We head into the Survivor 2014 Season 29 finale tonight with five castaways remaining, which seems like quite a few, but Jeff Probst will be cutting that number down and the jury will be voting to pick the winner of Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 tonight! This one is honestly up in the air and I am liking it! Who will be named the winner of Survivor Season 29? Find out during our Survivor 2014 Season 29 Live Recap and see who won Survivor 2014 tonight with us!

Survivor 2014 Season 29 Spoilers - Finale Preview 2

Last week on Survivor Blood vs Water 2014, it was a night of Natalie trying to cover her tracks after voting out Alec over Keith because she wanted to keep the old guy around to win challenges (how ironic is that)??? She seemed to cover her tracks and then it was time to complete her mission of getting rid of Jon. She had Baylor on her side, but after Natalie won immunity and it could happen, they had to convince Missy to go along with the plan. The daughter did her work and Missy voted with them and Jon was blindsided and eliminated with a Hidden Immunity Idol in his pocket!

While we wait for the finale to start, check out our predictions from earlier today and stay tuned to this page for our Live Recap starting as soon as the show begins!


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Here we go…a look back at the season, which is normal.

CAMP – After Tribal Council and they are back at camp and talking about Jon and Jaclyn pops off on Natalie because she was talking bad about him. Yes, this shows her maturity level there. The next day and Missy and Baylor are talking about a Final 3 of them and Natalie, but they need challenge wins for that to happen and her bum ankle won’t help them!

REWARD CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will be attached to a rope and race to unspool the rope and race to assemble a bridge and then use sand bags to knock down blocks. First one done wins an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge, which is huge! Missy, of course, can’t compete! Keith got out to a big lead and Natalie tried to come back, but Keith killed it and wins the challenge!!! He sends Jaclyn to Exile Island.

EXILE ISLAND – Jaclyn arrives and gets the same clue to the idol as everyone else, so it means nothing to her. She gets emotional and I am just annoyed by her, so I am over it.

CAMP – Keith goes to read the advantage, which is a table of what the Immunity Challenge will be the next day. He gets to practice as along as he can, but once he leaves the table then he is done practicing. This is a huge advantage, especially since the girls are at camp talking about voting him out if he doesn’t win! Natalie and Baylor talk and Natalie seems torn on who to go to Final 3 with.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – We clearly know what this one is, as they will use two small paddles to maneuver a ball through a maze. First one to get three balls through will win and Missy is gracing us with her presence today and competing in this one on Survivor 2014 tonight. It was a slow start for everyone, but Keith got his groove and he easily gets the three balls over and no one else gets one ball! Keith wins immunity and the ladies are pissed!

CAMP – There is way too much talk of Jaclyn going home, so it will not happen! Baylor comes to Natalie and tells her that they are not voting for Natalie, so use the idol on her mom! What??? It is all on Natalie and which side she decides to vote with.

TRIBAL COUNCIL – Keith said there was some tension after the last Tribal, but he was glad to not hear his name come up! Missy feels confident with the idol since she knows who has it, which surprised Jaclyn and Keith. Missy is WAY too confident on this one, so I am guessing she is going home! Time for the votes and it is the last chance, so Natalie plays the Hidden Immunity Idol. She asks Jaclyn if she voted for who she said to vote for and plays it to safe Jaclyn!

VOTES – Jaclyn, Jaclyn, Jaclyn (none of them count), Baylor and Baylor! That means Baylor is voted off and Missy is going to be livid!

CAMP – It makes sense, as you do have to break up the blood on Survivor Season 29. Missy is okay with it because she never has to write down her daughter’s name. Now we see love between Jaclyn and Natalie, so big change from after last Tribal. The goal is to not let Keith win and vote him out next, so that won’t happen!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will be racing up and down an obstacle course to get puzzle pieces. They complete the puzzle, which will have three empty spots. Those shapes will give them a clue to run down and get numbers to unlock and raise the flag. First one done earns a spot in the final Tribal Council! Missy, of course, is sitting this one out! Wow! This was beyond intense and so close, as the three of them were all close together. Jaclyn was behind and looked like she was going to pass out while trying to empty the puzzle pieces! She came back and got it done first and won immunity and is headed to the Final 3! So, goodbye Keith?

CAMP – They are talking about Jaclyn having control, but not really. There are two votes to go against whatever she decides to do. Keith and Missy pair up and vote out Natalie, so it would be a tie if Natalie and Jaclyn vote out Keith. Jaclyn tells Natalie she is voting out Keith. Then Jaclyn talks with Missy and Missy just used the key words: what would Jon say and Jaclyn said he would say vote out Natalie!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – Natalie said she wasn’t thinking it, but it would be a nice gesture if Jaclyn saved her tonight. They all state their cases and Natalie says she could win it. I have no clue on this one!

VOTES – Keith, Missy, Keith and Keith. That means Keith is voted off and I think Jaclyn just handed the game to Natalie! Missy has no case and what can Jaclyn say?

CAMP – Can Missy talk about her divorces any more? The girls wake up and excited and get all their goodies to enjoy before heading to the jury tonight. Without Keith there, I am just annoyed! Jaclyn said she is doing this for all the girls that have the same disease she does. So, you can’t have kids, but you can win Survivor? How inspiring?

FINAL TRIBAL COUNCIL – They all state their cases and Missy was loyal and hurt, Jaclyn struggled and has some disease and still made it (lame) and Natalie was smarter and outwit them all and she should have gone home the night before, which I agree, just in terms of strategy. Now time for the jury to address the Final 3:

  • Jon – He asks Jaclyn to state a big move she made on her own, which she said was to vote out Josh and not align with them.
  • Keith – He asks Natalie how she felt that her last words were a lie to him and he hates all the lying.
  • Alec – He asks what Natalie’s big move was. Asked how Missy was motherly in this game.
  • Baylor – She just gives props to her Mom for being a whore all their life and having it so tough because of all the men.
  • Josh – He asked Jaclyn if she is there because stronger players made moves and then asked for her sole move and she used the same move to vote him out.
  • Wes – He asked what it was like playing the game with their loved ones.
  • Jeremy – He said the best player is going to win and Natalie was it, so give her credit!
  • Reed – He says very nice things about Natalie and Jaclyn and then gives an amazing speech to Missy and calls her the wicked stepmother and I love it and Baylor cries….too funny!

The jury is done and now time for the vote! They go to cast their votes and I think this is a gimme for Natalie. Right? We see Jon and Reed vote for Jaclyn, Jeremy for Natalie and Missy for Baylor. Now we are going to the live show and the reading of the votes. Who is going to win???

RESULTS: Time for the live show and Jeff to read the votes! They are: Jaclyn, Natalie, Jaclyn, Missy, Natalie, Natalie and Natalie and she is the winner of Survivor Season 29!

What do you think of the results on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 tonight?


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