The castaways have been planning for this all season long on Survivor 2013 Season 27 and now it is finally happening, as the tribes are merged together and everyone is fighting for their own survival in the game! We will face individual Immunity Challenges now on Survivor Season 27 and there will be no more Redemption Island! If you get voted off at Tribal Council, you are eliminated from the show! The final dual at Redemption Island will take place tonight and the winner joins the new merged tribe on Survivor Blood vs Water. Watch it with us tonight during our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 8

Last week on Survivor 2013, we saw the castaways take one more try at getting rid of one of the brothers (Aras or Vytas) before the merge took place. The Galang Tribe had five women to Vytas and they wanted to go into the merge with the women sticking together. Instead, they voted off Kat and then they voted off Laura B. last week. Instead they have three women and Vytas still around heading into the merge, which I think most of them will regret doing as the season moves along.

Tonight we get to see the final dual at Redemption Island and then the merge takes place. Now we have new alliances possibly forming and we have loved ones able to work together to get to the end. Our recap is starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap or see who who went home on Survivor 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we go back to Galang after Tribal Council and Vytas said he trusts this group and they have a final five there no matter what. He is talking good game to these ladies and they are buying it, but he joins his brother and loyalty will not be in this group any more. Tina pretty much makes it known that Monica is fifth of the group, so she may listen to other plans when the merge happens.

Now we see Laura B. join John and Laura M. on Redemption Island and she doesn’t get it why they voted her out and kept Vytas, but that is life, huh? They then get tree mail and find out the dual is today and it will be the one to determine which of them make it back into the game!

Redemption Island: the players come out and Jeff Probst announces that the winner of this dual will rejoin the game, which is the first time the other castaways have heard this on Survivor 2013! The three players will hang on a pole and last one holding on is the winner and gets a spot back in the game and gets to decide who gets the Hidden Immunity Idol clue.

If any part of their body touches the ground, then they are out. Laura B. starts bad and is struggling, but gets a hold and settles down. 20 minutes have passed and John is struggling, so he whips off his shoes and tries it with just socks on! Laura B. is just straddling the pole and Laura M. is not struggling at all. John struggles big time and falls off! It is down to the Laura’s and Laura B. keeps falling and eventually hits the ground, so Laura M. wins and she is headed back into the game!

Before Laura M. officially reenters the game, Jeff tells them all to drop their buffs and they are officially merged. Ciera is torn with her mom being back, since she has the five-person alliance and that could ruin it. Laura gets the clue and she throws it in the fire….ugh!

The new tribe gets back to camp and they find tons and tons of food for a picnic. Hayden knows they have the five solid, but now he is worried about Laura and if she will try to pull Ciera to another side. Laura is excited to play with her daughter, but knows she has a lot of work to do.

Laura and Ciera take some time and walk away to see where things stand. They are pretty much going to decide the fate of this game, since they could go with the couples or could go with the singles. It is all about them right now, or is it?

Tyson knows that the merge is where the game begins and when the tribe switch happened, the Tadhana Tribe gave a ton of clues they had for the Hidden Immunity Idol, so he goes out and is looking for it. This is the first time on Survivor 2013 that they have shown anyone look for it since John failed in the first couple weeks! Of course, Tyson finds it and he has some safety now, but will not be sharing it with anyone. He has never had an idol before and has never won the show before, so do those correlate?

Now we have Vytas and Aras talking game and they think they are set with Tina, Monica, Gervase, Aras, Tyson, Katie and Vytas. They think Laura is the easy vote and get rid of her since she has ruffled feathers. They are feeling confident about both of them making it to the end! Do you think they will?

And now it is time for Monica to talk to Tyson about where things stand. He is trying to keep her close and not ruffle feathers, but she keeps pushing the idea over and over again. She wants to make sure Gervase is with him, but he guarantees it. She is taking all of his patience.

Immunity Challenge: this is the first individual challenge of the season and it is a memory challenge. They will get a series of symbols and they will repeat them with their cube. Get it right and they are still in it. Get it wrong and they are out.

Round 1: Monica, Caleb, Katie, Tyson, Tina and Hayden out

Round 2: Laura, Ciera and Gervase are out. That leaves us with the brothers as the only ones left! Vytas wins immunity and he is safe at tonight’s Tribal Council! Did it just work out for Tyson’s plan???

It looks like the new tribe name is Kasama Tribe. Vytas said he didn’t need immunity today, but he needed to beat his brother. Vytas thinks him and Aras have the place on lockdown, but getting comfortable is not good on Survivor 2013.

Aras talks with everyone and it seems the men will vote for Ciera and the girls vote for Laura. Meanwhile, Laura and Ciera are talking and want to vote for Tina and Aras. Then Tyson is wanting to get everyone to vote out Aras, which is probably how this is going to play out!

Tribal Council: Tyson starts it out strong and said if his brother was here, he would want to keep him here as long as possible. Hayden said you have to assume that the pairs are going to work together. Jeff is saying that Laura and Ciera could have the swing votes tonight. Tyson said it all depends on how you cut the pie and he hopes to get the larger piece of pie tonight.

Vote: no idol is played, so the votes are Laura, Laura, Ciera, Ciera, Aras, Aras, Aras, Aras and Aras! Vytas looks shocked and another blindside on Survivor Season 27, but Aras has been voted off tonight! However, he goes to Redemption Island and can earn a spot back in the game???? Redemption Island is still alive and kicking???

What do you think of the results tonight on Survivor 2013?

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