The previews for Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 tonight tell us that nothing will prepare us for how this one ends. Do you think CBS is being truthful or do they just want us to tune into Survivor Season 38 really bad? Time will tell, but you may want to watch with us tonight during our Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 Recap and see who went home on Survivor Season 38 tonight!

Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 Spoilers - Week 2 Recap

Last week on Survivor 2019, the castaways arrived for a new season of the show and while the 14 new castaways were excited, they were shocked to find out that four returning players would be entering the game also. From there, the tribes were formed, supplies grabbed and it was time to head to camp to build shelter. The Manu Tribe found themselves on the losing end of things for the first Immunity Challenge, which meant they were headed to Tribal Council. Reem was rubbing people the wrong way and being the mother they didn’t want on the island, so she was voted off. However, she got to stay in the competition, as a boat took her to the Edge of Extinction!

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Here we go…

Edge of Extinction

Reem is there and nothing is on at that island. She reads a sign and it tells her it will require her to work for everything. If she wants to quit, raise the sail on the broken sail. No timeline, so it freaks her out some, but she cries her way through saying she is going to stay strong.


The next day at camp for the Manu Tribe and Wendy is upset that everyone is following what Kelley wants to do and she has had her chance. She talks about returning players being bad, as David is right there! The rest of the tribe seems to be with Kelley on this one.

Meanwhile, over on the Kama Tribe, they seem to be riding a high and everyone is getting along. They are trying to make up a dance to do at the next Immunity Challenge. Aubry said this kumbaya tribe is nothing she likes. She seems to be approaching everyone to work with, so she is freaking out right now as a returning player and the newbies all seem to be catching on and Victoria said she may need to go!

Idol Searching

On the Manu Tribe, Kelley knows that Wendy will be looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol, so she wants everyone else to go looking together. They do, but David and Rick start talking and David knows Wentworth will be gunning for him, so maybe go for her instead. David and Rick form an alliance and they talk with Wendy and they like her loyalty on Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 and a blindside of Kelley has been mentioned.

For the Kama Tribe, the men start heading out and looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Meanwhile, the ladies are not searching and Julie notices this, but she said she is not sneaky. Back to the Manu Tribe, we see Lauren actually find an idol on her own and she is ecstatic. She buries it in the sand and said she is telling no one!

Immunity Challenge

Time for the castaways to head out and meet Jeff Probst for this week’s challenge! For this challenge, they will start out on a platform and then swim to a cage and climb up and over it. They will then untie a very heavy snake and get it out of the cage and to the shore. They will untie the snake to release tiles, which have numbers to solve a combination lock. That lock will release eight rings, which they have to toss on these oars that flip up and will spell “immunity.” First tribe to spell it wins immunity and the choice between spices and knives/cutting board or a fishing kit.


Another week and another win for Kama Tribe on Survivor Season 38! They were in control for most this one, as Manu Tribe got close with the ring toss, but Kama pulled ahead and won immunity and took the fishing gear. Manu Tribe is headed to Tribal Council.


Keith sucked it up in the Immunity Challenge, as he couldn’t swim and Chris had to help him. He then tried to toss rings and he was not good at it. Because of that, Wardog is on the warpath to vote Keith out. David wanted to convince Wardog to blindside Kelley, but he thinks that is a long shot now. However, Chris knows Keith wants to work with him to the very end, so he doesn’t want to vote him out. Chris approaches Rick about a blindside of Kelley, so now the plan is back on the table! Chris brings the idea to Wardog, but Wardog thinks at a merge, Wentworth would be a shield for them. Kelley has some nerves going on and feels she could be voted off tonight on Survivor 2019!

Tribal Council

Wendy said since she wasn’t with them the first vote, she thinks she is on the chopping block again tonight. Kelley said as a returning player, she is always going to be a shield. Lauren said having a strong tribe would be the best move, as they can’t lose again. Chris said you want to stay strong as a tribe, but also strong with trust. Wardog said there is a lot of talking going on around camp and a lot of ideas going around. David said tonight will be a blindside! Enough talking and time to vote!

Jeff Tallies The Votes

The votes have been counted and no Hidden Immunity Idol is played, so here are the votes: Kelley, Keith, Wendy, Keith, Keith and Keith! That means Keith has been eliminated on Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 and he mumbles about them thinking they are still going to win challenges! Um, he knows they lost because of him, right?

Edge of Extinction Decision

Keith gets to the twist on the path and he is really struggling on this one! He seems to be waiting for a sign from God to make his decision, which I guess we will find out next week!

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