We are one week away from Jeff Probst crowning the winner of Survivor 2015, as the Survivor Season 30 finale takes place. We are down to six castaways on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015 and Mike is facing another uphill battle tonight, but can he talk his way into the minds of the remaining castaways? I am not so sure, as Mike is a threat in that final Tribal Council and he might need a victory at the Immunity Challenge tonight to ensure his safety. Find out during our Survivor 2015 Recap tonight and see who went home on Survivor 2015 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Season 30, it was Rodney’s birthday and he wanted everyone to do as he said, you know, because he is running things here! Since he can’t win a challenge on his own, he was expecting everyone to give up their reward to him for his birthday. It didn’t happen and Rodney cried because he was allowed to. I am beyond irritated by him and his lack of a brain, but Tribal Council came around and Mike had the Hidden Immunity Idol and Carolyn won immunity, so it left Tyler vulnerable and they went for a big gun and blindsided him!

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Here we go…

CAMP – Mike is excited to breakup the alliance of six, but knows he is vulnerable now. Dan talks about Mike being selfish and needing to go. Carolyn wants to work with Mike and she even tells him about Dan’s advantage, but she wants to work both sides. Will that hurt her?

REWARD CHALLENGE – They will divide into two teams of three and race through obstacles to eventually get some wooden puzzle pieces to a word puzzle. The first team done will win a helicopter trip to enjoy the island and some food together. Rodney is already talking about people giving him the reward since he hasn’t gone yet. Mike says it best and win and you go on it, guaranteed! The teams are:

  • Blue Team – Dan, Sierra and Rodney
  • Red Team – Mike, Will and Carolyn

The teams are both working on the puzzle and they are stumped. It is an hour into it and Jeff is giving them clues, but no one is figuring it out! Finally, something clicks for Carolyn and the Red Team gets it and they win the reward! Carolyn contemplates it, but she keeps the reward and no reward for Rodney again! He can’t win, so I don’t feel bad for him one bit!

At the reward, Mike brings up the thought of a Final 3 with them. We have one of all the collars here. Will said he is scrambling and he is the biggest threat there, which is true. They are enjoying that food though! Back at camp, now Rodney is talking about revenge and after Mike is gone then Carolyn is gone. He is such a joke! Dan finds a watermelon and now Rodney is revived and they talk about Mike and Carolyn going home next.

Before the challenge, Mike pulls Sierra aside and says that Dan can only beat Will and Rodney, so he will take them and Carolyn and her are gone. Dan has the advantage, but Sierra seems to want Mike gone first.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will use hooks to retrieve three bags. They all contain a ball and they will use one of those balls to complete a table maze. First one done will win immunity tonight on Survivor 2015! Mike is the first one with his balls and starts on the maze. Dan is next and then Sierra. Will joins them and Mike is right there, but can’t get the ball in the hole. It is so close, as Sierra gets the ball in the final spot. However, Mike gets his ball in and wins immunity! My heart was pumping there, but now the alliance of five has to turn on each other again!!!

CAMP – Now this is where things are going to get interesting! They seem to think it will be Carolyn going home, but they’ll say Dan is the vote. However, Sierra knows Dan has the advantage and maybe he should go home. Will and Rodney have done nothing, so no one ever mentions them. Carolyn has the Hidden Immunity idol, but no one knows it! Mike talks with Dan and said they are going after him, but Dan feels confident and Mike notices it. So, Mike thinks it is one of the girls. Mike talks with them and he said Dan, Rodney and Will are sleeping at camp because they know they are safe and voting one of the girls out. Carolyn and Sierra said he is being paranoid! Mike is one smart fella.

TRIBAL COUNCIL – Rodney blames the lack of food for being an idiot. Carolyn said she is very nervous for tonight. Dan said his head is on the chopping block too. Dan said it might be a good night to use his advantage tonight, but it could be even better next Tribal Council and make the Final 4. Time for that vote! Before Jeff tallies the votes, Dan does use his advantage and gets a second vote. Jeff tallies the votes and Carolyn said she is not taking the chance tonight and she is not going home, so she plays her idol! A

VOTES – Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, Dan and Dan! That means Dan is voted off tonight and he wasted an advantage with a stupid, stupid move! Loved every second of it and go Carolyn and go Mike!

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