From a love triangle to naked castaways, it looks like we are going to have an interesting night ahead of us on Survivor 2015 tonight! No, it is not the return of Richard Hatch, but it looks like one of the castaways on Survivor Season 30 feels like clothes are too much of a burden and strips down to their birthday suit! And we will see a love triangle on the No Collar Tribe? Check it out with us during our Survivor 2015 Season 30 Recap tonight and see who went home on Survivor 2015 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Season 30, it was the premiere of a new season and time for the new castaways to arrive. This season features three tribes again: White Collar versus Blue Collar versus No Collar. The No Collar seemed to start the season off with a good vibe and no worries, but that might change tonight! Struggling on this one was the White Collar, as they usually have all the power and now must work together on a tribe. It led to a loss at the Immunity Challenge and led to them voting off So in a shocker!

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Here we go…we start out with Dan from the Blue Collar that he was in the water doing his business and a wave came and he lost his underwear! Now he has a t-shirt for his underwear and no shirt!

It is Day 4 and the White Collar Tribe finally has fire! We see Hatch 2.0, as Max decides to go for a swim and he strips down while doing it. His body is much better than Richard’s was though. Is it a tactic? He said it is a way to get alone time, but who needs alone time on this game? Now Shirin joins him and Joaquin and Tyler just watch in amazement!

We now look at No Collar Tribe and Nina being deaf. They try and talk to her, but the girls are finding it difficult. Vince thinks they are being snarky about it and that is not No Collar. Now Hali and Jenn go skinny dipping! They come back and Nina is angry to not be included.

The Blue Collar Tribe is trying to have some fun and relax and “shooting hoops,” but Mike is a hard worker and wants to work all the time. He is getting pissed no one is helping him. Don’t tick people off, Mike! Now we see the jealousy begin on the No Collar Tribe, as Vince thinks Joe is getting all the credit for everything. Vince thinks he is calm and older, but he is acting like a child now! He now gets Nina and Will on board with the others being untrustworthy, but it is an age gap there. I like Joe, so keep him safe!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will dive into the water one at a time and work a buoy through a rope obstacle and when all five are collected, they will shoot the buoys into a basket. First two teams done will win immunity. First team done gets a huge fishing kit. Second team done gets a fishing pole and line. White Collar is way behind, but they come storming back and Joaquin nails the baskets and they win the challenge! Blue Collar is done second and No Collar sucks it up at shooting the baskets and they are headed to Tribal Council!

Back at camp and the No Collar Tribe starts working on who they will be voting out. They talk about Will and how he is wearing down and it showed in the challenge and it scares them, but Vince thinks it is the chance to blindside Joe??? Um, you’ll never win another challenge then! Joe, Jenn and Will chat and they think of voting out Vince, but think to keep the tribe strong and vote out Nina. Will is apprehensive about this one. They talk about splitting the vote, in case Nina found an Idol. Now Will goes to Vince and they think they can control the vote and tribe from here on out, but now Vince thinks Joe is strong in challenges and it switches to Jenn as the target. Now Nina tells Will that Vince is worried about his health and it changes things now! Who knows what is going to happen!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – Nina talks about being out of the loop and her sob story. It seems like it will be a battle between the long-haired fellas (Vince and Joe). Jenn said they need to keep the tribe strong to win challenges. Will said you just don’t know who to trust in this game. It is time for the vote! Jeff tallies the vote and no one has an idol to play, so here we go!

VOTES – Jenn, Vince, Nina, Jenn, Vince and Vince! And we had a blindside tonight, as he is completely shocked and so is Nina! Vince is eliminated and no more Fabio on Season 30!

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