Tonight on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014, the Survivor Season 29 winner was announced by host Jeff Probst and then we had the famous reunion special to follow. All the castaways return to talk to Jeff about the season and about the winner of Survivor 2014. It is always fun to watch and we get to see who America picked as the Fan Favorite and winner of $100,000! Who do you think it will be? Find out during our Survivor 2014 Season 29 Spoilers Recap of the Season 29 Reunion Special!

Survivor 2014 Spoilers - Season 29 Cast

The night started with Keith, Missy, Baylor, Jaclyn and Natalie all with a chance of being named the winner of Survivor Blood vs Water 2014! Only one of them could get that title and $1 million prize. We found out at the beginning of the reunion special when Jeff Probst read the votes. Who was the big winner? Get the full details over in our Live Recap, or just scroll down to find out who won Survivor 2014 tonight and the recap for the reunion special!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2014 Season 29 Live Recap or see who who won Survivor 2014 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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The votes are in and it was Natalie Anderson taking home the victory for Season 29 over Missy and Jaclyn. Now time for the reunion drama!

Natalie said her game was better playing without her sister, not that she didn’t miss Nadiya. Jeff said a big move was using the idol on Jaclyn and not her, but her biggest move was convincing Jaclyn to keep her over Keith. Jeff does a vote to see if Keith makes it over Natalie and it was a hot mess, but it looks like Keith would have won with 4 votes, Missy with 3 votes and Jaclyn 1 vote!

We see the famous “stick to the plan” moment for Keith at Tribal Council and he has not stopped hearing it since. Natalie said the fight with John Rocker was not strategic and she was upset over Nadiya still and she just went off and not her proudest moment. John said they have all become friends now and I don’t mind him that much right now.

Talking with Josh and Reed and being openly gay Christian couple. Josh said they have gotten mostly 98% positive feedback and it is nice to see. Now time to move on to Jon & Jaclyn and that big fight they had. They have moved past it and now they are engaged!

We talk to Missy about those damn divorces. She was married and divorced three times and she said hearing it for the nation to know was freeing for her. She said the words from Reed were like a stab in the back and it hurt if he knew her. He said that his words for her character in the game and not outside of the game and he stands by them, which I approve of. It is a game and he was speaking of the game, so stand by your word. Sick of people apologizing for everything these days!

We see a preview of Season 30 and it looks like White Collar versus Blue Collar versus No Collar? It said “Worlds Apart” and Jeff is really playing this one up. White Collars make the rules, Blue Collars are in the trenches and working and No Collar are free spirits. What do you think? It premieres on February 25, 2015 and is followed by the premiere of The Amazing Race Season 26 that same night!

We see Natalie get her $1 million check and the reunion is done! I feel this flew by and not much talking to the castaways!

What did you think of the Survivor Season 29 finale tonight???

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