On Survivor: One World episode 10, the pressing question of the night was whether or not Troyzan would manage to survive another round or if the girls would finally be able to vote him out at Tribal Council. The odds for Troyzan making it through to next week looked pretty grim.

Last week on Survivor 2012, Troyzan lucked out because he was wise enough to take his immunity idol to Tribal Council. When word leaked he would be immune from being eliminated, some of the votes that would have gone to Troyzan ended up going to Jay and he was voted off.


Despite Jay receiving the majority of votes last week, Survivor: One World host Jeff Probst warned the rest of the remaining players that “half the tribe members have their name written down tonight. If there wasn’t a reason to be paranoid before, there is now.”

Thus, it was easy to predict that there WOULD be plenty of paranoia going around on Survivor 2012 episode 10 Wednesday night. Still, it seemed likely that Troyzan was going to end up facing the music at last no matter who else seemed like a threat this week. However, things often don’t turn out on Survivor like you think they will.

In the ‘Survivor Auction,’ Troyzan walks away with the one prize he really needs, a pass through to the second stage of the immunity challenge. Tarzan, Kim, and Christina manage to make it through the first round of the immunity challenge and go up against Troyzan to make it to the third round. Only Tarzan and Troyzan make it through to the last round and, amazingly enough, Troyzan turns out to have the uppoer hand and he wins immunity.

Well, guess it won’t be Troyzan going home this week after all!

The votes from the Tribal Council for Survivor: One World episode 10 are:

  • Kim – 2
  • Tarzan – 2
  • Leif – 3

So the player who will go home tonight in the Survivor 2012 elimination results this week is: Leif.

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