We saw Jenn play the Hidden Immunity Idol on Survivor 2015 Season 30 last week and now all the castaways on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015 are going to be on the hunt to find the new one that gets placed out in camp. It is going to be a big, hot mess, which means it is going to be fun to watch! Check it out with us during our Survivor 2015 Season 30 Recap tonight and see who went home on Survivor 2015 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015, we saw the final merge and all the castaways were joined into one tribe. This is where things got interesting, as we saw the Blue Collars join forces again and they had the numbers to be the leaders of the pack. Rodney started his crazy talk of running the show and he pulled Will to their side. That left Joe, Jenn and Hali on the outside along with Carolyn, Tyler and Shirin on the White Collars. Joe won immunity, so he was safe. Jenn and Hali knew they were coming for them, so Jenn used her Hidden Immunity Idol that no one knew she had and the Blue Collars were shocked and stunned, as the votes for Jenn did not count and they saw one of their own, Kelly, get eliminated!

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Here we go….

CAMP – Back at camp and Rodney thinks Mike is running the show and look at what is happening. He pulls Will aside and thinks they need to start running things. Mike is not happy, but he respects that play by Jenn. The next day we see some tension between Shirin and Rodney, but they are running the game and he doesn’t care. He is such an idiot!

REWARD CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will work their way across a balance beam and collect three bags of puzzle pieces along the way (one bag at a time). The first three to collect all the bags will then compete in the final round of putting the puzzle together. The first one done wins a pizza party!

RESULTS – For the first part, it is Hali, Joe and Mike to get their bags first and move on to the second round. It is a close battle and trying to make sure the pieces are all in the right place, but Joe wins!!! He takes Tyler, Will, Shirin and Carolyn with him to zip line with him and eat pizza! Rodney runs his mouth, yet again, and he is keeping it real.

The castaways enjoy their zip lining. It was now time for pizza, watermelon, cinnamon rolls and pop! Carolyn thinks it was a smart move on who he took. Joe notices Carolyn has a clue in her bottle, but doesn’t notice it! He drinks the rest and almost chokes on it, but Tyler caught him and now it will be interesting!

CAMP – It is camp the next morning and Tyler is awake and Joe shares the clue with him, but Mike is hunting them down and not letting them have a moment alone! They read the clue and Mike comes in, so now Tyler needs to cover his tracks and not alienate the Blue Collars. He does tell Mike, but now it is a hunt for that idol. Joe snuck away, but no one seems to be able to find him. Mike did not see anything, but he makes a story up that he found it to put a bigger target on his back.

Now we see Shirin and Dan talk and he said she is done and why she sided with Joe and now he is one of his minions. He said fans can’t do math and she is stupid and goes on and on, so I am thinking that Dan is gone tonight! I guess Joe gave up trying to find the idol and no one paid attention to Mike, as he searched and searched for it and found it!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will race to move a puzzle piece through three slide mazes. Once they complete those, they will use that piece to complete a slide puzzle. The first one done will win immunity. Rodney and Hali are way behind. Everyone is working on the puzzle and Dan tries twice and has it wrong both times! Joe tries and is correct and he wins immunity again and I love every second of it!!!

CAMP – The Blue Collars talk with Carolyn and Tyler and they say go with Shirin. Dan knows that each camp got an idol and Carolyn and Tyler seem confident that Shirin does not have it. Mike shows his concerns about Hali and if they vote her out the No Collars will crumble. We now see the girls talk (Sierra, Shirin, Hali and Jenn) and they want Dan out and want to take out a Blue Collar. Shirin runs it by Tyler and he seems game, but Tribal Council will tell all on Survivor 2015!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – As stupid as Hali sounds when she talks, she is a smart girl somewhere in that brain! Love her comment about the flippers, as Dan seems to think flippers never win. Now it is time for the vote, but which way will it go??? Jeff tallies the votes and no idols are played, so here we go!

VOTES – Dan, Hali, Dan, Hali, Dan, Hali, Dan, Hali, Hali and Hali! They tried and made a stupid move, but Hali gets the most votes and she has been eliminated and just when I started to like her! You just can’t break up those Blue Collars, despite Sierra saying she was going with the girls. She is stupid, as no one likes her on Blue Collars and they are dragging her along and she’ll be the first one to go!

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