On a season of Survivor 2015 where the castaways keep voting off the people that I am rooting for, I now find myself rooting for Mike, even though I was not a fan when Survivor Season 30 first started. He has been on a winning streak for the Immunity Challenges, but can he keep it going tonight on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015? Find out and see if they actually send Rodney to jury like he requested in our Survivor 2015 Recap tonight and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2015 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Season 30, we saw a special twist, as Jeff Probst announced that there would be a male and a female that would be winning immunity for the night! Mike desperately needed it and he delivered again, so he was safe for the night. Carolyn beat out Shirin, so it looked like it would be Shirin going home. Mike tried to mess with things at Tribal Council, as he pulled out his Hidden Immunity Idol and said he was giving it to Shirin! However, he did keep it for himself (a smart move) and Shirin still got enough votes and was eliminated, but Dan also got two votes and it should wreak some havoc tonight!

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Here we go…

CAMP – The drama started, but Will tries to settle them down, which is funny to me. Mike is loving it and knows he is safe next Tribal, so now they have to vote one of the six. They have a private meeting and Tyler defends putting Dan’s name down, so Mike’s plan is working. Will tells him that he voted for Dan too.

It is the next day and it is Rodney’s birthday and he is hoping for a reward and to get off the beach, as he has won no rewards this season! Rodney said he needs this pick me up. He said his whole game will change if he doesn’t win the reward or someone takes him on it….I think his game is changing!

REWARD CHALLENGE – They will be divided into two teams of three. They will unspool ribbons they are attached to and release the key. They will get logs to build a ladder and then get a bag of balls and then launch them into baskets and one ball needs to be each target. First team done will get to deliver school supplies and bikes to a village of children and get a day or barbecue. The teams are:

  • Red Team – Sierra, Mike and Carolyn
  • Blue Team – Tyler, Dan and Rodney

Will is not chosen, so no reward for him! Rodney goes through the net without the balls, so he has to go back through with them….he is so stupid! Mike gets a big lead because of that, but Dan shooting now and he brings them back. Mike is not letting Sierra shoot and she is pissed, as Dan gets a 4-3 lead. He almost gets that last one, but misses! Mike comes back strong with the last two and the Blue Team wins! Rodney tries to plead his case and it his birthday, if you haven’t heard! He wants to go, but no one is switching with him and he is pissed!

Mike, Sierra and Carolyn enjoy their reward and spending time with the kids, which is cute to see. They enjoy some food and Carolyn is thinking about switching people and aligning with people that will take her farther, like Mike.

CAMP – Rodney is pissed and being a drama queen! He thinks they were all friends, but this is a game and he forgets that. He is pissed at Carolyn for not giving up her reward, but she wins and he doesn’t….plain and simple. He thinks now he will act like he has given up and wants to go home, but then they’ll blindside Mike. He is an idiot. No way Mike is buying it, but Rodney is convinced!

Later that night, the other castaways are back and Rodney is starting his drama act and saying he wants to go home. I am just annoyed by this. Mike said he sees right through the plan, so Rodney can stop now! Carolyn and Tyler talk and she said Mike is going to vote for him or Dan, but she does has an Idol too.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For tonight, the castaways will be balancing on a small perch while leaning back and holding onto a rope. They will move further down the rope every five minutes. Last person standing will win immunity and this could be better for the ladies, as less weight to hold up! Rodney didn’t shut up and was annoying. I was right, as Carolyn was the last person standing and wins immunity again!

CAMP – Carolyn has a lot of power and now the six will scramble, as Mike will play his idol. Dan has his advantage in voting. Carolyn talks with Rodney, Sierra and Dan and they say split votes between Mike and Tyler and Tyler goes home. Mike is gunning for Tyler, but Carolyn is not sure what side to go with! It all comes back to Carolyn and what she decides to do, but it is between Tyler and Dan!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – Mike said he has his idol, so one of the six will be going home and he is enjoying this. Tyler said he has been on Mike’s chopping block for a while. Carolyn said Dan’s advantage is a threat. Time to vote! Jeff tallies the and Mike plays his Hidden Immunity Idol, so all votes for him will not count!

VOTES – Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Tyler and Tyler!!! He thought he was safe, but Mama C got him and now he is gone and Dan still has his advantage!!!

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