In a big twist for tonight on Survivor 2015, it looks like the castaways on Survivor Season 30 will be competing in an Immunity Challenge that will send two people to Tribal Council with an Immunity Necklace! Yes, two winners of tonight’s challenge, one guy and one girl, and with Dan’s advantage still in the mix, this could make for a chaotic Tribal Council on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015 tonight! Check it out with us during our Survivor 2015 Recap tonight and see who went home on Survivor 2015 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015, it was too much for me to handle. I don’t even know where to begin, but I am going to skip Will and his downright cruel treatment of Shirin. Moving forward, we had the Survivor Auction and Dan won the advantage, which happened to be an extra vote at Tribal Council! That cold be a game changer and he did not use it last week, so it is still in play. The Blue Collars and White Collars stuck together and they voted off Jenn, so now Shirin is pretty much on her own!

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Here we go…

CAMP – We see Sierra, Tyler and Dan talking about how Mike blew it when he blew up at camp the other day. Dan then talks to Shirin and said he feels sorry for what happened and about her past, but then to the cameras he said it is karma because she is worse than Will.

REWARD CHALLENGE – For this challenge, the castaways will split into teams of four and they will use four barrels, two planks and a rope to transport all four of them from one end of the field to the other without anything touching the ground! The winner will get flown away to enjoy a day of burgers, bacon and pie! The teams are:

  • Red Team – Dan, Will, Carolyn and Tyler
  • Blue Team – Mike, Sierra, Rodney and Shirin

RESULTS – This one was close, but then the Red Team got a little lead and Mike put the planks on the ground, so they had to go back a little bit. The Blue Team then all tried to do barrel rolls to get to the end, but Shirin and Mike slip and the Red Team coasts to victory on this one. Dan is laying it on thick tonight, as he said he felt bad for Rodney and he has never gotten a reward and Jeff Probst said he could give it to him, but Rodney says no (and Dan is thankful he did)!

CAMP – Mike thinks it did fall on him, but he is the main target so it doesn’t matter. No we hear Rodney complain about never getting a reward (then win a freaking challenge). Now Sierra talks with Rodney and she wants Tyler gone, but Rodney wants Shirin gone first. Rodney, of course, thinks he is running the show and everyone loves him, so it doesn’t matter how people go (he is so delusional).

At the reward prize, Dan said put the game on pause. He then proceeded to never shut up! I hate seeing Will get to eat. Tyler is playing Dan right now.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, the castaways will hold onto a rope handle attached to 25% of their body weight. The rope will unspool as they lose their grip. When the water drops, they are out. The last MAN and the last WOMAN standing will win immunity! Yes, two people will win safety tonight on Survivor 2015!

RESULTS – It comes down to Shirin and Carolyn and Shirin drops out, so Carolyn wins immunity. It comes down to Mike and Rodney and Mike seemed to have no issues on this one, so Rodney falls out and Mike wins immunity also!!! Rodney is always in control, but seems to never be able to win….poor guy!

CAMP – They wanted Mike gone, but he ruined that, so they are all going to vote Shirin….as of right now! Shirin is fighting for her case and telling them all to vote off Tyler, as he is a threat and they all know they could beat Shirin in the end. Now we see Tyler grab Dan’s bag and read the clue in private. This pisses me off extremely. He tells Carolyn about it and they are worried that Dan and Sierra flip and see how strong Rodney, Will, Carolyn and Tyler are. Will they though? Mike tries to convince Dan to go after Tyler now. Mike said they are all going to vote for Shirin tonight and he has the Hidden Immunity Idol also, so maybe he’ll shake things up and get out one of their power people!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – Dan said he is adopted and it is the same situation as Shirin’s upbringing. He is an idiot. They talk about Will and Shirin some more, but than Shirin lays it out there and said she is not a threat and Tyler is and they are dumb for voting her out tonight. Mike tries to get the Blue Collars to vote out Tyler. Tyler tries to say Top 6 is great, but Jeff said if someone knows they are on the bottom then now is the time to make a move. Now Mike pulls out the Idol and he said he is giving it to Shirin and she is voting for Tyler tonight! Now that strong six is thinking!!! There is no guarantee that Mike will play it, so is it a ploy and will they still vote Shirin??? They vote and Jeff tallies them and Mike does not play the Idol!!!

VOTES – Tyler, Shirin, Dan, Tyler, Shirin, Dan, Shirin and Shirin. That means Shirin is eliminated, but Mike is happy because Dan still got two votes and that is going to make him start thinking!!! Jeff nails it on the head, as for being a tight six, the votes shows otherwise!

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