After receiving votes last week on Survivor Philippines 2012, Jonathan Penner is not feeling the love from anyone on the merged tribe and feels he is a dead man walking on Survivor Season 25. With his sight set on winning Survivor 2012 Philippines, he feels there is only one way to do that: win immunity and stay on the island as a one-man fighting machine! Will it work? Find out who was eliminated from Survivor Season 25 tonight in my Survivor Philippines 2012 live recap.

We saw the tribes become one last week, when the merge took place. It is always funny to see the merge happen because every castaway is then fighting to make new friends and start new alliances. Who are we going to recruit to make out alliance even stronger? No one likes me on my old tribe, so who can I make friends with on the new tribe so I can go further in the competition? Everyone is nice to each other, but totally scheming behind each other’s backs on Survivor Philippines 2012!

Tonight will be no different, but who will be doing the scheming tonight? Pete is a piece of work and has somehow managed to fly under the radar this season, even though he has been working his tribe since the very beginning. Abi fell under his trap and sent home her original alliance, RC, last week. She has shared the Hidden Immunity Idol with Pete and she giggled with Pete when RC was sent home on Survivor 25, so when will she get stabbed in the back on Survivor 2012 Philippines? 

The castaways come back from Tribal Council and Penner is feeling betrayed and he questions why Jeff Kent, Carter and Denise and why they went against their alliance and voted for him. He turned in his Hidden Immunity Idol, so now they are doing everything to make sure Penner doesn’t win immunity and then vote him out. Mike Skupin talks with Penner and tells him to not throw the towel in and there are cracks in the tribe, which is so true, but can the veterans stay alive now on Survivor 25?

Lisa Whelchel has a plan and is working it out. They want to get rid of Mike and Penner and then join forces with Malcolm and Denise and then get rid of the people no one likes on Survivor Philippines: Artis, Pete and Abi!

It is now time for the Reward Challenge. The players will be divided into two teams. They will grab a rope and run out into the water and release a buoy and then have their team pull them into the shore. The next person will go and so on until they have all four fish traps. Then another person will dig into the sand and find keys which will unlock a puzzle. Two people will put the puzzle together and the first team to get it right wins the reward: they will be taken on a ride to get some food (ribs, potato salad, cornbread, apple pie, lemonade and iced tea).

The Blue Team is Mike, Pete, Artis, Carter and Abi. The Yellow Team is Penner, Jeff, Malcolm, Lisa and Denise. Jeff and Abi get it started for both teams. Jeff gets back first and Penner heads out as Abi gets back. Now Pete heads out for the Blue Team and Penner is headed back for the Yellow. Lisa is headed out for the Yellow and moving very slowly, so Carter is able to pass her for the Blue Team. Mike heads out for the last trap on the Blue Team as Lisa gets her trap released. Denise against Mike for the last trap. Mike can’t find the buoy and Denise is headed back and takes the lead.

Malcolm is digging for the Yellow Team and Artis is digging for the Blue Team. Artis gets it first, but the Yellow Team right behind them. It is now Mike and Pete working on the puzzle for the Blue Team and Penner and Jeff working on it for the Yellow Team. The Yellow Team get out to a huge lead and never look back and they win the Reward and Abi does not look happy on Survivor 2012 Philippines!

While the other team enjoys their reward, Abi and Pete discuss some things and they want to take out the former Red Tribe first and keep Mike around for a while, so get rid of Penner, Jeff, Malcolm and Denise. Abi is negative and Pete is over it, but needs to keep with her so he can beat her in the final three.

Now the winning team is eating and figuring out who to vote out. Penner is trying to work it out and get one of the negative three out before him. Lisa wants to win and she wants to go up against the two people she can win against, not the people who should be there…some shady stuff from the Christian woman!

Lisa now thinks it is smart to get rid of Penner and then her and Mike need to get with Pete, Artis and Abi. She tells Mike they need to get rid of Penner and then blindside Malcolm with his Hidden Immunity Idol. You know it never goes that way, but we shall see. Penner interrupts them on Survivor Season 25, but he is determined to win immunity and blow it all for everyone wanting to vote for him.

It is now the Immunity Challenge on Survivor Philippines 2012: the players will go through a series of obstacles and pick up bags of puzzle pieces. Once all are collected they will then put the puzzle together and first one done wins immunity. The first three to get their puzzle pieces move on. Pete is done first and then Jeff. It is down to Penner and Mike and Penner jumps across the line to move on.

Jeff, Pete and Penner get started on the puzzle pieces. It is a snake puzzle and Pete and Jeff get out to an early lead and Penner is falling behind. Penner gets on a roll and he starts to pull away. Jeff catches up, but Penner gets down to two pieces and gets them in and wins Immunity! He was determined to do it and he did, his first time ever winning Immunity. It is now about to get interesting to see who they vote for on Survivor 25! Who do you think they will vote out?

They all come back and now it is a scramble to see who they will vote for now. They decide to go down the line and instead of Penner it will be Mike. Lisa told Malcolm that she would not tell anyone about the Idol, but now she has told Mike and here she is telling Pete. Will they blindside Malcolm and send him home?

Pete confronts Malcolm about the Idol and he lies and said he does not have it. He asked who told him and Pete said it was Lisa. They then discuss sending Jeff home. I am so over this all, as Malcolm is trying to cover it all up. Pete seems to be calling the shots here and he wants Jeff gone now. Now Lisa heard that Pete told Malcolm she said it. He covers it up and it is all shady…so will it be Mike, Jeff, Malcolm or Lisa going home??? Now they bring in Pete’s name into it, so who knows. Malcolm is bringing his Idol with him because this is craziness!

They all head to Tribal Council and Malcolm calls out Lisa for telling everyone that he had the Hidden Immunity Idol. It all gets crazier, as Malcolm brings out his Idol to show everyone and said he will play it tonight! Then Jeff Probst asks if anyone else has an Idol and Abi brings out hers! This shit is crazy tonight on Survivor 2012 Philippines!

Penner than throws out a plan to go with the six (Mike, Carter, Malcolm, Jeff, Denise and himself) and go after Lisa, Pete, Abi or Artis. Lisa then wants them to go with the original alliance, but who knows who that is because it seems to have changed tonight. Pete feels they are going after him. Jeff said everyone seems to be on the chopping block tonight and no one knows.

It is time to vote…who will it be? Lisa votes Jeff and Denise votes Pete and that is all we see tonight. Jeff goes and tallies the votes and I am so intrigued by this one tonight! No one plays the Hidden Immunity Idol, so will it be Pete? Jeff reads the votes and it goes Abi, Jeff and Pete. Then it goes four and four votes for Pete and Jeff. The ninth person voted off Survivor Philippines 2012 is Jeff! WOW! That means that Carter is screwed and up next?

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