While the Blue Collar Tribe on Survivor 2015 Season 30 is filled with hardworking Americans, it seems like one of them is a little more hard working than the others and thinks the other castaways on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015 are being lazy! Because of that, things are going to blow up on Survivor Season 30 tonight and will it force one contestant out of the competition at Tribal Council? Check it out with us tonight during our Survivor 2015 Season 30 Recap and see who went home on Survivor 2015 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Season 30, we saw Max and Shirin decide that clothes were optional on the White Collar Tribe. Over on the No Collar Tribe, we saw the tension start to rise, as Nina was feeling left out because she is hearing impaired. Then Vince started showing some jealousy towards Joe, as he wouldn’t listen to his demands and Jenn seemed to be showing interest in Joe and not him. They did lose the Immunity Challenge and it was a blindside, as they voted Vince off and no more Fabio on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015!

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Here we go…

CAMP – No Collar Tribe comes back and Joe said that he does not trust Will now, especially after voting for Vince and not splitting the vote. Now Nina knows she is the next one gone, so wants everyone to include her and not feel like an outcast until she is gone. They tell her to not write herself off before anything has even happened!

Over on White Collar Tribe, Shirin is thrilled to watch monkeys have sex! Tyler said she doesn’t fit in and she is trying hard to fit in, but this is making it worse! On the Blue Collar Tribe, Dan feels he is fitting in better, but his mouth is his worst enemy and he proceeds to jokingly tell Rodney that his mother is a whore and Rodney is pissed. It was a freaking joke! Jenn and Hali go surfing with driftwood and they are both idiots. Joe feels the paranoia has left the tribe since Vince was voted off and trying to bring the camaraderie up. He talks to Nina and tells her not to feel like she is not wanted there and keep playing!

The whole White Collar Tribe is out looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol, but Carolyn has it already and she sits at camp and relaxes! Shirin wants to stop and make a truce, but Joaquin said he doesn’t trust her and she can not look, but he is going to look. Joaquin shows the clue he got on Day 1 to Tyler and he knows that Carolyn has it, so he is good to go.

Over on the Blue Collar Tribe, Mike is a worker and he wants everyone working. He thinks Rodney is lazy and he tells him to grab some firewood. Rodney said he’ll do it on his time and Mike needs to relax and let people do it at their pace. Rodney talks with Dan and he talks about this being fun. Why do these people think it is a fun game??? Now we see Lindsey confront Mike on thinking they don’t do anything and I love it. He his such a hypocrite!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will carry a large bucket to a water tower and fill it. They will race back and work together to plug the holes while transporting it. Fill the barrel first and raise the flag, then win immunity and reward. First tribe done wins a massive comfort reward. Second tribe done gets a tarp. The last tribe heads to Tribal Council. Lindsey sits out for Blue Collar Tribe. Blue Collar comes in first and White Collar is in second, so they both win immunity. No Collar loses and they are headed to Tribal Council.

CAMP – For some reason, Joe told Nina not to help carry the bucket and thought she would not be able to do it. Joe apologizes and feels bad, but why can’t she just plug a hole and stand there with them at the challenge? At first, it seems like they are going to vote Nina out for being deadweight. However, around Nina they talk about Will sucking it up at the challenge again. They don’t trust Will, so he could be gone tonight on Survivor Season 30!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – The No Collar Tribe is back! Nina’s disability comes into play again, but Will said they try to tell her it is not a factor, but she always brings it back to that. Hali said that Nina doesn’t seem No Collar and doesn’t always go with the flow. Nina said she wants to be a part of this tribe, but we shall see how the vote goes!

VOTES – Nina, Will, Will, Nina and Nina. That means Nina is eliminated tonight, but Joe looks perplexed because one of those votes for Will came from Jenn or Hali and they were supposed to all vote Nina!!!

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