was probably one of the craziest Tribal Councils in Survivor history last week on Survivor Philippines 2012, as we saw a huge blindside that sent Jeff Kent home. All the dirty laundry was aired by Lisa Whelchel and that led to everyone bringing out their Hidden Immunity Idols on Survivor 2012 Philippines. Things got real and now it will be interesting to see how the castaways react to all this news when they head back to their camp. Come back tonight for my Survivor Philippines 2012 Live Recap and find out who was eliminated from Survivor 25.

It was all about airing the dirty laundry last week, as everyone went into Tribal Council on Survivor Season 25 with no idea who anyone was voting for because the person they were all going to vote for, Jonathan Penner, won the Immunity Idol and he was off the chopping block. That led everyone into fighting to stay and alliances were tested. In the end, Jeff Kent was sent home in a shocker, but not until after both Malcolm and Abi felt the need to show everyone that they had a Hidden Immunity Idol. What good does it do them now?

Tonight on Survivor Philippines 2012, it looks like Lisa is sick and tired of feeling bullied by her own alliance (Abi in particular) and she has now made a friend in Penner. Will he convince her to switch sides and join his alliance with Malcolm, Denise and Carter? Right now the original Yellow Tribe has five members left and a 5-4 advantage. Will that come into affect or will Lisa jump ship and throw the game into a whole new direction on Survivor Philippines 2012?

The castaways come back and Abi calls Mike out for voting for her, but Penner said it was him and he was pissed about the Plan B and he was not having it. Lisa comes back and is upset with herself. She said she tried to play the game and that is not her. She tells Malcolm he is amazing and she thinks Survivor is bigger than her!

There are five Yellow Tribe members left and if they vote together than Penner thinks he is going home. He thinks there are divisions in the alliance and he starts working on Lisa. Penner starts pouring it on thick to win Lisa over and I think it is going to work. Do you? Lisa’s whole life has been in the eye of the public and being approved and that is why she is struggling with her tribe and the bullying going on. Can she survive not being Little Miss Perfect?

The castaways head out to meet Jeff Probst for the Reward Challenge. They will be divided into two teams on Survivor Philippines 2012. One member from each team will crawl through the mud and then over an a-frame and then crawl through the muddy water and search for a bag of balls and then crawl through rice and drop their bag on the table. The next person goes and once all four bags are on the table they will then shoot the balls from the bags into the basket. The first team to get all 12 balls into the basket wins the reward, in which the winning team will deliver toys and school supplies to a village as Survivor ambassadors and then that same village is cooking a meal for them.

The teams are: Mike, Artis, Lisa and Pete against Penner, Carter, Denise and Malcolm. Abi was not picked and will sit this one out and not have a shot at winning the reward. Penner finds all four bags and pulls them out of the water as Mike gets his bag and then Lisa starts out. Carter starts later, but he gets the bag quicker and gets ahead of Lisa. Denise gets the bag and a bigger lead. Malcolm gets the last bag and the other team is still looking for their third bag.

Pete has the third bag as the other team starts shooting. Artis finds last bag as the other team has half their balls in the basket. Ten balls in as the other team starts shooting. The Yellow Team gets up to six balls, but the Red Team gets their last ball in and wins the reward, so Penner, Denise, Malcolm and Carter get the reward! Smart move by Penner then, huh?

The Red Team heads to the village and deliver their toys and supplies and they are loving the visitors to the village. It is so nice to see them all interacting and it is such a fulfilling reward. And wow did they cook some food up for the castaways. They strategize while eating and know they have to get Lisa and Mike to join them, but they think Lisa is sensitive on Survivor 25.

The other team heads back to camp and Pete is glad because he gets to talk to Mike and Lisa about what happened at the Tribal Council and then Abi starts running her mouth and tells Lisa that she is gullible and naive. Abi is such a bitch! Agree? Lisa is torn now because she made a stand to be loyal to her alliance, but is thinking it makes more sense to go with Penner and his alliance.

Time for the Immunity Challenge and can Penner win it again on Survivor 2012 Philippines? Today they will each balance a paddle on a stand. They will then roll a ball down the paddle and the first person to get a ball in all six holes will win the challenge. They are all struggling with this one and it looks so hard! Mike gets the first ball in and Pete gets his second ball. Mike gets his second ball and then Pete gets his second as no one else has a ball yet. Mike now has four! Mike has five and Pete has three. Pete loses two balls and is now down to two balls. It is a quick race as Mike gets the sixth ball and wins immunity! So, do they vote out Penner on Survivor 25?

The castaways head back and now it gets interesting. Penner didn’t win, so now he needs to start working it to stay on the island. Abi is feeling good about sending Penner home, but she is worried about Lisa and Mike. Denise, Malcolm and Carter discuss things and they decide to vote Artis out and are hoping to get Lisa or Mike on board to turn the game around.

Penner and Lisa talk and he said that Survivor is all about the story and what will the people say about this season. She was loyal and people will like that, but then she was loyal to three people that didn’t deserve to move on. Penner is planting seeds and he is doing it in a brilliant way. He then talks to Mike and tells him he joins them and he is in the final five, but Mike is with Lisa the whole way and he has to be loyal to her.

Mike and Lisa have a discussion and try to figure out which way is the better way to go. Mike said it is her and him to the end, so that is all that matters and she is considering going to the other side because the original Yellow Tribe is not loyal to her.

The castaways head to Tribal Council and Lisa gets called out for the last Tribal Council. Lisa said the other alliance showed her more grace than her own alliance. Abi is so full of it and if Lisa had any brains she would vote against the alliance that will eventually just kick her to the curb. Penner said he appreciates someone who plays the game and he hopes the numbers fall in his favor. Abi said she does not trust Lisa and Lisa said maybe that is what she needs to hear because she has been nothing but loyal to them.

The players go to vote and it is either going to be Penner or Artis and it all depends on what Lisa and Mike did. Jeff goes and tallies the votes. No one plays the Hidden Immunity Idol and Jeff reads the votes: Artis, Penner, Artis, Penner, Penner, Penner, Artis, Artis…the last vote goes to Artis! Lisa or Mike did it and it is a brand new game and Abi and Pete are scared shitless and I love it! How do you feel about it?

Votes were shown and Mike voted for Artis, but Lisa stuck with her alliance with Abi…would you?

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