Amanda Kimmel has outlasted everyone in the game of survivor but her dreams of winning the million dollar prize came to an end last night as she became the fourth member of our jury giving Parvati the opportunity to be the longest playing Survivor.

Amanda reached her 100 days of the game a couple of weeks ago with Parvati right on her heels.  Now that she has been voted out Parvati will take that crown. 

I must say I was disappointed with the supposed catfight between Danielle and Amanda.  I thought they were going to go at it and really fight for that clue but Colby intervenes and tells Amanda to give it back.  What is that about?  If I was Amanda, no way I would have given her back the clue.  I would have read it outloud and then ripped it into a million pieces.  This is a game for a million dollars and no one is playing well except for the Villains.  What has happened to the all stars on the heroes side?  That whole scene was pathetic and if Amanda had read the clue she could have found the idol and not be sitting in the Ponderosa right now.  One dumbass move after another from the heroes. 

Russell made another game changing move this week by singling out Candice and bringing her over to his side.  His ability to read people and know exactly where the weakness is on the other team is a gift and great game play.  Russell also finds the idol and doesn’t tell Danielle and Parvati about it.  A little payback from what they did to him last week.

At Tribal Council Courtney was acting crazy.  She was laughing at Parvati, pretending to throw up at Russell, she was brash toward Jeff when he went to tally the votes and went buck wild when Russ wasted the idol.  It was definitely something to see.  Obviously her disdain for the king and queen of the game is growing.

Amanda is voted out in a 6-3 vote with Parvati receiving the other three.  Next week it looks like Russ will be scrambling as the queen will try to take over with her loyal maidens.

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