Tonight on Survivor 2013, the Survivor Season 27 winner was announced by host Jeff Probst and then we had the famous reunion special to follow. All the castaways return to talk to Jeff about the season and about the winner of Survivor 2013. It is always fun to watch and we get to see who America picked as the Fan Favorite and winner of $100,000! Who do you think it will be? Find out during our Survivor 2013 Spoilers Recap of the Season 27 Reunion Special!

Survivor 2013 Season 27 Cast

I won’t give out any Survivor 2013 spoilers here, so don’t worry about it, but if you read below the warning then you definitely will be getting some spoilers and finding out who won Survivor Season 27! We have the return of the veteran players and their loved ones, so this should be a friendly reunion special with all the love in the room, right? Get the full details over in our Live Recap, or just scroll down to find out who won Survivor 2013 tonight and the recap for the reunion special!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap or see who who won Survivor 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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The entire cast is here and we take a look back at Tyson’s run this season for the victory! Maybe with the $1 million he can buy a better shirt? Jeff Probst said he likes this Tyson.

We now look at Monica and her run to the finals. She said her kids said they were happy, but not surprised. Every Mom is a rock star to her kids, which is so true. Brad said that she has always been a rock, even before Survivor 2013.

Gervase said you couldn’t have two leaders and he let others lead and they would be the one to get taken down. He always had a plan to get rid of Tyson, but it never came about.

We talk about Ciera and the big moves she had made and how we all thought she was out at the beginning. Hayden gets credit for his huge move at Tribal Council.

Jeff talks to Colton and he said the first time it was being on a tribe with all men. The second time he was on a tribe with AARP. Jeff calls him out and said the AARP kicked his ass this season! Colton said he discovered he has always depended on people, like his Mom or Caleb, and he has to do things for himself.

We chat with Rupert and his wife Laura and he had to protect his wife. We then get a sneak peek at the new season of Survivor and supposed to guess what it means. I see three B’s and have no clue. Any ideas out there?

We then talk to John Cochran, winner of Survivor Season 26. He may have graduated from Harvard Law, but he said he wanted to be a writer at the reunion show. He got a call from CBS shortly after and he is now writing for The Millers. Well, good for him and fame gets you places.

Now we look at the sibling rivalry between Aras and Vytas on Survivor 2013. They say they have a positive to work with and they still have a rivalry, but it is healthier. Vytas said he would definitely come back and so would Hayden. He said Survivor is physically harder, but Big Brother is more of a social game because it is longer. Kat says they are still together, but live in separate states and trying to get in one. She talks about getting a boob job and makes no sense. Did anyone understand that?

They put it off until the end, but we save Tina and Katie for last. They recently lost their son/brother to a tragic car accident. The driver was wearing a seatbelt and he was not, so she said everyone buckle up. She said it was an honor and joy to play with these people and they are her family, so it is comforting to be here. Katie said this show is the light at the end of the tunnel and he was supposed to be here. Katie said if anyone wants to do anything for them, go to and donate to the Philippines Relief Fund in their honor.

Tyson gets his check and we find out what they are doing next season: Brawn vs. Brain vs. Beauty and he promises it is a good season!

So, what do you think of the results on Survivor 2013 tonight? And no Fan Favorite?

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