The wait is over and we have our Survivor 2015 premiere tonight, as Survivor Season 30 begins and we are 39 days away from finding out the winner of Survivor Worlds Apart 2015! Well, 39 days their time, not ours! We have a few more months to get through, but how exciting to have the new castaways on Survivor Season 30 arriving tonight and the drama, challenges and Tribal Councils are back! Check it out with us tonight during our Survivor 2015 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2015 tonight!

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For this new season, we are going to have three tribes: Escameca (Blue Collar), Masaya (White Collar) and Nargarote (No Collar). As Jeff stated at the Survivor Season 29 finale, we would have three tribes battling it out this season and it will be a battle of the collars: Blue Collar versus White Collar versus No Collar. If we remember, we did have Brains versus Beauty versus Brawns a few seasons back and I enjoyed that season, so maybe we have a good concept here???

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Our recap begins soon, so we get to see how all of this plays out for Season 30. The castaways are about to start their Survivor journey, so stay tuned here!


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Here we go…we see So, who said she has made all of her employees cry at some point and she is proud of that. Max taught a class at college on SurvivorMike said he is not afraid to get his hands dirty this season. Dan said we will remember him this season, one way or another. Jenn claims to do nothing and is happy with that. Vince is a Coconut Vendor, so enough said there!

The castaways have arrived in front of Jeff Probst and let the fun begin! Lindsey said the winner of Survivor 2015 is standing on the Blue Collar mat. Vince said he felt like he was with family when he saw his fellow No Collar Tribe. Jeff asks the tribes for someone to step out as a leader: Joaquin for White Collar, Dan for Blue Collar and Will for No Collar. They then have to pick someone else to be up there with them and it is is So for White Collar, Mike for Blue Collar and Jenn for No Collar. They get instructions and head off to camp and the pairings will separate and make an important decision!

CAMP: We first see the No Collar Tribe and we find out that Nina is deaf! They chat and think they have a good vibe and will work well together. Will and Jenn go do their duty: they have two bags to choose – Honest (more beans for the tribe) or Deceive (less beans, but a Hidden Immunity Idol for them). Blue Collar picked Honest, but Sierra is not believing it! No Collar took Honest too. However, White Collar goes back and Joaquin is convinced to take Deceit. So is not so sure, but she agrees and thinks she made a deal with the devil! They come up with this “neutral” box and no one seems to buy it, but Carolyn knows it is a lie!

Meanwhile, Shirin is already out working it and trying to make alliances with Carolyn and Max and she feels safe! Blue Collar gets a fire built within two hours! Rodney is trying to get the girls because they want a leader. Mike decides to eat a scorpion (who knows why) and now he is out hacking it up! No Collar is bonding well together, so when will this end?? And Vince thinks Jenn have a kindred spirit and wants to go to the end with her. Now Vince wants to build their camp and Joe lets him do his thing, but then knows he is doing it wrong and steps in. Vince thinks Joe is throwing off their vibe now!

Now on the Blue Collar Tribe, Dan is not blending well with the others and the girls don’t seem impressed with him. Rodney is using this to his advantage. On No Collar, Joe said he could make fire without flint, but they doubt it and he proves them wrong! Now Vince is worried about his relationship with Jenn and she is getting close with Joe! She tries to work it out with him, but Vince thinks Jenn is fake.

Day 2 and White Collar has a bad camp and no fire! They are struggling and Joaquin is over it, so he goes to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol, but Carolyn is stalking them down! No clue for her, but she finds it and I am liking Carolyn right now!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will be racing through an obstacle course. They race through different obstacles and get to puzzle pieces and have a choice of 5, 10 or 50 piece puzzles! They all average the same amount of time to finish, but which one will they take? The first two tribes to finish win immunity and the losing tribe goes to Tribal Council! They are also playing for a reward: first tribe done gets a fire kit and the second team gets flint.

Blue Collar falls way behind on this one! No Collar is first and picks 10-piece puzzle. White Collar is next and picks 50-piece puzzle. Blue Collar finally gets a puzzle and chooses the 10-piece. Shirin is sucking it up for White Collar and Joe killed it and wins it for No Collar! Mike switches in for Sierra on Blue Collar and Max for Shirin. Mike comes storming back and gets second place for Blue Collar and White Collar is going to Tribal Council!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – It is the normal back and forth between the castaways. Carolyn is not having it and doesn’t think she should go home. It looks like it will come down to So and Carolyn on this one, but time for that vote! No one plays the Idol, so here are the votes!

VOTES – Carolyn, So, Carolyn, So, So and So! That means So is eliminated and I am so excited because I couldn’t write her name all season long….it baffled me!

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