All season long, Rodney has talked about how he is running things on Survivor 2015 and while he likes to think he is, does anyone else think so? I don’t believe so, as we all see that Rodney can’t seem to win any challenges and he has yet to go on a reward and he may crack at any moment on Survivor Season 30 and it looks like it may be his birthday that officially does him in on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015! Check out a Week 11 sneak peek below in our Survivor 2015 spoilers!

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Survivor 2015 Spoilers - Week 6 Preview 16

Last week on Survivor Season 30, we saw a special twist, as Jeff Probst announced that there would be a male and a female that would be winning immunity for the night! Mike desperately needed it and he delivered again, so he was safe for the night. Carolyn beat out Shirin, so it looked like it would be Shirin going home. Mike tried to mess with things at Tribal Council, as he pulled out his Hidden Immunity Idol and said he was giving it to Shirin! However, he did keep it for himself (a smart move) and Shirin still got enough votes and was eliminated, but Dan also got two votes and it should wreak some havoc tonight!

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For tonight, Mike is all alone and will need to win immunity to keep himself safe and keep his idol in check. From the video, it is Rodney’s birthday and he can cry and whine all that he wants to…and he can quit the game??? I am thinking it is a game move on his part, but tonight shall tell us more! Check out some sneak peek photos for Week 11 here:

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Now check out a sneak peek video for Survivor Season 30 tonight:

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