Things could get a little wild tonight (and emotional) on Survivor 2014 Season 29, as we see one castaway injured and maybe pulled from the competition with only days remaining on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014! We then will see a shocking Tribal Council on Survivor 2014, but how shocking will it really be? Who will be voted off tonight on Survivor 29? Find out during our Survivor 2014 Season 29 Recap tonight and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Blood vs Water 2014, we had two hours of action, so a lot to recap in one paragraph! In the first hour, it was Reed trying to work on Jaclyn & Jon and get them to vote with the guys and take out Missy or Baylor. It did not work, as Reed lost the immunity challenge and he was a goner! Then the second hour consisted of Natalie trying to work her magic and blindside Jon. She had all the pieces in place, but then he went and won the Immunity Challenge, so that ruined it (and my hopes were dashed). However, Natalie wants Jon gone, so she went against her alliance and voted out Alec and kept Keith around to possibly beat Jon at the challenges!

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The fun begins shortly, so follow along with all the action tonight below in our Survivor 2014 Recap starting soon! In the meantime, check out our predictions on who we think is going home tonight!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2014 Recap or see who who went home on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…back at camp and time for Natalie to put on her acting face! She is telling them that she thought she was supposed to vote for Alec and screwed up and they need to check-in with her for more than two seconds. She thinks she sold it, but do they believe her? Jon seems to be believing her, for now.

The next day Natalie talks with Keith and said she changed the vote and him, her and Baylor need to stick together now and don’t give Jon or Jaclyn anything and he said she doesn’t have to worry about that. He is excited to finally have someone to work with!

REWARD CHALLENGE: For this challenge, they are divided into two teams and belted together. They will then run through an obstacle course and fill a pail with water to knock down the gate and then work on a puzzle. The first team down will win a hot shower, massage and spa food, like steak and brownies! The teams are:

  • Blue Team – Keith, Missy and Jon
  • Yellow Team – Jaclyn, Baylor and Natalie

The teams are going and Missy is beating herself up on the bars and climbing over and under them. They are going over the teeter-totter and filling a pail with water to then go fill a big bucket. On the first trip, Missy twists her ankle! Yellow Team is done first and starts working on their puzzle. Blue Team is behind and then Jon drops a bunch of water, so they have to go back and get more (as they carry Missy)! They get it done with next bucket and now both teams working on the puzzle. Despite the late start, Blue Team works well together on the puzzle and they win the challenge and the reward!

I am so sick of this, as Jon gives up his spot to Baylor and her and her Mom can enjoy this experience together. Stop kissing butt, everyone!!! Natalie volunteers to go to Exile Island, which means Jon and Jaclyn have the camp all to themselves!

At the reward, they are enjoying their time, but Missy is in a lot of pain! She is worried about it, but said she is going to make it through it all. They eat and get their showers and massage and Keith is cracking me up. This is why I like the spitter and he is funny!

Back at camp, Jon and Jaclyn are talking and not happy with Natalie voting the way she did. They mention her doing it on purpose, but they think Jon will win every challenge and they are safe. I don’t get it and they are both crazy. At Exile Island, Natalie is having an emotional moment and missing her sister.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: For this challenge on Survivor 2014 Season 29, Missy comes hobbling in. Her ankle has gotten worse, but she said there is no way she is quitting. Jeff is going to have a medic look at her before the challenge even starts. They examine her and said at the very least, it is a serious sprain, but it could be a fracture. To determine that, they’d have to do an x-ray and to do that, they’d have to pull her from the game! I am not a fan of Missy, but this is sad because she has made it this far in the game. He said it is not life-threatening, so she can stay in the game. They can immobilize it and she can make it through the next few days, but is out of this challenge.

Now to the challenge: they will be holding onto two ropes while balancing on a teeter-totter and a vase on the base. The vase falls off and they are out. They get started and Keith and Baylor have some wobbles to start out. Jon is doing the lean-in approach, so is that smarter? Jaclyn loses it and she is out! Baylor loses it and she is out next. A huge gust of wind comes through, but the remaining three al survive! Another gust of wind and Keith can’t handle it this time and he is out, which leaves us with Natalie and Jon! Come on Natalie!!! The wind clearly took Jon’s vase and blew it over because he was steady, so he is out and Natalie wins immunity! Buh bye, Jon???

Back at camp and they are all convinced that Keith is going home tonight, but Natalie wants to blindside Jon. She tells Keith to vote out Jon and it will work. Jaclyn is worried that Jon could be blindsided, but he is not worried. He thinks they wanted Keith gone last time, so not to worry tonight. Now it comes to Missy, since they want to split the vote with 2 for Jon (Natalie and Keith), 2 for Jaclyn (Missy and Baylor) and 2 for Keith (Jon and Jaclyn). However, Missy said she has a deal with Jon until the end and she can’t break that. Missy wants to play the game honestly, but then wants to Jon & Jaclyn show to end!

TRIBAL COUNCIL: Keith said he has been trying to break through these five, but he can’t and he says he has a vote for them. Jaclyn said she feels strong with the five and doesn’t think they are going anywhere. Jeff asks Jon about thinking about his final speech and Jeremy nudges Josh in jury….what does that mean??? Missy talks about being loyal to the people from the beginning and hasn’t wavered. What is she going to do?? Time for the vote and no idols are played, so here are the votes!

VOTES: Keith, Jaclyn, Keith, Jaclyn, Jon and Jon! They freaking did it!!!!

It is a three-way tie, so Keith, Jon and Jaclyn will not vote and the other three vote one more time and it looks like Jon is gone??? Jeff tallies the votes again and they are:

VOTES: Jon and Jon and he is voted off and he walks away with a Hidden Immunity Idol in his pocket!!! He was very humble when he was leaving and I, honestly, think I would like him outside of this game. I think he is a good guy, but just cocky here!

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