I think we are in for double the trouble tonight on Survivor Caramoan 2013, as it appears there will be TWO Immunity Challenges and TWO Tribal Councils, so are we seeing a double elimination on Survivor 2013 Caramoan tonight??? Who knows what twists and turns Jeff Probst is going to throw at us tonight, but it is getting close to the end and the eight castaways look to be making some big moves on Survivor Season 26 tonight! Check them out with us during our Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap and see who was voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013 tonight!

Survivor Caramoan 2013 - Episode 12

Who else had a big sad face when Malcolm was voted off Survivor 2013 last week? He seriously should have won Survivor Philippines 2012, but I do give major props to Denise for winning. He fought the elements this time and made a big move the week prior with Reynold and Eddie, but he was not able to find a Hidden Immunity Idol last week and everyone felt threatened by him and he was sent to the jury!

We seem to have eight castaways left on Survivor Caramoan 2013 and with only a few more episodes left, I guess they need to get rid of them quicker, so have two Tribal Councils in one episode??? I am game for it, but that means we should be flying through the Immunity Challenges and Tribal Councils to get them done, right? Or does CBS have something up their sleeves and teasing us with these Survivor 2013 spoilers??? Previews say one thing, but we can find out in our recap starting soon!

Here we go…Eddie and Reynold come back from Tribal Council and know they are on the chopping block, but anything could happen in this game. Andrea and Cochran talk and are worried about Eddie or Reynold winning immunity, but Cochran wants to get rid of some of the Favorites and get rid of those threats now because they have some power. They get tree mail and it says another Immunity Challenge, so they are all worried and want to beat Reynold.

Immunity Challenge Time: they will balance on a triangular platform with their feet perched on some levels. They will move up every few minutes and the last one standing wins immunity and a reward, which is a note with some vital information on Survivor Caramoan 2013!

The castaways get started and it is a very windy day! Jeff Probst wants to tease them with donuts and a glass of milk to jump off and Eddie and Erik jump in together and enjoy their food. Fifteen minutes has passed and they have moved up a couple times and Jeff offers them three hot dogs and pop and Cochran said his thighs are on fire and jumps in for the food. Reynold gets shaky, but Dawn is holding stable. Thirty minutes have passed now and they are moving up to the top platform!

They are all getting real shaky and then Dawn falls out of the challenge. Sherri falls out and we are down to Brenda, Andrea and Reynold. Reynold almost falls over, but comes back strong and stays up. Brenda saves a fall as well and Andrea too. Reynold tries to fix again, but he falls in and then Brenda and Andrea fight to see who will jump in, since Reynold is now out. They both want to win and are nervous, so they stay up there. They have now had three hours on the platform and they are both still there!!! They decided to both stand on one leg and Brenda falls in and Andrea wins immunity and the reward! Will she share it with Brenda?? That was a tough battle on Survivor 2013. It looks like Reynold or Eddie will be going home.

The castaways come back and Reynold said this is a perfect time for them to take out a threat, but will they? Andrea and Brenda go read the clue and it is to the Hidden Immunity Idol, which she tells her whole alliance and they go searching and Erik finds it, but gives it to Andrea! Why??? Now Andrea wants to blindside someone and get some people that are a threat to her. She wants to go after Brenda, which is such a shame. I guess it is take out our biggest competition, right? Andrea talks to Dawn and she thinks Reynold messes with her mind, but thinks it is an option to vote out Brenda.

Tribal Council Time: Eddie said he jumped to eat because he knew he couldn’t stand on that platform for more than an hour. Jeff thinks that Brenda and Andrea staying up on that platform after Reynold fell means something more and Reynold said it could be an opening and he is there for anyone that wants to make moves. Andrea said that she could be blindsided and you never know, which excites Eddie.

The vote happens and Jeff tallies them up. No one plays the Hidden Immunity Idol and the results are: Erik, Sherri, Reynold, Eddie, Reynold, Eddie, Reynold and Reynold. He is voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013 tonight! We all saw this coming, right? Now Eddie is left all alone! The game is not done tonight on Survivor 2013!

The castaways come back and they are all relieved to have Reynold gone. Cochran and Andrea talk and now it is time to figure out who to blindside: Dawn or Brenda and Andrea is gung-ho on taking down Brenda, but Cochran is not having it. Cochran tells Brenda and Dawn and they want to vote Andrea out now!!!

Second Immunity Challenge: they will push a buoy through an obstacle course to eventually unlock a key. They will then get ladder rungs, which will be used to create a puzzle. The first one done will win immunity and I am hoping for an Eddie victory, which will put the alliance against each other for sure.

Erik is out to a fast start and everyone is working on their key except Sherri, who sucks at this game but is still here! Erik gets his key and Andrea is right behind them. Brenda and Eddie have their key. They are all working on the puzzle and Andrea and Brenda have an early lead. Erik jumps out to his fourth piece and Andrea can’t find her second! Erik has seven and Brenda has four. Erik makes it a blowout and he gets them all in and he wins immunity and guarantees himself a spot in the final six! Now who do they vote out??? Will Andrea get blindsided on Survivor Caramoan 2013?

We are back at camp and Erik nows from his past and he won’t be giving the immunity to anyone this time around! Andrea then talks with Cochran and Dawn about voting out Brenda and she thinks they all will vote that way and her ducks are in a row and she is safe. It is funny and I am praying they stick to their guns and will vote Andrea out! Andrea then tells Cochran she wants Eddie in the final three with them and he goes to the others and it looks like Andrea is out of their plan now for the finals and she will be blindsided.

Cochran than talks to Erik and tells him to vote Andrea, but Andrea wants to bring Erik to the final three and Cochran never promised that. He can play both alliances and it is down to Erik, yet again!

Second Tribal Council Time: they all talk about making it to the final three and lying to each other. Andrea is feeling a little paranoid, but it comes out she has the Hidden Immunity Idol and can play it any time, but will she play it??? The vote happens and Jeff Probst tallies them up and Andrea does not play the idol!!!! The votes are: Brenda, Andrea, Eddie, Eddie, Andrea, Brenda and Andrea!!! She was totally blindsided and Malcolm and Reynold are loving it in the jury! I am so loving it right now!!!

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