We’ve seen shocking Tribal Councils, medical emergencies, mental breakdowns and blindsides on Survivor Caramoan 2013, but that has led us to the Survivor Season 26 finale tonight and finally time to find out who won Survivor Caramoan 2013 tonight! Five castaways remain, but only one of them can walk away with the $1 million prize, Who wins Survivor 2013 tonight? Find out with us during our Survivor Caramoan 2013 Live Recap!

Survivor Caramoan 2013 Finale

You never know how these castaways will vote when Tribal Council comes around and last week on Survivor 2013 proved just that. Even though Brenda won the reward challenge, she gave up special time with her Dad and sister and allowed the other tribe members to get that quality time. Dawn, Cochran and Sherri then turned their backs on Brenda and blindsided her and voted her off the island! Everyone in the jury was shocked to see it happen, but could it hurt Dawn’s case in the game?

Big moves have to be made in the game, but was that just wrong for them to do to Brenda? I think so! For tonight, it looks like we will see a medical emergency that takes one player out of the game and with only days remaining before the finale! How bad would that suck? Find out who it is and who makes the final three on Survivor Caramoan 2013 in our Live Recap starting soon!

Here we go…a look back at some highlights from the season leading up to tonight. Who was your favorite castaway of Season 26?

We are just finished from the last Tribal Council and Erik is having a spinning head and Jeff Probst comes in and brings the doctors. I guess it will be Erik leaving us first? Erik is apparently dehydrated and he has a low blood pressure, so they gave him some liquids. The doctor said he is going down right now and he doesn’t want him going any further. After 36 days, Erik is pulled from the game and we are down to Cochran, Dawn, Sherri and Eddie. Two fans and two favorites, so it is a whole new game!!!

The final four come back to camp and now Cochran wants to get in good graces with Eddie, since he will probably win immunity. Eddie could be in control right now, which is awesome.

The next day arrives and they get tree mail, which will be for a reward, which excites them all on Survivor Caramoan 2013.

Reward Challenge Time: they will hold a level with one hand and then build a house of cards with the other one that must reach a certain height!!! The winner of today’s challenge will get a huge advantage in the next Immunity Challenge, which could be huge and guarantee them a spot in the final Tribal Council.

Cochran is moving along well, but then it falls over! Sherri follows suit and hers tumbles. Eddie is moving slow, but steady and he is staying behind Dawn. She was one card away from the top and it tumbles!!! Karma??? Eddie then knocks his over and Cochran has fallen over like three more time. Sherri is building a lead now, but then loses half the stack. They keep going back and forth and building it up and then knocking them over. Despite it falling so many times, Cochran gets the final card up there and he wins the reward and advantage at the Immunity Challenge again! His third individual won, so he is a threat people!

Does anyone else think Cochran is getting a little cocky as the season winds down? Sherri then goes out and talks with Eddie and they both want Dawn gone because she can win this thing with her sad story. Dawn and Cochran are back at camp and Dawn is worried because Sherri is with Eddie alone. She admitted that she is like a baby stomping her feet, which is so true. Suck it up Dawn!

Day 38 and they get tree mail and they will wait for some men in a boat to take them to the last Immunity Challenge and go on the tour of remembering all the castaways that went before them on Survivor Caramoan 2013. It is weird to see some of the people because you forget that they were even on the show! Do you think Malcolm will be back for a third chance to win the game? Anyone else get riled up when you see Brenda and how they did her wrong?

Final Immunity Challenge Time: they will run up stairs and grab a bag of puzzle pieces and slide down and keep doing it until all their bags are in hand. The first one to complete the puzzle wins immunity. For his advantage, Cochran won’t have to untie the bag up top, but the other three will, so that will give him an advantage in time.

Cochran has all three bags back as the others are working on their second bag! He has all his puzzle pieces out as Eddie and Dawn work on the third bag and Sherri is somewhere around there, but of course in last place. Cochran had a big advantage, but he has done nothing with it and Dawn is coming back strong. Eddie is doing nothing and Dawn and Cochran both have five pieces done. Dawn gets a little ahead and Sherri is doing well, but then Eddie gets his first piece and then the second. Cochran comes back strong and he wins immunity and Dawn is there to hug him and kiss his ass! It won’t be paying off though because I think he votes off Dawn. What do you think???

We come back to camp and it is Cochran trying to figure out who will get second place, which is either Dawn or Eddie. He said no way will Sherri win, so it looks like she will be safe. Dawn is a hot mess again and she needs to go! Now Eddie tries to work his magic with Cochran and if he wins he said he would open a bar where you can bring a dog because those are the two loves of his lives….ugh!

Tribal Council Time: they say they were in shock with the departure of Erik, who Eddie said was the final three with Dawn and Sherri, which shocked Cochran. Dawn said that Eddie is likable and he has not sent anyone home from the jury, but he tries to say that he never did any strategy and Dawn did. Sherri said she is quiet, but still there. Eddie said Cochran’s best bet is to beat Eddie and Sherri, so Dawn is worried.

Time for the vote and during it Cochran said this person is the only one out there that can beat him. Jeff Probst tallies them: Dawn, Eddie, Eddie and Eddie, which means he is voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013! That means Dawn, Cochran and Sherri are your final three. What do you think?

We are at the final three and they are back at camp and Sherri said her husband believed she was meant for this game and that is why she is here. They get their huge feast of food and all say why they should win for us, but the jury decides that. Does Dawn’s voice annoy anyone else out there?

And here we go, as the final three head to the final Tribal Council on Survivor 2013. In comes the jury and time for them to plead their case. Dawn is up first and she wanted one ally in the game, which was Cochran and why she was so emotional. Sherri said she runs businesses and she came into Survivor thinking she would do this like she runs her businesses. Cochran said this game was about timing and he struck the threats before they could happen and he is happy to field the questions. Time for the jury questions!

Malcolm is first and no question for Sherri. He tells Dawn he needs to own it and not play the poor Mom card and fight for it and he will vote for her. He asks why Cochran made it farther and he said it was a heightened insecurity and he doesn’t see Malcolm as being insecure. Eddie wants Sherri to admit that she got carried to the final three and she doesn’t think she did, which everyone on the jury laughs at. Cochran tells him they’ll be at the bar with the three amigos. I think Cochran is clearly going to win this.

Phillip rescinds his offer to Sherri for being a part of Stealth R Us and tells Dawn she made camp life hell and Cochran is a class act. Erik is telling Sherri that she is worthless and Sherri cuts him off and said she doesn’t need him and he needs to sit down! Michael asks Dawn to explain why she is getting a bad wrap for everything, but Cochran is not. Cochran said if he would have not become her therapist then she wouldn’t be here.

Andrea is not bitter and they took her out with a Hidden Immunity Idol in her pocket and she gives them props for that. Brenda asked why she should give the $1 million to Cochran and he said he separated the emotion from the game and he took her out because she was a threat. Brenda than asked Dawn about her teeth and if she would have continued in the game without her teeth and she said yes. So, Brenda makes her take out the teeth to prove it and despite some hesitations, Dawn does and what a great moment! Good job Brenda!

Time for the last vote of Survivor Season 26 and this time they vote for who they want to win! Phillip votes Cochran, but that’s a given. We hear Malcolm say this is not the name he thought he would be writing down tonight, so maybe Dawn??? Who do you think it will be??? Jeff heads out with the votes and we go live for the results!!!

Sherri even admits she is a longshot to win. The votes are in: Cochran, Cochran, Cochran, Cochran and Cochran. The winner of Survivor Caramoan 2013 is Cochran!!! I am excited for him and he did well. The superfan won! What do you think?

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