We are one week away from finding out the winner of So You You Think You Can Dance 2014, as the final four dancers on SYTYCD 2014 take the stage tonight to perform one last time for your votes! Yup, one last night of performances and then the votes will be combined with last week’s votes and the SYTYCD Season 11 winner will be crowned next week! Watch the finale performances on SYTYCD 2014 tonight with us during our So You Think You Can Dance 2014 Recap below!

So You Think You Can Dance 2014 Spoilers - Performance Finale

Last week on So You Think You Can Dance Season 11, the Top 6 dancers took the stage for a night full of dancing! It was non-stop performing, as the six dancers performed with each other, performed with an All Star partner and performed a solo routine! Lots of dancing and lots of good times were had, but it ended on a sour note: two dancers being eliminated and we said goodbye to both Casey Askew and Jacque LeWarne before the big finale.

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So You Think You Can Dance 2014 starts soon, so follow along with our Recap below! In the meantime, check out our preview of the finale performances tonight on SYTYCD 2014!


Don’t want to know what happened on SYTYCD 2014 Recap or see who got eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…we start out with an amazing and awesome performance by the final four dancers from choreographer Travis Wall. Love all his dances and this was so, so good! The dancers will have a full night of routines, so lets get it started!

Valerie and Ricky

They will be dancing an African Jazz routine to start the night. They said this routine is a race and survival of the fittest. They are like animals and first one to cross that finish line wins. This was a great routine for them and so energetic and they both had it working. They are so good together and I was a huge fan of this routine!

Jessica and Zack

They will be dancing a Broadway routine and playing a couple that meets in their secret rendezvous spot and Jessica is keeping Zack waiting tonight! Zack has risen up my favorites list all season long, but can he really beat Ricky??? This was a good routine from both of them and they had that chemistry going and I liked it!

Valerie and Zack

They will be doing a contemporary routine and they have an endless love, but there is an obstacle in the way. Valerie says it is a performance that America has never seen before. I loved this routine and Valerie did an amazing job in her character. Such an amazing performance and they did so good.

Jessica and Ricky

They will be doing a jazz routine and he wants it to represent the best that Jessica and Ricky have to offer. They say it is crazy and to not pass out would be amazing. Okay, I’ll just say that I love every routine tonight and that should sum it up, okay? This was so good and they had some hot chemistry going on. It was intense and they looked good!

We take a little break from the performances, as Jason Mraz takes the stage to perform. I like him, but we just want to see the finalists dance tonight on So You Think You Can Dance 2014!

Jessica and Valerie

They will be dancing a Bollywood routine. They said it is about two Bollywood divas and they are princesses, but it has some intense moments. Maybe I jinxed myself with that last statement? I was not a huge fan of this routine. They danced well, but no connection and that made the dance not as good to me!

Ricky and Zack

They will be dancing a hip hop routine. It is two kings and they are going head-to-head in a crazy battle. I am excited to see how this one plays out. This was so, so good. Ricky started a little slower for me, but they turned it up and this was beyond amazing. They were so into it and my favorite of the night!

Valerie and Aaron

They will be doing a tap routine and want them to work it out with their feet on this one. Valerie has impressed me lately by dancing a different style, so it is nice to see her back in her element and she is very good. This is a cute routine and they did well together.

Ricky and Kathryn

They will be doing a contemporary routine. Ricky has hit rock bottom and she is his angel on Earth that comes to save him. She said it is going to be powerful and hit your right in the heart. It is a very special performance and such a sweet performance. It is simple, but they did so well together.

Zack and Aaron

Another tap routine on SYTYCD 2014 tonight! Aaron is a bartender and Zack is a patron and they are sharing stories tonight! This is so cool to see and so cool that we had two tappers in the finale! Zack is so quick on his feet and it is fun to watch him do his thing. Such a cool routine!

Jessica and Robert

They will be doing a contemporary routine. They said it is about a relationship and you wondering if you will even be missed if you leave this relationship. Travis wants her to be a beast and show what Robert will be missing out on if he leaves. I didn’t quite get this one and didn’t understand the story, but they danced it well.

The performances are done for tonight! Who are you voting for?

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