Time for the Top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance 2014 to be announced tonight on SYTYCD 2014, as 157 dancers head to Los Angeles for the callbacks on So You Think You Can Dance Season 11! This is going to a be a long week for them, but the end results will be well worth it, that is if they make the live shows on SYTYCD 2014! Check out the SYTYCD Season 11 callbacks tonight with us during our So You Think You Can Dance 2014 Recap below and watch with us!

So You Think You Can Dance 2014 Spoilers - LA Callbacks


Last week on So You Think You Can Dance Season 11, the auditions headed to the final spot of the season: Atlanta. We saw some real talent, yet again, and it looks like we could have some great dancers on SYTYCD 2014! One of those might be Ricky Ubedawho has been watching SYTYCD since Season 1 and is finally old enough to audition and he nailed it! He might be one to keep an eye out for this season, but it seems like that has been the case every week. The show came to an end and we saw the auditions on SYTYCD 2014 come to an end and 157 dancers got a ticket to the Los Angeles callbacks starting tonight!

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So You Think You Can Dance 2014 callbacks start soon, so follow along with our Recap below!


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Here we go…we are at the morning of Day 1 of the callbacks! Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined by Adam Shankman, Twitch, Tara Lipinski and Irina Dvorovenko. There are 157 dancers and we are starting the solos!

Tanisha Belnap – She is a ballroom dancer and does well without a partner and has some nice lines in there! The dancers keep it going strong on SYTYCD 2014 and no feedback from the judges during this round.Steven Kador’s girlfriend called him an hour after arriving and her water broke! She is now 17 hours into labor and he is trying to hold it together for this moment. He has some good moments in there, but I don’t get that wow feeling from him.

All 157 solo dances have been completed and the judges conferred and they send 36 dancers home, including Puppet Dancer. We have 121 dancers still in the hunt, including Steven.

CHOREOGRAPHY CHALLENGE – The first style is hip hop and they have one hour to pick it up. Training is over, but they won’t perform it until the next morning for the judges! That means they have all night to practice with their partners. Marie Poppins, the popper, was not as strong as the judges would like, but they give her another chance. Nigel does not agree with the decision. Jessica is given one more chance to dance for her life. Steven saw the birth of his son and then moved on to the next round after a good hip hop routine. Trevor Bryce was so great during his audition, but not tonight and they send him home. Caleb Brauner auditioned twice this season to get to the callbacks, but fell short in hip hop and was sent home. Jessica gets through and we move on to the next round!

CHOREOGRAPHY CHALLENGE – This one is Jazz and chorepgraphy by Sonya Tayeh. They see the routine and have an hour to learn the steps. The training is done and here we go with the performances on So You Think You Can Dance 2014! Steven Kador struggled with this one and he was sent home. Jazz took down 12 more dancers, including Marie Poppins. Jaja did not do good, but will be given a chance to dance for her life! The round is done and 64 dancers are moving on and Jana is beyond amazing in her dance for her life and she makes it 65 dancers moving on!

CHOREOGRAPHY CHALLENGE – This one is ballroom and these dancers have to be tired after all this dancing. They go through training and now have the night to work on their routine to perform for the judges in the morning. The next day arrives and the first group of dancers impresses the judges and they all move on! Emilio Dosal made the Top 20 in Season 10, but then was injured and had to withdraw from the competition. Here he is now and partnered with Jaja for this one, as they are both in the same crew. They did well and both moved on!

CHOREOGRAPHY CHALLENGE – This is the dreaded round on SYTYCD 2014, as Travis Wall comes in for the contemporary round! The rehearsals are done and the performances begin. It turns out to be a pretty successful contemporary round, but we now see Bridget Whitman dance for her life. She makes it through and we have 29 guys and 21 girls remaining.

GROUP ROUTINES – They were put into groups of five and have all night to choreograph a routine to perform to the judges the next morning from a random mix of music they selected on a CD! The performances get started and the mood is stress and anxiety. They all know this is huge and they are working their last piece of energy. When everything is done, 44 dancers move on from the group round!

FINAL SOLOS – They have one last chance to impress the SYTYCD judges 2014 and hope they get a spot in the Top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance 2014! Ricky Ubeda blew the judges away and just give him a spot already! The other dancers all do well and put it all out there, so this is going to be interesting to see the results!

DANCE CREWS – The Twitter votes have been counted and the four winning crews that will get a chance to perform on the SYTYCD 2014 stage are Academy of Villains, Wanted Ashiqz, Control Freakz and Syncopated Ladies.

GREEN MILE – Here are the results and time to find out who made the Top 20 and who is going home!


  1. Ricky Ubeda
  2. Teddy Coffey
  3. Stanley Glover
  4. Emilio Dosal
  5. Zach Everhart
  6. Casey Askew
  7. Nick Garcia
  8. Serge Onik
  9. Marcquet Hill
  10. Rudy Abreu


  1. Jessica Richens
  2. Jacque LeWarne
  3. Carly Blaney
  4. Bridget Whitman
  5. Valerie Rockey
  6. Jourdan Epstein
  7. Emily James
  8. Tanisha Belnap
  9. Malene Ostegaard
  10. Brooklyn Fullmer

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