It looks like we are in for a crazy Tribal Council on Survivor 2015 Season 30 tonight, as the castaways on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015 get some letters from home and it looks like it sends all of their emotions into whack! Plus, it is time for the Survivor Auction and one item could be a game changer, but who will make the big purchase from Jeff Probst? Check it out with us tonight during our Survivor 2015 Season 30 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2015 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Season 30, it was a sad week for me. Jenn was upset after losing her friend Hali the week before, so she was ready to go home, but would not quit the game. She tried to get sent home, but it never worked out for her. Meanwhile, everyone has been out to get Joe out of the game, but he kept winning every challenge and they couldn’t. He finally lost an Immunity Challenge and it was on! He tried to make a fake Hidden Immunity Idol, but that plan backfired and the Blue Collars stuck together again and voted off Joe, which sucks!

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Here we go…

CAMP – The next day and Rodney talks to Tyler, Carolyn and Will and said they need to get rid of Mike next! However, Mike overhears him and said Rodney is no longer in his alliance!


  • First Item – Will purchased a note for $100, which was under a covered dome. The note said he bought himself out of the auction and pick up his stuff and go back to camp!
  • Fried Chicken and Waffles – Shirin gets it for $300
  • Jeff asks about people wanting the advantage and it is Dan, Carolyn and Mike wanting it, so we breeze through the other food items.
  • They all get love letters from home for $20, which has Dan very emotional before he even gets the letter. Mike agreed to do the letter for $20, but he backs out and now he can definitely buy the advantage at the end. Bad move, Mike! Carolyn said she is not doing it and gives her back, but Mike changes his mind and said it is against who he is as a person. Sure, he just got caught and knew he screwed up.
  • It is between Dan, Mike and Carolyn for the advantage and they draw rocks and Dan wins it!

CAMP – Will gets back to camp and he is pissed, but there is a clue waiting for him to go out and dig somewhere. He gets there and it is a box of snacks! He can share if he wants or not, but he agrees to share with them all! Mike tells Sierra that Rodney flipped and they were coming after him, which is why he almost didn’t take the note. He outs the four of them and Rodney makes a big scene and said Mike is crazy, but he is being honest! It was a bad time and everyone seems mad for ruining the moment, but he apologizes.

Rodney knows he was called out and he needs to mend fences with Dan. He thinks he can beat Mike with his mind, which makes me laugh. Dan checks his advantage and it isn’t the normal Immunity Challenge advantage, but he gets a second vote at Tribal Council!!! Now we see Mike and Jenn talk about Will’s clue and there is no box and he is hiding stuff from them. He goes to show the box with Rodney and Sierra and brings it back to camp and it gets ugly! Will calls out Shirin and he is a complete asshole to her! He gets really personal and is so rude and Mike is the only one that sticks up for her. Will claims to have been bringing out the ugly for God, but what was he being? I lost all respect for him right there!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – Will makes a dramatic scene and asks to sit out this challenge (like he could win it) for his letter from home. Everyone has to agree and Shirin disagrees (GOOD FOR HER)! He gets no letters and will compete in the challenge. For this challenge, they will carry balls with sticks through an obstacle course and have to transport all six balls without dropping them and put on a pedestal. First one done wins immunity. He definitely needed it and Mike wins it (I actually like him again). It is him, Shirin and Jenn against the world!

CAMP – They want to split up Jenn, Shirin and Mike, so they will split their vote among Shirin and Jenn. Now Jenn, Shirin and Mike talk and they decide to go after Carolyn and need to get Dan on their side. No way Dan goes with them, as Mike truly pissed him off earlier. Mike is pouring it on strong and the others are worried, as Dan has been talking with Mike for a while. Carolyn has a Hidden Immunity Idol. It looks like it comes down to Dan and what he decides to do on Survivor Season 30!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – Will continues it at Tribal and Shirin gives it back to him and said she was verbally abused by her Dad, like he is doing. He said he is not and she is playing the victim. I don’t think I have ever hated someone as much as I do Will right now. Rodney calls out Mike and is an idiot. Shirin said it is four (Carolyn, Tyler, Will and Rodney) plus Dan and Sierra, but Carolyn denies it. This has been so intense, but time to vote! Jeff tallies the votes and no idols played and Dan saves his advantage for later.

VOTES – Jenn, Shirin, Jenn, Shirin, Jenn, Carolyn, Shirin, Jenn and Jenn. She was a bigger threat in challenges, so they went after her. She wanted to stay to mess with votes now, so of course they send her home!

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