With the big switch in the tribes last week on Survivor Caramoan 2013, it looks we could see even more big stuff coming out of Survivor 2013 seeming it looks like Reynold and Malcolm might be joining forces for a super alliance on Survivor Season 26 tonight! An all-guy alliance on Survivor Caramoan 2013? We will find out all the details tonight during our Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap and see who was voted off Survivor 2013 tonight with us!

Survivor Caramoan 2013 - Episode 7

Jeff Probst mixed things up last week on Survivor 2013 Caramoan when the castaways arrived for the Reward Challenge, or so they thought, and ended up leaving with new tribe members! The Gota and Bikal Tribes switched members and we no longer had Fans versus Favorites on Survivor 2013, but we had Fans playing with Favorites on the same tribes, even though the Fans have the fewer number of people on both tribes and may just be picked off one by one, just like the Matt did on the Bikal Tribe and he was eliminated on Survivor Caramoan 2013.

Tonight we get to see how these new tribes are going to work out with initial alliances. We know that both Reynold and Malcolm have a Hidden Immunity Idol and it looks like after some time in the water together they may have shared that information with each other? Malcolm said he was telling no one this time around, but Corinne was there when he found it and she is on the other tribe and that could come back to hurt him at the merge…if Corinne lasts that long on Survivor 2013 Caramoan.

Here we go…the Bikal Tribe comes back and Michael is feeling hurt seeing his buddy Matt go home and he knows he is on his own now. Corinne said that she wants to dump Phillip as soon as possible and wants to keep Michael around. Phillip notices Corinne talking and he tells Cochran he wants her gone and even before the merge.

The Bikal Tribe gets tree mail and the next challenge will need strength it says, which Phillip proceeds to say he is the strongest out here and he can do it. He has such upper body strength and babbles on and on and on. His tribe is annoyed, but why does he stay?

Reward Challenge Time: they will be tied together as a tribe with a rope and each carry 20-pound weights. They will go around an oval race course in the water and each try to catch the other tribe. If someone gets tired, they can sit out but must give their weight to someone else. Phillip is in the front and thinks he is the strongest. For Gota, Brenda sits out this challenge because they have more people.

Bikal starts out with a sprint and it tires them quickly. Gota is catching up on Bikal and they want to run, but Phillip is too tired to run! I thought he was so strong though? Dawn is too tired and opts to sit down for Bikal and Corinne takes her weight. Gota gets closer and closer and Phillip falls and it allows them to catch up and Gota wins the Reward Challenge, which is a trip to go eat lots and lots of sweets, which Dawn says is diarrhea waiting to happen!

The Gota Tribe heads out to get all their sweets and goodies for winning. They get muffins, scones, espresso and a ton more. This is the first reward the fans have won, so they are super excited. They seem to be one big, happy family while at the reward, but they know they have to end this happiness eventually. Erik falls asleep with a cookie in his hand!

Back over at Bikal Tribe, Corinne is pissed that Phillip ruined it for them at the challenge and she does not want to continue playing the game with him. She thinks he is a “Tubby Lunchbox” and she could have won the challenge on her own! No one seems to want Julia, but Phillip has grown close to her and trying to work it with her. He brings out this double agent thing and she has no emotion! How is she on Survivor 2013?

Over at Gota, Malcolm knows that the four “alpha males” come the merge to get targeted because they are the strongest. Malcolm and Reynold head to the water and talk about forming an alliance to protect the males. They both want to trust each other, but then Reynold tells him he has the idol and now Malcolm trusts him completely and Malcolm knows where both idols are now and thinks he has control of this game. Does he?

Now Dawn talks with Julia and they do some talking and she said that she almost feels bullied by Phillip and maybe they could overtake him. Dawn runs back and tells Phillip, so now Julia is gone because Phillip said to keep it to herself and she didn’t. Again, why is Phillip controlling this season???

Immunity Challenge: three members of each tribe will paddle out and dive down to release a statue and bring it back to shore and place it at the bottom of a tower. Three other members will use a hook to retrieve five keys and once they retrieve them all, they will then unlock the lock and raise their statue for the win. Sherri sits out for Gota.

Bikal starts off bad and then gets it together and both tribes are in the water to get the statue. The tribes are both heading back with their statue and Bikal almost tips, but gets it back together. Gota gets back forst and trying to get the keys. Bikal has their statue in and starts tossing for keys. Reynold has three keys and Phillip gets his first key. Four keys for Gota and two keys for Bikal. Reynold gets the fifth key for Gota and Phillip still trying to get the fourth key. Gota gets it unlocked and raises the statue and flag and Gota wins Immunity! Bikal is heading back to Tribal Council again on Survivor Caramoan 2013!

Bikal comes back to camp and Phillip pulls Cochran aside and tells him he threw the challenge because he wanted to see Julia gone before the merge. He keeps piling it on more and more and talks about cubs and lions and Cochran is just listening and knows that Phillip is crazy and even believes it himself!

Meanwhile, they want to split the votes to ensure if there is an idol. Corinne doesn’t want to do it and wants to keep Michael happy and know they are with him for the merge. Phillip said it is necessary and brings up Boston Rob. Phillip is so dumb! He is then a complete douche to Corinne and she is over him and can’t wait until she can hold up her vote and say “This is what Boston Rob would do!” I am liking her more and more on Survivor Caramoan 2013!

Tribal Council: it starts with talking about the merge and the fans left on the tribe being outnumbered, but with the merge you have to plan properly as a Favorite. Then some more talk about Corinne and her love for the gays. It pretty much will be Julia gone and why can’t we just vote? Time to vote and no one plays a Hidden Immunity Idol because no one has one and the votes are tallied on Survivor 2013: Michael, Julia, Michael, Julia, Michael and Julia, so it is a tie. They will revote and can only vote for Michael or Julia and those two do not vote. The results this time: Julia, Julia and Julia, so the eighth person voted off of Survivor Caramoan 2013 is Julia.

Do you think that was the right choice tonight?

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