This week on Survivor: One World episode 9, “Go Out With A Bang,” the women are still going strong, but the men are starting to wise up. The immunity challenge makes a mess of things and one contestant’s paranoia changes the whole focus of what happens when the votes are cast for the next Survivor: One World elimination. So who was voted off Survivor: One World on Wednesday night? Read on to find out!


Halt! if you do not want to know what happened on Survivor: One World episode 9 on Wednesday night, pleast stop reading now!

Kicking off this week’s episode of Survivor: One World, Tarzan and Trayzon put their heads together to talk about how the girls are walking all over the guys in the competition right now. The men’s team has to pull themselves together if they hope any of them are going to survive to the finals. If they don’t, the ladies are going to pick them off one by one.

Troyzan, naturally, knows he has an ace in his pocket in the form of the Immunity Idol. Probably good since he is wisely becoming suspicious that the girls are lying to him through the nose and he is in danger of going home.

For the luxury challenge this week on Survivor: One World, it is a do it yourself challenge. The contestants draw to pick teams and the winners of the challenge end up being Alisha, Jay, Kat, Tarzan and Troyzan. They are treated to a boat ride to a secluded island for a barbecue.

For the immunity challenge, the contestants are required to stand on a balance block with their arm handcuffed above thier heads. Their arms are attached to a large container of colored paint water waiting to pour onto their heads if they lose their balance or lower their arms. The person who holds out the longest, of course, receives immunity for the week.

While the contestants are standing around looking terribly uncomfortable, host Jeff Probst tempts them with all kinds of yummy goodies, including cookies and milk, cupcakes, candy and chocolate. One by one, Sabrina, Kim, Kat and Alicia give up and receive treats in exchange. The last four standing are Leif, Jay, Troyzan and Chelsea.

In a total fail, Troyzan loses his balance and gets his head dumped on by a load of icky liquid and is out. Jay then tempts the contestants again with chicken wings and beer. This is too much for Jay and he gives in. With only Chelsea and Leif remaining, the two negotiate for who will get the immunity prize. After she swears to keep Leif safe, Chelsea finally wins when he gives up and quits. Chelsea is granted immunity.

Troyzan, stressed out and paranoid after failing to win immunity, decides he is going to take his immunity idol to the Tribal Council and use it. This turns out to be a smart move because the women have been plotting to vote him out. When Troyzan reveals his plan to Jay, however, he turns right around and tells Kim.

Bad move Troyzan. Worse move Jay. With that knowledge, the voting strategy changes and only one vote gets cast against Troyzan at Tribal Council.

The person who receives the majority of the votes instead is Jay, who ends up basically screwing himself out of the Survivor: One World grand prize.

In the voting, Jay received four votes, Alisha received two votes, Kim received one vote and Troyzan received only one vote.

Now, however, Troyzan has used up his Immunity Idol and he stands to be in serious trouble this week unless he can win immunity. Plus, the guys have dwindled down by another body and are even more screwed than they were before.

That’s a wrap for this week! check back with us next week for the next episode of Survivor: One World on Wednesday, April 18.