To be honest, I am very excited to see how Survivor 2013 plays out tonight during the Survivor Season 27 finale. The season may have started a little slow and I didn’t quite understand all the moves these castaways were making on Survivor Blood vs Water, but these past couple weeks have been amazingly intense and the Tribal Councils have been so great. Now, if only that can boil over into the Survivor 2013 finale! In actuality, we have seven castaways that can be named the winner of Survivor Season 27, but who will it be? Find out during our Survivor 2013 Recap and see who won Survivor 2013 tonight with us!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Finale

Last week on Survivor Season 27, it was a fight for Hayden and Ciera to try and get Monica to flip her vote and break her alliance with Tyson and Gervase. They laid it on pretty thick at Tribal Council and there seemed like no way she could do against them with what they were saying, so Gervase would be voted off since they thought Tyson had the Hidden Immunity Idol (and he does). However, she (for some reason) stuck with her alliance and Hayden was voted off and headed to Redemption Island with Tina and Laura.

While we wait for the finale to start, check out our predictions from earlier today and stay tuned to this page for our Live Recap starting as soon as the show begins!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap or see who who won Survivor 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…of course, we take a look back at the season and the highs and lows from the season. Who are you rooting for tonight to win?

The castaways come back from Tribal Council and Ciera knows that she still has someone coming back from Redemption Island and is hoping it is her Mom. She is still hoping to get Monica on their side. Tyson wants Monica on their side and tells her that she can have the Hidden Immunity Idol once this is all done because he is not going to use it and he’ll send it to her for Christmas. Yeah, he is using that thing for his own safety!

Meanwhile, Hayden arrives at Redemption Island. He fills Tina and Laura in on things that have been going on and he wants someone besides Monica, Tyson and Gervase in the Final 3 or he is voting for Jeff Probst! He thinks he has a good chance against Tina and Laura, but Laura has been a beast on Redemption Island.

Redemption Island: this is the final duel of Survivor Season 27! The winner rejoins the came and the two losers join the jury! They will place one foot on the end of a balancing board. On the other end is a ceramic vase. If your vase falls and breaks, you are out. Last one with an unbroken vase is the winner and rejoins the tribe!

Laura starts off shaky, but gets it back under control. We have 15 minutes that have elapsed and Laura is hopping and moving all over and somehow gets it together again! Out of nowhere, Hayden slips and down goes his vase and breaks! Laura is hopping along again and asks Tina to let her have this. Tina says no way! She has been so steady, but then starts shaking. It is a battle between the two and both are struggling, but Laura’s vase falls first and breaks, so Tina is the winner and back in the game!

We get emotional goodbyes from Hayden and Laura and then Tina gets the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. She keeps it for herself. Am I wrong, but didn’t there used to be more than one Idol in the game? I know Tyson has one, but wasn’t there always two idols to find before?

The castaways are back at the camp and Tina knows she needs to find the idol. Tina thinks maybe they can get Monica on their side and start and all-Mom alliance and all-girl alliance. They go searching and no luck. They decide to talk to Monica and Tina is harsh, but she is honest. Ciera tries to soften it up and make it seem like a good move for Monica, which it would be. She needs a big move to win!

Immunity Challenge: they will be holding a rope and hold a table at the end. They will have to walk back and forth and grab blocks and set them up on this table. First one to get all ten blocks up will win immunity and a spot in the Final 4. The women are starting strong and the guys not doing well. They all have four blocks, but then the women all knock them over. Tyson then comes out of no where and has seven blocks. Ciera has six blocks and then knocks them over. Monica gets seven blocks. Tyson gets his ninth block left and his needs to fall! Monica and Gervase both dump their blocks and now Tyson can slowly do this and win immunity. He does just that and wins! Ugggggghhhhh!

Back at camp, Tyson, Monica and Gervase meet to talk about who to vote out tonight: Tina or Ciera. Tyson wants to keep his hands clean on this one, so he is leaving it up to Monica and Gervase. Monica wants Tina gone and Gervase wants Ciera gone. He tries to get her to see his point and she is sick of being bullied. She seems fed up and even talks to Ciera and Tina about voting out Gervase and she brought it up! Monica said she is going to do what’s best for her, but what does that mean???

Tribal Council: Monica said she finds herself in the middle again. Ciera is using the same spiel as last time and trying to get Monica to make a big move. Monica said it has been a hard 24 hours and she has been beaten up. She said tonight is the night to do what is best for Monica and make the strategic move for her and no one else. What is that move???? Time to vote on Survivor 2013!

Jeff tallies the votes and asks if anyone has the Hidden Immunity Idol to play and tonight is the finale night to play it. Tyson gives his Idol to Gervase and there goes that plan! Votes: Gervase, Gervase, Ciera and Ciera. She is voted off Survivor Season 27 and will we ever know Monica’s vote??? They show the votes and Monica did vote Ciera and stuck with the guys. What is she thinking???

They head back to camp and Monica was shocked by Tyson giving him the Idol and that means they don’t trust her, so now she is focused on winning the last Immunity Challenge and knowing she is going to the Final 3. Tina knows the only chance she has is winning the challenge.

The next day arrives on Survivor 2013 and they all know this next challenge is do or die for them. Who do you want to win it?

Immunity Challenge: they will race through a series of obstacles to get bags of puzzle pieces, two at a time. They will run them up and put them on their table and slide down and get two more bags. Get all six bags and then put puzzle together, which will give them a clue to unlock their lock, which will raise their flag and win them immunity.

Monica gets her first two bags and heads up steps and Gervase is right behind her and she blocks him out for getting ahead of her! Tyson is third and Tina behind him. Monica gets her next bags ahead of everyone else. The three are keeping together, but Tina is falling behind. This is a puzzle though, so you never know. The three are working on their puzzle as Tina gets her sixth bag.

They are all working on the puzzle now and Tyson is done with his puzzle, but now starts solving the clues. He heads down the slide to count the steps and inputs the code and it works…..ugh again! He wins the final immunity and will be in the Final 3 on Survivor Blood vs Water. Who will join him though? He has called the shots all season, so why not now, right?

Tyson and Gervase celebrate the victory and know that Tina is out next, so now every man for himself. Here we go again with Monica and making a move and what is best for her. We all know she won’t, so why tease us? Now Tyson and Gervase talk about Monica and she could maybe beat them. My thing is why does Gervase think he could win since he has done nothing? Monica keeps talking about smacking Gervase back in the face, but then would she want to sit next to Tina? Another tease I’m sure!

Tribal Council: we talk about Tina working Monica to get Gervase out. They keep talking big moves and this could go either way. Monica go against Gervase or Tyson and Gervase go against Monica! Time for the vote! Jeff tallies the vote!

Votes: Tina, Tina, Gervase and Tina. The three are afraid to make a big move and they just handed the game to Tyson? Monica has a chance to defend herself, but that big move would have been great on her resume and she was afraid to do it. Tyson called the shots and Gervase did nothing.

The next day arrives and the castaways wake up and get their breakfast for champions and now we have to hear them all talk about why they should win. They all think they can win. So, now memory walk and talk about all the castaways that were eliminated???

Final Tribal Council: time for the opening statements and why they should win. Gervase said he played the game great and uses the old-school and having 13 years off and coming back to make the finals. Monica said she would of had more blood on her hands if she left her alliance and she wanted to stay true to her alliance. Tyson said he came to have fun and get voted out when he did, but then his girlfriend was voted out and brings on the tears. He said from that point on he did what he had to do and made big moves to make it to the end for her. Ciera is crying in the jury, so that was his winning speech!

Jury Questions: Vytas told Tyson as his last play was he would not vote for Tyson if he did not keep him and he is holding true to that and then asks no questions and has no clue who he is voting for. Katie calls out Tyson for telling her to take her seat in the jury when she drew the white rock and how can she vote for him and he apologizes. Caleb wants to see something from the heart from Monica and she starts crying and said this is for her and it has always been about Brad and she wants to win, but Ciera rolls her eyes. Tyson tells Ciera he was not a villain and everything was done for strategy. Laura wants to see Monica be vulnerable and she breaks down in tears again and is she coming back with these votes? Tina wants one word to describe them. Monica says generous. Gervase says loyal and Tyson says fun-loving. Hayden said everyone thinks Monica is fake and she doesn’t know what they want from her and beating her up. He wants to know who she is and she said maybe they could do dinner and coffee afterwards and he would like that. Aras wants to know who they would vote for and not themselves and they both pick Tyson and he picks Monica.

So, who are these jury members going to vote for? While Tyson seems like the obvious winner, I think Monica won some people over in that questioning. Gervase is out of it.

Time for that final vote and who they want as the winner of Survivor Season 27. Votes we know: Caleb picks Tyson. Vyats picks Monica. Laura struggles with her vote. Jeff tallies the votes and we go live now for the results!!!

Jeff is in the live studio audience and time for those results to be read! Here we go: Monica, Tyson, Tyson, Tyson, Tyson and Tyson and he is the winner of Survivor Blood vs Water.

What do you think of the results on Survivor 2013 tonight?

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