We aren’t even at the merge yet on Survivor Caramoan 2013 and it looks like we are about to get some new tribes, as host Jeff Probst throws a major twist in the game and just as the castaways are getting more and more comfortable with their tribes on Survivor 2013 Caramoan. Don’t get too comfy folks because it looks like the Fans vs. Favorites concept on Survivor Season 26 is about to get mixed and they will be competing with each other. Find out how the new tribes will be formed during our Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap and see who was voted off Survivor 2013 tonight!

Survivor Caramoan 2013 - Episode 6

It is a brand new night on Survivor 26 and will we finally be moving past the drama of the Brandon Hantz meltdown last week and his hatred for Phillip Sheppard? We all know that Brandon is crazy and he should probably get some therapy to figure out all those issues that he clearly has going on in his head! Needless to say, he went nuts and trashed the camp and threatened to even pee in the rice, but instead he just dumped it everywhere! His tribe had enough and in an immediate Tribal Council at the Immunity Challenge Brandon was voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013!

Tonight the tribes will get new looks, but how will they be divided up now? I’m not sure how the breakdown will go, but we will definitely see new alliances formed, or at least attempts to form some new alliances. Will Phillip Sheppard keep his corporation intact on Survivor 2013? Come back for our Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap to find out!

Here we go…the Favorites come back and feel they are united, but think they gave the Fans some hope and that Brandon was mean in what he said about them all. Corrine is not happy that no one jumped in and saved her or Phillip during the attack by Brandon. Now Phillip thinks it is Operation Thunder Dome and it will be the first chance he gets he will get Corrine would of the game!

Over at the Fans camp, they get a treemail for the next Rewards Challenge and they are excited. Reynold said it is over for him and Eddie to make social alliances in the game and he will win challenges and be down with it.

Reward Challenge Time: Jeff asks about Brandon and Matt said he feels bad about what he did to the Favorites tribe, but time to switch tribes on Survivor 2013 Caramoan! They all get an egg and the color they get tells what tribe they are on. The new Gota Tribe )old Fans Tribe): Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Malcolm, Sherri, Erik and Brenda. The new Bikal Tribe (old Favorites Tribe): Phillip, Corrine, Michael, Cochran, Matt, Dawn and Julia. What do you think of the new tribes? They all get a new bag of rice and flint. No challenge though, but they have new tribes and time for the alliances to start forming!

The Gota Tribe comes back and they feel they are the young, good-looking tribe and have a good chance of winning every challenge. Why does Eddie have to say he is good-looking every time? Eddie and Reynold approach Malcolm and Erik about voting off Sherri, but then Sherri told Andrea and Brenda about Eddie and Reynold and wanting them off.

The Bikal Tribe comes back and Corrine wants to align with the gay (Michael), but can’t flip on her alliance. Phillip then talks with Julia and tries to bring her in his corporation, but who knows with Phillip. He talks such a big game and thinks he is the big dog on Survivor Caramoan 2013!

On Gota Tribe, Malcolm and Andrea go out and talk and realize the Fans have no alignment among them and they can take out Sherri, Eddie and Reynold. Apparently Andrea had a dream that Malcolm had the Hidden Immunity Idol, which he does but denies.

Phillip and Corrine talk and he tells her that he talked to Julia and wants her to flip, which upsets Corrine. Dawn and Corrine talk and say that Phillip cannot be left alone, which is so true!

Immunity Challenge Time: two members of each tribe will race to roll crates down the field and then once all six crates are down there they must build a staircase that says “Fans versus Favorites.” Gota gets out to the early lead and the Bikal Tribe is struggling with the crates. Bikal has Phillip doing three of the crates and he is looking very tired! Gota get all six of their crates back and start working on the staircase and Bikal is working on getting their last crate back. Julia is calling the shots for Bikal and Malcolm is calling the shots for Gota. Bikal is fighting with running things and getting no where with their crates. It wasn’t even close, as Gota finishes and wins immunity on Survivor 2013!

Bikal comes back and Phillip runs a meeting and Corrine is over it, but she can’t go against him because he votes with her and won’t flip. Phillip then talks to Matt and Michael and said it is Julia that will be voted off tonight. He then talks to them about his corporation and to be initiated and someone else can tell them what to do and they must do it. He is so crazy and why are all these people kissing his ass on Survivor Caramoan 2013?

Julia then talks to Michael and Matt and she decides on Dawn for their vote, but they really are going to vote for Julia. Corrine and Cochran then talk to Matt and Michael about voting and Cochran feels that the guys are close and it might be best to vote one of them out, but they are worried about one of them having a Hidden Immunity Idol. The Favorites talk and they are torn between voting for Julia or Matt, so who knows now!

Tribal Council Time: the players just babble nonsense and who knows what they want to do. Corrine likes the gays and doesn’t know what the Fans have as far as a Hidden Immunity Idol. They vote and Jeff tallies the votes. No one plays the Hidden Immunity Idol and the votes are: Julia, Julia, Dawn, Matt, Matt, Matt and Matt!

I am shocked by this one and thought Julia was going home…she is so boring, but Matt may have been a threat and that is why he was voted off on Survivor Caramoan 2013! What do you think?

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