The new tribes on Survivor 2015 Season 30 are in place and with the switch-up last week, it looks like now we will have old alliances crumble on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015 tonight! That means new tribes and new alliances will be formed, as castaways on Survivor Season 30 are looking for fresh blood to join forces with! Check it out with us during our Survivor 2015 Season 30 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2015 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Season 30, we had two hours of action and the first hour kicked off with lots of drama on the Blue Collar Tribe! Rodney shared his views on women and it seemed to tick the ladies of the tribe off. As bad as it was, it wasn’t enough to vote him off. He seems to have gotten into arguments with everyone on the tribe, but they kept him around and instead voted off Lindsay. In the second hour, Jeff Probst surprised the castaways and told them to drop their buffs! Two new tribes were formed, but Max and Shirin felt they were calling the shots still on their new tribe. Not the case, as they lost the challenge and Max was hit with a blindside and he was voted off!

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Here we go…

CAMP – The next day, Shirin is upset that Max was voted off and she is wondering if Carolyn is even going to work with her any more and now she wonders if anyone is going to work with her now. We then see Shirin talk to Hali and she tells her she does do some things that annoy her fellow tribe members and we get a sob story from Shirin of being not liked growing up and being an outcast.

Over on the Blue Tribe, we see Dan telling his story of losing his underwear again. Rodney feels like he is sick of everyone, but now we see the bromance start between him and Joaquin and they are so similar. Rodney is an idiot and I thought Joaquin was smarter than this.

REWARD CHALLENGE – For this challenge, the tribes will race up a tower and through a series of obstacles. At the top, they will launch sandbags and try to be the first tribe to hit six targets out in the field in front of them. The winning tribe will go watch some turtles migrate that night and eat some beef stew, mac and cheese and hot chocolate! The Red Team falls behind on the race to the top, but they catch up and it comes down to 5-5 tie and Jenn pulls it out for the Red Tribe and they win the challenge!

At the reward, the Red Tribe is bonding nicely and everyone is getting along and is Shirin connecting with them? She seems like a normal person and not like the crazy lady she has come off as.

CAMP – The next day on Blue Tribe, Dan, Mike and Rodney go fishing. Joaquin takes the opportunity to get Sierra on his side and she trusts him and Tyler, but he wants it to be them and Rodney and she does not trust him at all! She doesn’t want to suck up to him and is unsure. Rodney feels so confident on this thing, which means he is going home tonight!

Now we see Rodney talks with Mike and he said he has Joaquin in his back pocket and they need to throw this next challenge and then they can vote Joe out at Tribal Council. Mike said it never works out to throw challenges, but he thinks this is a rare case…doubt it! Mike is thinking to throw challenges and keep Kelly safe on the other tribe, which is where his real alliance is….stupid guys!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, it will be testing their memory. They will be shown a series of items in a certain order. They memorize it and first one to get it right will win a point. First tribe to three points wins immunity. They will do it in pairs.

  • ROUND 1 – Carolyn against Rodney and I don’t think he had one item remembered, as Carolyn killed it and 1 point for Red Tribe
  • ROUND 2 – Hali against Sierra and Hali is right, so they lead 2-0
  • ROUND 3 – Will against Joe and Joe is right, so now 2-1 lead for Red Tribe
  • ROUND 4 – Shirin against Dan and Dad is right, so tied 2-2 now
  • ROUND 5 – Kelly against Mike (will he throw it)? They both are lost and get it wrong, so they try again.
  • ROUND 6 – They get another look at the items and Mike said he is helping her here, but it does not work and they are both wrong!
  • ROUND 7 – They take away an item this time and Mike does throw it and is wrong, but Kelly is right and Red Tribe wins immunity!

CAMP – Blue Tribe back at camp and Mike said he just choked. However, he notices that Rodney and Joaquin are getting very close and they would be a “power couple” and he is not trusting him. Yup, here comes the downfall of Rodney! Mike confirms the plan with Rodney to vote out Joe, but that won’t happen. Joaquin is looking more like an idiot right now. Joe talks with Dan and Mike and they know Rodney is with Joaquin and Mike tells Joe that Rodney is gunning for him. It all comes down to Sierra on this one and which side she will go with. Dan and Mike try to smooth it over with Sierra, but it won’t work. She is angry and letting her emotions get into it. So, now it looks like Joaquin or Joe???

TRIBAL COUNCIL – Jeff hints that there are four Blue Collars on the tribe, but Joe said there are some cracks and it is Sierra. Joaquin is way too cocky and I want to smack him. Rodney is the same way, so can we blindside them tonight? When it all comes to an end, it only matters which side Sierra goes with and I think it will be Joaquin and Rodney….ugh! Time for the vote and no idol is played, so here we go!

VOTES – Joe, Joaquin, Joe, Joaquin, Joe, Joaquin and Joaquin!!! Rodney is baffled and this is going to get good back at camp as he is going to blow up!

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