The big question of the night tonight on Survivor 2013 Season 27 is what way Monica will vote at Tribal Council and producers are saying that this Tribal Council will be amazing, but can they top what we saw last week on Survivor Blood vs Water? I am still pumped about last week’s activities and that should boil over into tonight’s episode, as we see the castaways come back from Tribal Council and Tyson is not going to be a happy camper! Follow along with our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight with us!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 13

Last week on Survivor 2013Hayden knew he was the odd man out and he had to rally the troops if he had any chance of staying in the game. He had Katie on his side and thought he had Ciera, even though she was voting with the veterans the past few weeks. He needed another vote to get Tyson out of the game. What he did at Tribal Council was beyond amazing and he worked everyone over and made people think. He got Ciera to vote out Tyson, but it ended in a tie vote twice and a deadlock, so rocks were drawn and Hayden was safe. Unfortunately, Katie drew the white rock and was sent to Redemption Island and Tyson remains in the game!

The fun starts soon, so follow along with our recap below!


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Here we go…we see Katie get to Redemption Island and meet her Mom and Laura. She tells them they drew rocks and she was rocked out. Now Tina is worried about going up against her daughter and thinks she will let her daughter win, but Katie thinks they should both try their hardest.

Now back at camp, Tyson said it was a great play and he was excited to be part of it. Tyson said you never tell the person on the bottom they are going home because then the fireworks happen. Hayden thinks he has Ciera until the end and Monica is concerned about them having an Idol and one of them could go home, but then Tyson tells her he has an Idol. She keeps rattling her mouth and Tyson is getting angry. She is upset about him not telling her and will never forget that.

Ciera and Hayden are talking and she said they needed to make that move, even if she went home. Now she wants her Mom to come back from Redemption Island and get the numbers with Hayden. They are going to try and drive a wedge between the other three on Survivor 2013.

Redemption Island: they will use sticks and rope to build a pole. They will use that pole to go through a fence and grab three keys. First two back with their keys and unlock the locks are safe and the other one is eliminated. Things kick off and Tina is giving advice to Katie.

Laura gets her pole together quickly and tries for a key and her pole almost falls apart, but gets her first key. Katie gets her pole done and gets her first key as Laura gets her second key. Tina’s pole is too short and must add some and then gets her first key. They are both rebuilding the poles and Katie gets the second key, but drops it and now struggles with the key in the sand. Meanwhile, Tina gets her second key and then the third one as Katie tries to get the key out of the sand. Tina asks if she wants her to do this and Katie said go, so Tina walks through the gate and gets second. This means Katie is eliminated tonight on Survivor 2013. Laura, of course, gives the clue to Ciera for the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Ciera and Hayden check out the clue and have hopes of getting the Idol. They start climbing trees and looking at it and can’t find it, but because Tyson has it. Hayden knows someone has it and it is probably Tyson. Now Monica, Tyson and Gervase talk and know they are all against them, even at Redemption Island.

Gervase and Monica talk and he wants to be able to trust her. She knows they could have flipped on her the night before and she has a bond with them, so I guess no flipping for her, huh?

Hayden and Ciera talk and know their only chance is to get Monica to flip. They know Gervase won’t do it, but Monica needs to come with the good guys.

Immunity Challenge: the castaways will swim and push a buoy through a rope. Once they get to shore, they will untie a bag of tiles and then put a puzzle together of a familiar Survivor phrase. First one done wins immunity and a reward of getting to order anything from a menu designed from them, which includes steak, lobster, pizza and much more and it will get delivered to them at camp!

The castaways get started and Tyson is out to an early lead, but Hayden is right behind him and then Monica and Gervase and Ciera is way in the back. All five of them are working on their puzzle, but Ciera got started way later than the others! There are eight words in the phrase and Jeff Probst said he has said this phrase this season. Ciera has come back strong, but does she have the right words??? The phrase: “You are going to have to dig deep” and that is what Ciera did, but she wins immunity! She picks Hayden to share the reward with, but it looks like Hayden is in danger again tonight on Survivor Season 27!

Back at camp and Ciera is beyond excited to have won and now she feels her Mom potentially will be coming back, so she has some power right now, which is very true. Ciera and Hayden get their food and discuss things and decide they need to break down Monica and get her to vote with them and get Gervase out, since they think Tyson has the idol.

Ciera sits down with Monica and tells her Tyson is going to win and he talks mad crap about her. He rolls his eyes at her and he says she is his puppy. She asks why did Tyson not flip on her then and Ciera said because he knew he would go next because they would have had the numbers. It is true and now Monica is thinking and said Gervase and Tyson will be on the defense tonight at Tribal Council!

Tribal Council: Gervase said they are on the bottom and when you are on the bottom you start throwing trash, but Jeff Probst said it stuck last time. Monica said they did talk to her and it did affect her. Gervase gets angry and goes crazy again. Hayden said Tyson is controlling that alliance. Monica said the things Ciera told her hurt her and morality is going to bite your ass in the end! Tyson looks scared, but you know that idol is coming out tonight! Hayden said now is a time that Monica can show her husband and kids what she can do and she is playing her game and not Tyson’s game. They bring her family into it and I think that hit a huge note on her and buh bye Gervase! Time for the vote!

Jeff tallies the votes and Tyson does not play his idol! Votes: Hayden, Gervase, Hayden, Gervase and Hayden! She stuck with her alliance and made a stupid move! She will lose to Tyson in the end, but now Ciera has two possible alliance mates from Redemption Island. Damn you, Monica!

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