I think I am going to be ticked off while watching Survivor 2014 Season 29 tonight, but just because these castaways on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 are being too nice! Sure, the blindside came as a shock, but when did they start giving up their reward to everyone, every week??? It happens tonight, but who is it this time on Survivor Season 29? Find out during our Survivor 2014 Season 29 Recap tonight and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Blood vs Water 2014, the castaways had some drama going on. First, there was a reward challenge and half of them won a ride on a yacht and some drinks and food to go with it. To kiss some butt, Jeremy and Natalie gave their reward to Jon & Jaclyn for keeping them safe the week before. Jeremy was then voted to Exile Island, where he did not find the Hidden Immunity Idol and knew Jon must have gotten and not told him! He questioned Jon on it, which made Jon not want him around and how Jeremy could use this against him. I guess Jon and Jaclyn are calling the shots, as they said vote out Jeremy and everyone listened and Jeremy headed to the jury!

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The fun begins shortly, so follow along with all the action tonight below in our Survivor 2014 Recap starting soon! In the meantime, check out our predictions on who we think is going home tonight!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2014 Recap or see who who went home on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…back at camp and Keith is thinking Reed was going home and voted for him, but Reed said the guys need to work together and he’ll figure it out. Now Natalie is trying to figure it out after Jeremy going home. Jon tells her he has the idol, but she said she wants to give him a taste of his own medicine, but needs the right time and place. Later on, Natalie saw a clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol from Baylor earlier in the season, so she is out searching in the middle of the night!

REWARD CHALLENGE: For the challenge, they dive into two teams and dive into the water and do some swimming and climbing to collect keys. They will then unlock pieces of puzzles. The first one to get the puzzle done wins the reward, which is delivering baseball gear to local kids! They get to watch a game and eat all kinds of baseball food! The teams are:

  • Yellow Team – Jaclyn, Jon, Reed and Alec
  • Blue Team – Missy, Natalie, Baylor and Wes

Keith was not picked, so he is not participating and can’t participate in the reward! It is very close getting all the puzzle pieces and the Yellow Team has a slight lead. They have it unlocked and starting to work on the puzzle, as the Blue Team is working on the lock still! There are four keys and it took the Blue Team that whole time to get it unlocked as the Yellow Team finishes the puzzle and wins reward!

Here we go again, as Reed gives up his reward and gives it to Missy. He said she needs this more and it is about helping people and it will help her. I don’t like Missy, but it is a touching moment. The winners then vote Wes to Exile Island on Survivor 2014!

The winners go out and hand out all the baseball gear. It is a cute moment and I am sure it has to lift their spirits for this game. We see some cute moments with Jon and the kids. Jaclyn is unable to have kids, so they talk about adopting some day and it makes me like Jon and Jaclyn for a moment.

Back at camp, Reed is trying to work on Keith. He doesn’t think that Keith knows what is going on most of the time, which might be true. Reed thinks the other alliance will split their votes to get out Keith and that idol, so they’ll vote Wes and Keith. Reed said the guys (Alec, Wes, Keith and Reed) vote out Jon and it would be on! Now Natalie sent Reed and Keith to get water so her and Baylor could look for that idol! They are digging and digging, but right in the middle of camp and Natalie finds the idol! She called it her little Twinnie! They talk and they said Reed is next to go.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: For this challenge, they will balance on a narrow perch while holding a handle above them. If they lose grip on the handle or fall off the perch, then they are out! Last one standing wins immunity and each station has been measured for their height, so all is fair!

They are going strong and Jeff Probst tempts them with a plate of candy to come down! Jon feels he is going to be the first one out, so he drops and gets that candy! Keith questions the move and said he must feel safe! He is 53 years old and Jon is 26. Did everyone hear that???

We see Missy step down and then Jeff brings out five chocolate chip cookies and two glasses of milk. Baylor and Jaclyn jump right off! The next temptation: a plate full of wings and two cold beers and Wes jumps right off! Now Keith is trying to work it, as he said Natalie is fighting for his team and him, Reed and Alec are up there fighting for their lives.

Keith can’t take it any more, so he steps off. Alec is shortly done after him, so it is down to Natalie and Reed (go Reed)!!! We are now three hours into it and some of them are sleeping. Natalie is asking for some food to come down since she doesn’t think Reed is coming down. Jeff agrees and he brings over chicken wings, pizza, a cookie, water and a beer! She thinks about it and drops! She gets the food Reed gets immunity, but neither of them can move!

Back at camp, Reed is on a mission to get Jon gone. He stepped down way too soon. Reed thinks he can get the majority alliance to think it is four votes for Keith (Natalie, Alec, Missy and Baylor) and then three for Wes (Jon, Jaclyn and Reed). However, Alec and Reed will vote for Jon, along with Wes and Keith to blindside Jon. Jon talks with Alec and he thinks he is on board, but it looks like Jon and Jaclyn aren’t calling the shots tonight!

TRIBAL COUNCIL: Jeff talks about the idol and no one playing it yet. Keith said apparently people feel comfortable. Now they all start talking and no one trusts anyone. Keith said stick to the plan. Reed says stick to the plan and Jaclyn is questioning things, but Jon seems to tell her watch to do. This is chaos and this one is all up in the air! The votes are done and Jeff asks for idols and Jon and Keith play theirs, so their votes don’t count.

VOTES: The only votes that count are for Wes, as he gets two and he is voted off! There were four votes for Jon and three for Keith, so Keith was screwed either way. Save himself or his son.

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