We have some big moments happening on Survivor 2019 tonight! As the Survivor Season 38 castaways get excited for the merge happening, Jeff Probst surprises them all when all six of the eliminated castaways this season return to compete for a spot back in the game on that newly merged tribe! Who will win? Find out who it is in our Survivor 2019 Live Recap and see who went home on Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 tonight!

Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 Spoilers - Week 6 Recap

Last week on Survivor 2019, we had two hours of action and that meant a lot to get through. In the first hour, we saw the Lesu Tribe on the edge of losing it all. They lost another Reward Challenge, in which they were even a factor in it. However, they finally got on the winning side with the Immunity Challenge and the Manu Tribe was headed there. Aubry had an extra vote advantage and a Hidden Immunity Idol, but she thought she was safe. She thought wrong and was voted off, but headed to the Edge of Extinction. In the second hour, the Immunity Challenge had only one winner (Kama Tribe, yet again) and the other two tribes both went to Tribal. It ended in a tie vote between Lauren and Wendy, but lost of talking and it shifted to Wendy being voted off and she headed to Edge of Extinction also!

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Here we go…

The Merge

We are not messing around, as we get right into it tonight! The castaways arrive and Jeff tells them to drop their buffs, as we are merged! They get their new buffs and happy times, but then Jeff throws them another twist, as the six eliminated castaways are called in!

Edge of Extinction Challenge

The six castaways will compete for a spot back in the game. For this challenge, the castaways will have to work through a series of obstacles. At the end, they will work a ball up a long track. The first one to get the ball in the hole will win a spot back in the game. Chris had an advantage of practicing the bamboo to get the key. Keith gave his disadvantage to Chris, which he had to untie 30 knots before getting the balls to go up the track!


That advantage did hurt Chris, as it put him way behind. Wendy came real close, but dropped the ball at the very top. Same goes for Keith, as he got up there and dropped the ball. I thought Chris was going to get it, as he got to the very top and then it fell for him also! Then Rick had his chance and he didn’t fail, as he got the ball in the hole and he is now back in the game!

New Twist

Jeff tells the castaways that the Edge of Extinction will be an option for all the new eliminated castaways, so now they know that. The remaining castaways all head back to camp, as Jeff has an emotional moment with the Edge of Extinction castaways. They all cry, but then he surprises them and tell them they have another decision to make: go home or go back to the Edge of Extinction, which they all head back to Edge of Extinction!

However, once they got back to Edge of Extinction, things and minds changed! The flag was raised and both Keith and Wendy eliminated themselves from the game, so now it is only Reem, Aubry and Chris left on that island on Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019.

Merge Feast

Back at their new camp, the castaways are enjoying their meal together. Rick knows he could be an easy vote off, so he is trying to make those connections to stay in the game. Time to maneuver andJulie tries to pull in Rick. Kelley talks with Joe and he knows he is on the bottom of the Kama Tribe, so he is willing to work with her. The ladies all meet and Lauren and Kelley want to go with an easy vote and send Rick back to the Edge of Extinction, but Julie is not liking that and thinks maybe one of them should go.

Immunity Idol Twist

While the castaways are working on fixing up camp for the merge and Rick discovers he has an advantage in his bag. He goes off to read it and it’s a Hidden Immunity Idol, but it’s broken in half. He can use this as a bargaining chip, as he has to get half of it to another castaway and he keeps the other half. If they both survive the next Tribal Council, then they can combine the half and that idol has full power. He gives the half to David.

Immunity Challenge

For this challenge, they will stand on a narrow beam while balancing a statue. They will maneuver down the beam as time goes on and the beam will get more narrow. If they fall off or drop the statue, they are out. Last one standing wins the first individual Immunity Challenge on Survivor Season 38!


This was a windy one, as it was going strong and knocking a lot of them out of the challenge! Joe was in it, but his statue fell and it was down to Julie and Lauren, but Lauren used those guns to win this challenge and win immunity tonight on Survivor 2019!

Time To Plan

Julie is on a mission and wants Wentworth voted off and keep Rick safe. She tells him and then Rick goes to David and tells him the plan to keep Rick safe, but not sure who they are voting and they hope Wentworth. Meanwhile, Ron talks with Joe and gets a weird vibe from Joe, so now Ron thinks Joe should be voted off. No one is on the same page right now, as they are going back and forth between Joe and Wentworth, it seems.

Tribal Council

It looks like we have a jury, as Aubry, Chris and Reem come out! I guess they get to sit in on these, in case they do come back! For Tribal, we hear Victoria say it’s wrong to get Rick out. There are bigger threats in the game, she said, which Joe thinks is him. Then it turns to Ron saying Kama strong. Rick questions why Joe was not scrambling today. Enough of the back and forth, as it’s time for the vote!


Jeff tallies the votes and no idol is played, so the votes are: Rick, Kelley, David, Rick, David, Kelley, David, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe and Joe! He lost that challenge and he was vulnerable, as Joe was voted off!

Edge of Extinction Twist

No thinking here, as now Joe grabs that torch and he is headed to the Edge of Extinction!

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