Things are about to get real tonight on Survivor Caramoan 2013, as Dawn is about to have a huge meltdown on Survivor 2013, but will it be enough to knock her out of the game on Survivor Season 26 or will she survive the shocking Tribal Council tonight on Survivor Caramoan 2013? We’ll answer all these questions in our Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap tonight and find out who was voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013 tonight with us!

Survivor Caramoan 2013 - Episode 10

Last week on Survivor 2013, it was mass confusion at Tribal Council and they all were running their mouths, but in the end Reynold gave his immunity idol to Malcolm to keep him safe in the game, even though no votes were cast against him. That was all the working of Phillip Sheppard, the Specialist on Survivor Season 26!

Tonight the chaos continues, but this time it is Dawn, who appears to be having a mental breakdown on the island! Who knows what sets this off, but apparently she is paranoid and the anxiety is kicking in big time! Will that be the shocker at Tribal Council and Dawn removes herself from the game? Find out during our recap tonight starting shortly!

Here we go…the castaways come back from Tribal Council and everyone is squandering on who to kick out already. Phillip calls a special meeting and they speak nonsense and Malcolm is trying to work it still with Eddie and Reynold!

Phillip and Cochran have a talk about how Dawn used to be a threat to beat, but she has leaked a lot of info and not a threat in challenges. Then Dawn freaks out and loses it and is crying and whining….why you may be asking? Because she had a retainer with teeth on it for her bottom teeth and it fell in the water and she could not find them! She would pull herself from the game if she couldn’t find them, but Brenda to the rescue and she finds them and all is good now??? How crazy was that?

Reward Challenge Time: the castaways will be divided into two teams of five. They will each race through a series of obstacles to a muddy pit, where they will search for a bag of balls. They get all five bags of balls and then shoot the balls into basket and first team to get all 12 balls in the basket will win the reward, which is a trip to a getaway with a pool and an amazing lunch. Purple Team: Reynold, Erik, Dawn, Cochran and Phillip. Orange Team: Eddie, Malcolm, Sherri, Andrea and Brenda.

Malcolm and Erik get started and Erik finishes first, but Malcolm is in the pit trying to find all the bags and put them in one area. Reynold starts for Purple and he finds all four bags while Malcolm is still searching. Malcolm finishes and Andrea starts, but Purple is on a roll. Sherri is taking forever on the balance beam! Phillip starts for the Purple, the last player. He brings in the final bag and they start untying. Purple has all the balls out and start shooting. Purple gets all 12 balls in before Orange even gets their balls out of the bags and a win for Phillip, Dawn, Erik, Cochran and Reynold!

The Purple Team gets to their resort and loving all the food and the pool and a shower! Dawn loves the smell of the soap, but Phillip jumps in the pool with all his mud and rice and Erik is ticked and thinks he needs to go.

Back at camp that night on Survivor Caramoan 2013, Dawn is not able to sleep and is paranoid about getting blindsided. She is convinced that Andrea is going to flip with Malcolm and the guys and vote Dawn out. Now Phillip and Cochran are questioning Dawn and might vote her out! Her paranoia is not doing well for her. The non-sleep is getting to her and her paranoia is kicking in big time and she thinks she might need some time alone and claims she is tougher than this, but Dawn is nuts right now!

It is now Day 28 and Dawn actually slept the night before and she feels better. This is also the day she went home last time she played Survivor. She feels good about her alliance and the game, but is it too late for her? Stealth R Us meets and they want Reynold out first, so it looks like they all want to vote him out. They will vote four for Reynold and three for Malcolm in case anything crazy happens.

Immunity Challenge Time: they will run in two heats and walk on a platform, dive in the ocean and swim under the water to the other side of the platform and climb up and grab a ring and place it on the other side. The first two done in each heat will compete in a finale for immunity.

Heat 1 – Reynold, Cochran, Dawn, Andrea and Sherri. Reynold, Andrea and Dawn are holding strong in the lead, but this is an easy win for Reynold and Andrea finishes behind them and they move on.

Heat 2 – Phillip, Brenda, Malcolm, Eddie and Erik. Phillip sits out because he had an incident as a child, so he is confident he won’t get voted out tonight…I’d vote him! This one is close to start and Malcolm gets done first and Eddie right behind him, but he misses the pole with his ring and Brenda gets it on before him and she moves on!

Final Heat – They have five rings for this round and one winner. Reynold, Andrea, Malcolm and Brenda. This is a lot of time under the water and running, so these people are going to be real tired! Malcolm and Reynold are neck and neck as Andrea and Brenda are falling behind. Last ring to go and Reynold is gaining a bigger lead. He gets the final ring and he wins immunity! Now Stealth R Us needs a new game plan on Survivor 2013!

They come back from the challenge and Reynold has no respect for Phillip since he can’t even participate in the challenge. Phillip now is gunning for Malcolm and Eddie, but Malcolm will go home. Malcolm does have the idol, but him, Eddie and Reynold start searching for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Dawn and Andrea also go out looking, while Phillip and Brenda sit back at camp. Malcolm reaches into a rock and finds the idol right in front of Dawn and Andrea, so now it looks like Eddie will go home!

Stealth R Us meets again and now they will vote the same, but on the revote they all vote for Eddie. He knows the vote is on him, but you just never know, right?

Shocking Tribal Council Time: Reynold knew he was going home, so winning immunity was huge for him. Malcolm brings out the idol and hangs it around his neck. Phillip tells his story of why he didn’t do the swimming challenge on Survivor Caramoan 2013. And here we go!!! Malcolm brings out the second Idol and gives it to Eddie and now it is on!!! They can’t be voted out and Stealth R Us is whispering on what to do and is clueless and shocked, as am I. Malcolm said they are voting Phillip, just an FYI. Brenda and Dawn are saying vote Andrea, but they can’t tell Erik and Cochran on the other side of Andrea. Erik tries to get them to keep one idol and Phillip said to vote the way they were going to.

Time to vote and we see a vote for Phillip from Erik! Jeff Probst goes to tally them and comes back and both the guys plays their Hidden Immunity Idol, so it on now!!! Votes are: Malcolm, Malcolm, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Phillip, Phillip and Phillip and since Malcolm and Eddie’s votes don’t count, Phillip is voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013!

How crazy was that? Can Stealth R Us survive without Phillip? That was so insane!!!

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