Only two more episodes of Survivor Philippines 2012 to go before we find out who wins Survivor 2012 Philippines! Things are intense during Finale Week, but we have to get down to the final three castaways to determine the winner. We have Lisa Whelchel, Mike, Malcolm, Denise and Abi remaining and there seems to be a Final Four Alliance, which may come crumbling down tonight on Survivor 25. You never know what will happen, so come back tonight for my Survivor Philippines 2012 live recap and we’ll find out together who was eliminated on Survivor Season 25!

Everyone in the world was rooting for Abi to be sent home last week. She is annoying, everyone hates her and she never seems to participate in the challenges. She is always running her mouth and just comes off as a bitch. The Final Four Alliance (Malcolm, Denise, Mike and Lisa) decided that they should get rid of the bigger threat and send home Carter and keep Abi around, even though she is annoying, because they know they can beat her in the end. Smart move? Maybe, because Carter could have won immunity tonight and broken up the alliance, but Abi most likely won’t win immunity.

Abi might not need immunity tonight though on Survivor Philippines 2012, as Mike and Lisa are doing some strategizing and may break their alliance and join Abi in an attempt to make the final three and have a better chance at beating Abi than Malcolm or Denise. This could be a smart move, but will Christian value following Lisa be able to do it? Come back tonight to find out during my Survivor Philippines 2012 live recap and we can watch together!

Abi comes back from Tribal Council and is in awe that she is still here, as are we! Lisa said it was a hard one to send home Carter and he is a good, young man. Then why did you send him home? She said the game isn’t fair, but she would bring someone she can beat to the final. Malcolm said Lisa’s head is in the game and makes her dangerous going forward! Will she be the target tonight?

Abi heads out to the woods to make it look like she has the Hidden Immunity Idol, but none of them are believing here. She knows Malcolm will use his Hidden Immunity Idol, so she is on a mission to break up their alliance and send home Denise this week. She then talks to Lisa and tells her that she is on the bottom of that alliance. Lisa said she doesn’t believe her, but she might need to take her to the end. She thinks she controls her destiny, but needs the right time to make her big move!

Time for the Reward Challenge as the castaways go meet Jeff Probst. Today’s challenge is to race up and over a slide and get two bundles of rings. Once they get both bundles, they have to toss and hook five rings on five hooks. First one done wins the reward, which is they will be picked up by a helicopter and flown to a boat, where they have pizza and soft drinks and get to go shark watching. They get to bring two people with them, which is huge for strategy.

Mike, Malcolm and Denise are taking an early and Lisa is struggling. Mike and Malcolm start tossing the rings and Denise gets started too. Mike has three rings and Malcolm has one. Mike has four rings and Malcolm has two. Lisa finally gets on the board and then Malcolm gets his fourth, so it is down to MIke and Malcolm. Mike scores the fifth ring and he wins the reward! He takes Malcolm and Lisa, which is no surprise there. Denise and Abi head back to camp as the chopper comes to pick the three up on Survivor Season 25.

Abi and Denise are at camp and Denise is over it. She is just trying to get through the afternoon. Abi said she is the swing vote and has the Hidden Immunity Idok, which Denise thinks is bullshit and it actually is! Meanwhile, Mike, Lisa and Malcolm are on the boat and eating up the pizza and cookies and pop, which Mike doesn’t eat sugar in real life, so he is having a sugar drunkeness. Malcolm is entertained and likes the sugar high Mike!

They go swimming with the sharks and of course, Mike gets head butted by the shark. Who would have thought? Malcolm then starts talking strategy and said it should be the three of them going to the final three. No one can beat Denise and she needs to go after Abi. He wants to cement the deal and Mike agrees, but will Lisa be down for it? She likes not having to worry and is down for it, so they agree for a final three. She has never backed on her word, so will this change on Survivor 2012 Philippines?

The next day arrives and Denise wakes up with a sharp, stinging pain in her neck. It hurts to lift her arm and move her neck. She has bite marks in her neck, so she is hoping it is an allergic reaction that will pass. That would suck for her because there are only three days left. Lisa prays for her, of course. Abi just sits by and is hoping she doesn’t get better because she doesn’t want Denise to win immunity and this could affect her big time on Survivor 25.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. Today they will use blanks to cross a rope bridge and collecting pieces to a maze along the way. Once they cross they will put the maze together and use a ball to get through the maze. Winner gets immunity and this is huge and could be Denise because even with a hurt neck it doesn’t take much strength. If you fall off you must go back. Malcolm was right at the end and fall off, so he has to go back. Mike, Denise and Lisa all cross and start working on the maze. Abi gets done and starts working on the maze. Denise is moving along well and Malcolm is trying to finish the bridge and he does and starts on maze.

Denise thought she had it, but one piece is off and must figure out her error. Malcolm comes out of no where and completes his maze first and wins! That is just insane. He has immunity now and has his Hidden Immunity Idol, so that will be wasted. Denise, Mike, Abi or Lisa will be going home, so who will it be tonight on Survivor Season 25?

Back at camp now Mike has a spark fly at him from the fire…hasn’t he learned to stay away from the fire? Abi starts working her magic to get Denise voted off tonight on Survivor Philippines 2012. She tells Mike to vote for Denise and it would make sense to bring Abi, which it kind of does. She says that Lisa and Mike will lose to Denise and Malcolm and he said hanging out with Abi the next three days would be worth $1 million!

Mike and Lisa chit chat and they say they seriously should vote off Denise. Meanwhile, Malcolm has the Hidden Immunity Idol and asked if he is giving it up, but he feels she is safe and won’t be giving it up. Is that going to bite him? Now Lisa and Mike said they may Denise in there to take out Malcolm in the Immunity Challenges, so they could keep him. Just vote people!

They head to Tribal Council and let’s see how deep the crap talking gets tonight. Abi said her back is against the wall tonight. Denise said that is the perfect case if that is how you want to play this game and easily beat her. Abi said Denise or Malcolm will win this game and Lisa and Mike will not win this game and then Abi calls him stupid and a moron. So, is she trying to win his vote by calling him stupid and a moron? God, she is so annoying and stupid herself. Can I slap her???

Time for the vote and it is either Denise or Abi and if it is not Abi I am going to scream. Jeff goes and tallies the votes. No one plays a Hidden Immunity Idol, so the votes are: Denise, Abi, Abi and Abi, so she is voted off!!!! I could not be happier. How do you feel about Abi being eliminated on Survivor Philippines 2012?

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