It was an exciting episode last night on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.  First the Villains get a map to the Heroe’s camp so we see the much anticipated merge.  Russ and Parv come up with a plan to tell JT why Russ didn’t vote her out and Sandra had an agenda of her own letting Rupert know Russ was the kingpin and really running the show.

Last week JT made an unprecedented move by passing his HII to Russell after the heroes win the immunity challenge with a note to vote our Parvati.  Russ and Parv had a good laugh over that one.  This week JT refused to believe what Sandra told Rupert and stuck by his buddy Russell. 

What could have been the most daring move in Survivor history became the worst decision for the Heroes as Parvati played two idols at TC giving one to Sandra who didn’t receive any votes and another one to Jerri who could have been voted out.  The Villain’s all voted for JT and he was sent to the Ponderosa.  JT shakes Russ’s hand and says, “Well played”.  The Heroes are now down by one.

Next week’s preview show Russ losing control of the women on his tribe.  He is pretty ticked that Parv didn’t tell him about the other HII and he needs to watch out for Sandra.  She’s coming after him.

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