From medics being called to tribes merging, it is going to be a full two hours of Survivor 2015 tonight, as the castaways on Survivor Season 30 continue their journey on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015! And it all takes place tonight over two hours, as CBS is giving us two new episodes tonight on Survivor 2015 Season 30. You can thank FOX and the Empire finale for that, but we aren’t complaining about double the fun tonight! Check it out with us during our Survivor 2015 Season 30 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2015 tonight with us!

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Last week on Survivor Season 30, the main focus was on the No Collar Tribe and how Nina felt like she was an outcast on her own tribe, especially after Vince was voted off the week before. They tried to convince her that that was not true and she was part of the tribe. However, the Immunity Challenge comes around and Joe decides to not include Nina in carrying the big bucket of water with holes in it! Stupid move and it cost them, as they headed to Tribal Council again and voted off the person that was not an outcast, Nina!

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Here we go…

CAMP – No Collar Tribe comes back and they feel good now that Nina is gone and they voted for Will just in case she had an idol, but he knows he is gone next. On the Blue Collar Tribe, Mike can’t catch a fish, but he nabbed a snake and killed it and cooked it!

REWARD CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will have one person to be the caller. The other members will be blindfolded and that caller will lead them through a course to pick up four items and a flag. First team to get their flag raised will win three egg-laying hens and a rooster. For the second place team, they get eggs. Third place team gets nothing.We have Carolyn, Sierra and Joe as callers.

They have to bring the item back and everyone is getting beat up! They lift is up and then the puller just lets the tray drop and it hits them. Well, Dan let it drop and it is flinging all over and it comes down and nails Kelly! She is bleeding from her forehead and through the blindfold and Jeff calls for medics! Apparently she can’t take off her blindfold??? They wrap her up to stop the blood and she finishes the challenge and will then get proper bandage and cleaning it up.

No Collar wins the challenge easily and gets the hens and rooster. White Collar gets second place and the ten eggs. Blue Collar gets nothing, but Kelly will get stitches for her cut! Sierra sucked it up with giving directions!

CAMP – No Collar Tribe gets back to camp and has their reward. It is Will’s birthday and he is sad to be away from his family, but glad to have some chicken. Of course, Jenn is annoyed and doesn’t want to eat the chickens and use the eggs! Get over it, girl! While they cook and eat chicken, Jenn goes out to not see it and ends up finding the Hidden Immunity Idol! On Blue Collar, Kelly got six stitches. Mike has mad respect for her and wants to go far in the game with her. Now Lindsey and Rodney get into it because he thinks women should hold themselves to a higher standard! Yeah, he says he is a hothead and that is clear, as he gets into another fight with his tribe!

On White Collar, Shirin said she is glad they didn’t win because no one could have slaughtered the chicken. However, she then proceeds to say she took lessons and slaughtered a rabbit in anticipation of coming on Survivor 2015! Now Carolyn, Joaquin and Tyler are talking and she thinks Max is the cult leader and Shirin will do whatever he says, so they need to cut the head of the snake off and get rid of Max if they lose the next challenge!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will be attached to a rope and one at a time, they will maneuver through a rope obstacle course and grab a bag of balls. They will then move three balls on this maze wall with a ton of holes in it and get them in one of the three holes on top (it looks so difficult to do). It was a very close race, but Tyler loses the ball and has to start over. No Collar gets it done first and wins immunity! We see both White Collar and Blue Collar struggle with that last ball, but Max pulls it out for White Collar and they win immunity and Blue Collar is heading to Tribal Council for the first time this season!

CAMP – Mike thinks it is time to see where alliances lay for Blue Collar. Lindsey talks with Dan and she wants Rodney gone and he just nods and agrees with her. Now Rodney, Kelly, Mike and Dan talk and Rodney thinks he is the leader of the tribe and he wants Lindsey gone, but then Kelly and Mike talk and they don’t trust Rodney at all, but Lindsey is pissing them off, so who knows!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – We hear that Lindsey and Sierra had an instant connection. Rodney proceeds to put his foot in his mouth and continues to talk about women needing to hold themselves to a higher standard. Lindsey said the winner of Survivor Season 30 is on this tribe. Time to vote and Jeff tallies them and no Hidden Immunity Idol played, so here we go!

VOTES – Rodney, Lindsey, Rodney, Lindsey, Sierra and Sierra! There is a three-way tie, so Mike, Dan and Kelly will vote again and for one of those three.

SECOND VOTE – Lindsey and Lindsey, so she is voted off Survivor Season 30 tonight!


CAMP – Blue Collar talks and Sierra feels like an outcast, especially after Dan says she is an asset, but she hurts them in all the challenges. Mike is trying to mend fences with Sierra, but I think it is a lost cause.

REWARD CHALLENGE – The tribes arrive and Jeff Probst said the tribes are switching it up tonight! There will be two new tribes and they grab a hidden buff to find out the new tribes:

  • Blue Tribe (Escameca) – Sierra, Dan, Mike, Rodney, Joaquin, Tyler and Joe
  • Red Tribe (Nagarote) – Will, Hali, Jenn, Max, Carolyn, Shirin and Kelly

For this challenge, they will launch balls out to the beach and their tribe members will try to catch them. First tribe to catch five balls will win kitchen utensils and sausage! Also, any rewards won by the White Collar Tribe up until this point will also be given to the winner of this challenge. This one ends with a 5-2 victory for the Blue Tribe and this is one tough tribe, so it may continue to be this way all season long!

CAMP – Kelly is the only Blue Collar member on the Red Tribe and she is going to work both sides of this, but Shirin thinks she got her with Max, Carolyn and her. On the new Blue Tribe, Joe is the only No Collar. Sierra doesn’t want to stay with Blue Collar, but Mike is saying he needs to keep her with them. Tyler, Dan and Rodney go to get water, so Sierra talks with the other guys and she said she is so done with Blue Collar and Tyler is excited.

Now we got Max coming back to camp, as he got stung by a stingray twice! Jenn has him stick his feet in the pot of boiling water, but we find out later he has a wart on his foot and now they are pissed he is doing this in their drinking water pan! They all seem to be annoyed by Max and Shirin, so Carolyn is loving it!

On the Blue Tribe, Mike and Dan talk and they know they need Sierra back on their side. Dan said he will apologize to her and win her back. Mike said just to apologize and not explain anything, but Dan said he has more experience talking with women and he’s got this. That turns into him talking to Sierra and making it worse!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, two members will place pots on a sled and drag them through an obstacle. They will then place the pots on stands and when all pots are in place, one member will try to smash all of the pots. First tribe done will win immunity on Survivor 2015! This was too easy for the Blue Tribe, as they got all eight pots in place and smashed by Dan before the Red Tribe even got a chance to smash them! Red Tribe is heading to Tribal Council tonight!

CAMP – Red Tribe comes back and Max knows every detail of Survivor and he is excited for Tribal, so he probably will be voted off. Shirin is too confident, as she thinks Kelly is coming with them to vote off Will, as he is weak at challenges. However, Shirin thinks that Carolyn is with them, but she goes to Jenn and said she wants to pair with Hali, Jenn and Will and get rid of Shirin and Max! Kelly realizes that the No Collar is tight and Carolyn is not tight with White Collar, so she’ll pair up with them and now it is a matter of who is more annoying: Shirin or Max!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – Shirin is crazy. Max knows everything about the game and Jenn laughs about how crazy it is. Hali said it will be a much more pleasant camp life after tonight’s vote. Time for that vote and no one plays the Hidden Immunity Idol, she here are the results!

VOTES – Will, Will, Max, Max, Max and Max and he is voted off tonight on Survivor Season 30!

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